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Colorful Seven Stars _ Bright Moon

In addition, Ji Cheng's cooking skills among the various chefs invited by the Shen family also made the old lady feel that she was a conscientious person. Over the years, every girl with a little talent calls herself a talented woman, reciting a poem and making a painting attracts people's attention, and the lyrics and songs that move people's hearts are more and more proud of heaven. But the needlework and cooking skills that girls should learn are declining. Not to mention anything else, even the girls of the Shen family are disdainful of these. And the old lady's generation, though from a famous family, did not study poetry and prose from an early age, but grew up with her mother to learn needlework and cooking, and managed the household with virtue. Today's daughter's family emphasizes the harmony of the harp and the lute, the harmony of the husband and the wife, and the fragrance of the red sleeves, creating a good story. This can not be wrong, but in the older generation's view, the old lady still prefers virtuous and quiet people. Coupled with the recent comparison of Su Yun, the old lady felt more and more that the daughter's family like Ji Cheng was more desirable. The old lady was partial to Su Yun, because she was born smart and sweet, and she was even more attentive to her than Shen Kui and Shen Cui. But the last time I wanted to see the royal child, the old lady was a little unhappy. The old lady liked the family tradition of the Huang Yushi family very much. At the beginning, there were several families who wanted to kiss the Su family. Mrs. Huang was just between two sides to Su Yun. It was the old lady who praised Su Yun in front of Mrs. Huang that Mrs. Huang was moved. Although the eldest son of the Huang family was a little fat and strong, he was not bad at dealing with people and things, and his knowledge was good. Old Mrs. Su agreed,Belt Filter Press, but Su Yun didn't like it and secretly persuaded Old Mrs. Su. Old Mrs. Su, with an old face, came to beg the old lady to think of a way to reject the Huang family. The old lady was too lazy to take care of Su Yun's marriage now. Now she noticed Ji Cheng. The old lady thought that Ji Cheng had reached the age of marriage. When she returned to the Shen family, she naturally had such thoughts. Ji Lan was out of tune. Her niece looked good, but she had to be careful of her mistakes. When the time came, the reputation of the Shen family would be damaged. If you marry well, it is also a good fate, and you can say something in front of the Bodhisattva. When Ji Lan heard this,rapid sand filters, she nodded to the old lady and said with a smile, "That's right." Having said that, Ji Lan obviously disagreed. In her opinion, if Ji Cheng really wants to marry into a high family, he should work hard on poetry, singing and dancing, and when fame comes out, someone will naturally ask for marriage. So what if she learns to cook? Who can really let her cook when she looks at her? But the old lady felt that Ji Cheng was worthy of encouragement. "What have you learned these days?" She added. "I wonder if we have a taste of Sister Cheng's craft?" Ji Cheng was so happy that he finally waited for this day. To tell you the truth, she ran to the kitchen so diligently that there was no element of acting. Living in a courtyard, the old lady could know her whereabouts even if she didn't pay attention. Ji Cheng waited quietly for two or three months until the old lady finally looked askance. In fact, she had carefully studied Mrs. Shen's family tree. Old Mrs. Shen, whose surname was Cheng, came from a great family of poets and calligraphers. There were two famous literary giants in her family, but the daughters of the Cheng family were not obvious. She had never heard of anyone who was particularly famous for his talent. However, the daughters of the Cheng family all married well and wanted to be virtuous and self-disciplined, multi disc screw press ,Rotating sludge scraper, because there were many talented people in the descendants of Cheng's daughters. Ji Cheng admitted that he was not as close to her as the girls of the Shen family, and that he was not as clever as Su Yun and Lu yuan, so he had to wait for the opportunity. "If our ancestors don't mind, Ah Cheng should make a fool of himself." Ji Cheng is modest and authentic. Naturally, Ji Cheng did not have to be responsible for all the meals in this hall, but just asked her to cook one or two dishes. The big lady Lu heard the news in the kitchen and curled her lips. After all, Ji Cheng was the apprentice of Cook Liu. When Liu Cook Niang arrived at Shen Fu, Lady Lu was afraid that Liu Cook Niang would get an eye in front of the old lady and hinder her future. Now, although Liu Kitchen Niang is not there, if Ji Cheng's dish gets the old lady's green eye, it will inevitably remind people of Liu Cook Nig. Ji Cheng also knew the truth of this, but in fact, she and Lady Lu did not have to be antagonistic. As a girl, she cooked meals for the old lady, just to earn a reputation of kindness and virtue, and would not rob Aunt Lu of her job. And cook Liu did not mean to live in Shen Fu for a long time. But Lady Lu might not be able to figure it out, and even if she did, she would not believe that Cook Liu would not want to please the old lady. Chapter 36 Leyou (I). Cooking for the old lady is naturally in the small kitchen. Lady Lu looked at her coldly all the way, as if she were afraid that Ji Cheng would poison the old lady. Ji Cheng smiled at Lady Lu, "Aunt, I want to cook two dishes for the old lady, one is shrimp skin tofu soup, the other is soybean walnut chicken.". She also asked the aunt to ask the cook to prepare the ingredients for me. Lady Lu originally thought that Ji Cheng was going to hide it, but she said it so generously that she was a little girl with no success. It was impossible for Lady Lu to embarrass Ji Cheng in this matter, otherwise the little girl would run to the old lady and cry, and she would have no good fruit to eat. However, Lady Lu admitted that she had eaten more salt than Ji Cheng had eaten rice, and the little girl could not have much ability. The ingredients were brought up quickly, and the speed was absolutely not slow, but the quality was not flattering. Soybeans are old and tender, and walnuts are not molted, so there is an astringent taste in the dish. Ji Cheng followed cook Liu to learn the art, but also followed her picky, the ingredients that is rather less than rotten. She spent the whole afternoon picking soybeans and peeling walnuts. Lady Lu looked aside and shook her head. It was a terrible waste, and if Ji Cheng cooked like this, she would not be able to cook a table of dishes for three days. At dinner time in the evening, Ji Cheng's soybean walnut chicken and shrimp skin tofu soup come out of the pot, which is no more than the weight of a small sea bowl. The soup of dried small shrimps and bean curd is not bad, and it can be divided into several bowls. If all the people on the table stretch out their chopsticks, I'm afraid it's not enough. It happened that everything was less and more fragrant, and the soybeans were carefully selected by Ji Cheng, the size was already, the soybean milk was full, and the tenderness was appropriate. Walnuts are even more laborious, but when they are peeled, a little bit of damage is discarded, and now they look white and fat, full and complete. This dish,rapid sand filters, not to mention eating, is pleasant to look at. The old lady has long developed the habit of never being tired of fine food. Although Lady Lu's medicated diet is magical, it is always a little rough. khnwatertreatment.com

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