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Posted on 09/15/2022

A feast in Paris

Griss lived on the washboat for fifteen years. There were two women in his life who were crucial to him: Josette, whom he met in 1913, and the mother of his son. When the weather is good and sunny, he hangs his son on the window frame with a swaddling cloth to bask in the sun. Picasso was very fond of Van Dongen's little daughter, and he was equally fond of Gris's child. Gris died of leukemia at the age of 40. In the course of treatment, the doctor misdiagnosed leukemia as tuberculosis. He died a terrible death. At that time he lived in Boulogne, near the house of Carnville. In his garden, Carnville often heard his friend's groans and screams of pain. Picasso was saddened by the news of his compatriot's death. Gertrude Stein was very angry and scolded him severely. "Please put away your late tears!" …… He thought he shouldn't have hated him in Gris's lifetime and showed his hypocritical pain after his death. Among the painters who lived in the "laundry boat", Gris was the least close to the Picasso Gang. Other people eat, live and move together, and even change their clothes. On Sunday, the group went to the St. Pierre Market to buy the same clothes. As they strolled together along the Rue Montmartre, they became a scene of the street, and the pedestrians on the road stopped to watch. As a result of the strict implementation of the painting rules of their school, Delong even changed his clothes into the colors of Fauvist paintings: green suits, red waistcoats, yellow shoes,stackable plastic pallets, white coats with black and brown checks, all of which were imported directly from Britain; Later, their decor is a little more modest, all blue: blue overalls for work, and all blue suits neatly arranged in the wardrobe according to cleanliness in order to have a clean suit for going out. Flamenck was also a disciple of Satu's school, wearing a plaid tweed coat,euro plastic pallet, a melon skin hat with a pine pheasant feather and a wooden multi-colored tie. Guillaume Apollinaire admired the tie's dual use: as a baton when struck, and, in turn, as a violin when it snaps and tightens the cat's intestines that secure it. When he is invited to dinner, Max Jacob always dresses up carefully because he knows that others expect him to be different. He dressed himself up as a magician: a silk Cape, a folding top hat and a monocle. Andrea Varno wore a velvet Cape, Francis Calco snow-white gloves (he owned four dozen of them), and Marc Orlan wore colorful sweaters and cyclist socks. As he strolled down the Rue Montmartre, he was followed by his basset hound. For the zinc worker, Picasso chose blue coveralls, grass shoes, a hat and a big red cotton shirt with white spots, plastic pallet manufacturer ,foldable bulk container, also from the St. Pierre market. He tried to grow a beard (he had one in the Blue Self-Portrait he painted in 1906) and soon shaved it all off. Finally, he was disgusted with the artists' crazy desire for expression. It is for this reason that when he abandoned the mythical blue period, he criticized Modigliani and his bad words and deeds in all aspects. However, during the "laundry boat" period, Italian painters were known for their neat and clean clothes, in sharp contrast to others. He had the same habits of dress as Guillaume Apollinaire and never wore strange clothes. The painters of Lavignan, in these strange and varied costumes, engaged in surrealist activities: as they ran down the street, they shouted, "Viva Rimbaud!"! Down with Paul Laforgue (1842-1911), French statesman. Their behavior sometimes leads to trouble, and it always ends in a fight. One day, they had crossed the Seine and returned to the Pont des Arts. In order to show his strength, Delong twisted the guardrail on the steep slope of the river bank. He and his wife then engaged in a scuffle of beatings and abuse until the gendarmerie caught him. The whole incident ended with the full police presence. There are heroes in troubled times, and all chaos is a good opportunity to learn. This is especially true for unofficial art. The surrealists loved these cursed poets. They prefer to dance at the Moulin Rouge in Galette rather than watch the play on the seats in the theater. For four sous, a whole afternoon's worth of quadrilles and polkas warms both the feet and the heart. Soon they discovered strange forms of African art. During this period, the artists of the Picasso Gang went down the Montmartre Hill to the streets of Paris to applaud other artists, boxers and buskers. These people, like the artists on Montmartre Hill, are also people who have completely abandoned traditional consciousness and traditional ideas. I. Anarchists on the Montmartre Hill (I) Street performers The child took me by the hand, and I protected him from the torment of bad luck. Max Jacob Picasso envied Braque and Delong for practicing boxing. At one point, he also put on boxing gloves and tried to beat up Delong. To his surprise, he was easily knocked down with a frontal punch. After that, he never set foot in the business again, and was content to watch the fierce battle scenes of you and me obsessively in the ring where his gang gathered. They also go to the acrobatic arena to watch acrobatic performances. In the past, their favorite place to go was the Fernando Circus, and later they preferred to go to the Medrano Circus, which was painted by Toulouse Lautrec, Degas and Solat. Several times a week. The circus clowns Alex, Ricco, Iles, Antonio, and Grok, who had just started in the business, became their friends. Apollinaire's keen interest in acrobatics remained unchanged until his death. Even during the First World War, he went to the Butt-Comont circus to cheer on Guignol, who had become a member of the "Our Puppet" Federation. In 1905, he published an article in Immoralism (the magazine published only one issue,collapsible pallet box, and Apollinaire was the columnist of painting, literature and drama) about Italian comedy clowns and cunning characters seen in Rome, and connected them with Picasso:. cnplasticpallet.com

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