7 bathroom storage ideas you need to know
Posted on 09/12/2022

7 bathroom storage ideas you need to know

7 bathroom storage ideas you need to know

It's amazing how many things we can store in a bathroom. Towels, cosmetics, hygiene products, hairdressing accessories, aesthetics and the list is not exhaustive. Like in many homes, you always feel like everything is a mess and your bathroom storage cabinet is just the name. Knowing that the average size of a bathroom is about 6 m², you will need a good dose of imagination to succeed in finding a place for everything. If you too dream of a tiny bathroom and being able to look at yourself in the mirror without blushing, adopt these few storage tips that you won't be able to do without.

Boxes in the drawers

But how do you organize your bathroom? Despite all your good will, you always spend 5 minutes going through your drawers in search of a hairpin or nail clipper? Remember to organize all this mess in boxes. You will not only be able to store all your products in an aesthetic way and also classify them according to their function and size. This trick will save you a lot of time.

Storage fixed inside the doors

Attach shallow storage to the inside of cabinet doors and tall units, such as a spice rack or an organizer with small cubbies. Be careful to check the margin you have if the furniture contains shelves. Some shelves come almost flush with the door and you might not be able to close it anymore.

Baskets for a well-organized bathroom

Say goodbye to the merry stuff of your vanity unit and the toys that invade the edge of the bathtub! They are available in infinity, in braided fibres, fabric or plastic, baskets are on the rise. Suspended from a wall-mounted towel rail using a hook or simply placed, these storage units will make your life easier. You will only have to adapt their dimensions and their materials according to their use. Go for models on Homary.com.

Clear jars with lids

It must be admitted, the packaging of make-up remover discs or cotton swabs is not very glamorous. To circumvent the problem and beautify your bathroom, bet on glass jars with lids. Why in glass? Because you will easily spot what the pot contains and it will be more stable and prettier than a plastic pot. The lid, meanwhile, will obviously serve to prevent dust from entering it, it is more hygienic.

Racks for electrical appliances

Like most homes, you should have a hair dryer, a straightener, a trimmer or an electric epilator in your bathroom. Instead of storing them in a drawer and having to regularly untangle the wires, turn to a wall mount designed for these devices. If you do not want to invest in a specific support, you can install hooks to attach to the wall, wrap and block the wire around your device and suspend it by its cord.

Niches in the bathroom walls

If you have one or more niches in the walls of your bathroom, it's time to use them to store as many things as possible. Of course, depending on its size and location, you won't be able to put anything in it, but it's always an additional possibility. Near the shower or the bathtub, it can accommodate the various bottles of shower gel, shampoo or hair mask. Protected from water, you can store towels or washcloths in it.

The tiered fruit basket diverted into bathroom storage

A double washbasin is particularly complicated to organize. Even if you put it away regularly, you will quickly realize that all your efforts are in vain. Everyone takes the product they are interested in and places it on one side or the other of the cabinet. To put an end to this, opt for the fruit basket with 2 or 3 floors. Choose it with a flat bottom which will be more practical and place it between the two basins. Thus, the toiletry bag remains tidy and within reach on both sides.

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