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Posted on 09/15/2022

All-round wizard

The problem is that Chen Qingsong, if he had not died, twenty years would have been enough for him to step from the master level to the master level, or even a higher level. Then come back to revenge, Wu Lao is likely to be no match for him, this will be injured by him! "Uncle Cai, I know you have a question in your mind!"! We weren't too sure ourselves until last night. We're just barely sure! During the conversation, Wu Ming took out a photo from his body and handed it to Cai Pingyuan. Uh Cai Pingyuan glanced at the photo, and suddenly his face changed greatly, and his eyes were full of surprise. Sure enough, it's a tiger head rush! Looking at this photo, Cai Pingyuan immediately came to a conclusion. He knew a lot about tiger-shaped boxing, and the number of times he played with Wu Lao Ji jiāo was countless. It was impossible to admit his mistake about this unique skill. Wait This car.. But Cai Pingyuan was surprised, and soon he was stunned, looking at the car in the photo, and the surprise in his eyes was even worse. Wu Ming, you send someone to call my disciple Qin Fang over. However, he did not say much, but said so directly to Wu Ming. Wu Ming seemed a little strange, but he did it according to Cai Pingyuan's orders, and it didn't take long for Qin to be called over. Master,pumpkin seed extract, are you looking for me? Very polite and Wu Ming hugged his fists, Qin Fang asked strangely, his voice was so light that he dared not disturb Wu Lao who was lying on the uuáng. He had already known the situation of Wu Lao from Luo Youheng's mouth, and his heart was quite sorry, but he didn't expect to be called by Master Cai Pingyuan soon. Look at this picture. Cai Pingyuan nodded and immediately handed the photo to Qin Fang. It wasn't last night. Qin Fang slightly stupefied, the content of this photo he naturally will not be unfamiliar, at least in a short time will certainly be impressed, impressively is the photo of the two dead last night,carnosic acid price, these two people really died too miserably, he wants to forget can not forget. I'm sorry, master, I shouldn't have kept it from you, but. Although I didn't quite understand what Shifu meant by doing this, Qin Fang knew that he couldn't hide it any more, and immediately Ji Jiāo took over the situation last night. Even when he and Cai Qing were brought back to the city Bureau, Ji Jiāo took over. As for why he wanted to drive there, he just said that he couldn't sleep at night, so he drove out for a walk and found a place to entertain himself. It just happened that Ni niào was in a hurry and could stop on the way there, so he went by the way to solve the problem. He didn't expect that such a thing would happen as soon as he came back. You didn't see the killer? Cai Pingyuan frowned and immediately asked. No! I didn't even know when the police came, and when I came back, it was already surrounded by the police, as if it was Sister Qing who first discovered it! However It's better not to let Sister Qing see this picture again. She was really scared yesterday. I don't think he could sleep all night! Qin Fang a face of wry smile, akba boswellic acid ,stesweet stevia, he is really too wronged, it is not his business, it can be said that he is also one of the victims, until now he looked at the front face of his Audi is not comfortable. Looking at this picture again, my stomach can't help but start churning again. He is like this, not to mention Cai Qing, it is not easy to stabilize the mood, and then see this picture, it is estimated that it may be a complete collapse. Wu Ming, what do you think? Cai Pingyuan nodded, his family know their own things, Cai Qing is a strong outside and soft inside, encounter such a horrible scene will certainly be frightened, as to why Cai Qing night tracking Qin Fang, do not have to ask what is the reason. At present, we can only guess that Chen Qingsong is not dead, is he himself or the heir. Wu Ming shook his head, and he did not know that this matter also involved Cai Pingyuan. But Cai Pingyuan's suspicion can be ruled out, not to mention as for Qin Fang, is Cai Pingyuan just received a few months ago, even Ninghai has not been out, how can he come to Jiujiang to murder his father. In fact, the investigation of the case last night was already in his hands, but he did not know that the owner of the car was actually Qin Fang, who visited m mén today. Cai Pingyuan nodded, at present known information is not much, also can only to this extent, also no longer say what, but turned to the side of Qin Fang said. Qin Fang, look at Wu Lao, is there any way to cure him. Qin Fang is slightly stupefied, Wu Ming is even more so, a little confused about what Cai Lao means by this sentence. You should know that even Ma Lao, the master of medicine, was at a loss what to do. Qin Fang was only a young man of twenty years old. How could he cure his father well? Although he very much hoped that this would become a reality. Master worker Well, I'll try! Qin Fang opened his mouth and tried to say something, but finally he hesitated and nodded. Wu Ming is the same, but he did not open his mouth, vaguely knowing that Cai Lao's move should have some profound meaning, or that Qin Fang this young man can really bring him a miracle. Taking a deep breath, Qin Fang walked to Wu Lao's Chu chuáng and looked at the withered old man with little rou. It was hard to connect him with the all-powerful martial arts master. But Qin Fang stretched out his hand and felt the pulse. Five Poison Powder! But it was all right not to probe, but Qin Fang was startled by the probe. What? Five Poison Powder! Cai Pingyuan and Wu Ming both screamed when they heard these three words, and their faces changed greatly. Qin Fang, are you sure? Cai Pingyuan quickly reacted and asked cautiously. It should be, but I need to check it carefully. Qin Fang himself was startled, he just blurted out, because this ranking suddenly appeared in his mind,rosmarinic acid supplement, there is no sign in advance, it is obvious that the system prompted, that is not wrong! bk Chapter Contents Chapter 359 Five Poison Powder Chapter 359 Five Poison Powder. ……。 prius-biotech.com

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