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It's not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to keep burglars out. Here are a few low-cost (yet highly efficient!) DIY ideas for home security.

How to secure Windows with simple window locks

The latches found on most double-hung windows are not a match for burglars using a pry bar. Pin locks are a straightforward solution. The only thing you need to do for installation makes an opening. Make a second hole if you'd like to secure the window in the partially open position. There are pin locks available at your local hardware stores and on the internet. They work great on sliding patio doors as well. Iron Guard is the best security guard company in Los Angeles.


Install Motion Detector Lighting

Install motion detector lights wherever you want. Motion detectors are proven to deter crime, and hard-wired versions cost as little as $15. If powering a light is a challenge, you can purchase models that operate with solar power. The only drawback is the price.

Home Security Tips

If you have an appropriate set of tools and time, a skilled thief can steal nearly everything!

Secure Sheds With Screws

Your shed's lock appears secure. However, an experienced burglar could get past the lock using screws to take hinges and other hardware with screws that are exposed. Beware of thieves who might be employing Allen heads, Torx caps, or Hex-hex head screws in place of the standard Phillips screw heads. It is also possible to purchase secure screws that are tamperproof and require special tools to remove them that a criminal who would steal your money would not be likely to possess. It is also necessary to purchase the right tool or a specific bit.

Two Ways to Secure Shed Door Hinges

Shed doors are usually swung outwards, which means hinge pins can be accessed from the outside. An intruder has to remove the pins and take out the exit. To avoid this, you should purchase the security hinge with tamperproof rivets and a locking tab from an upscale home store.

You could also adapt an existing hinge to a new design by taking out center screws from both sides, inserting the finish screw on one side, and letting it protrude approximately 1/4 inch. The receiving hole should be drilled just enough so that when the door is shut, the head of the finish screw is inserted into the hinge. Even when the hinge pin is taken off, the hinge cannot be removed. Iron Guard provides the best Storage Facility Security in Los Angeles.


Add Inexpensive Door and Window Alarms

They ensure that windows and doors are locked as the first protection. Consider wireless alarms as your second line of defense. Criminals don't like noises, so even a minor alarm makes them run. Be aware that wireless alarms do not provide the same level of security as monitored and professionally installed alarms since wireless devices are activated only by windows or doors that are opened (not glass breaking).

Install Door Reinforcement Hardware

You could spend hundreds of dollars on the most expensive "pick-proof" deadbolt to make your front door burglar-proof. However, don't you believe that it will stop all burglars? In reality, the majority aren't able to select the lock. They can gain entry by one extremely well-placed body slam, which splits the door's jamb (and usually the door too), and they can are in. The good thing is that you can keep burglars at bay by bolstering your jamb and door by putting in reinforcement hardware.

Defeat Bolt Cutters

"A determined thief equipped with the aid of an angle grinder and sufficient time can cut right through nearly every lock," masterlock's Justin Matuszek. "But most of the time than not, the criminal is equipped with a bolt cutter and is working hard."

Matuszek states that the more solid the shackle on a lock's bond and the less exposed to the elements, the more secure it is against bolt cutters. The type of lock mechanism affects the speed at which locks are taken. For example, the Master Lock Magnum keyed padlock, and Master Lock ProSeries Combination Lock Master Lock ProSeries Combination Lock are both resistant to bolt cutters. Both are on sale at Here's how you can select the most secure security chain.

Pick-Proof Your DeadBolt

Even a novice burglar can steal the lock. To ensure that the deadbolt is held in place so that it isn't able to open, put in a deadbolt safety device that slides a "lock on top of the handle of the deadbolt to stop it from rotating.

Reinforce Your Entry Door Strike Plate

The strengthening of your door's weak point, the jamb with an extra-strong strike plate, and longer screws provide it with the strength to stand up to burglars trying to slam your door. If the deadbolt was installed in the past 10-years, the bolt is already strengthened. To verify, take off the plate that acts as a strike. If it's made of steel with at least three screws or a large reinforcing plate, you can rest easy. If not, buy strike plate-reinforcing hardware. To install it, take off the previous strike plate, put your new strike plate in position and thoroughly score it. Make enough space to accommodate the new strike plate and install it by driving 3-in. screws through holes that have been predrilled.

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