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Posted on 09/15/2022

Baby World (online game)

On the day of the closing of the baby world, Yao Qianxue sent a text message to Sang Jingchen, saying that the new home had been decorated, would you like to see how to decorate it? Sang Jingchen was so excited that he was full of composition that night and didn't sleep well. Early the next day, he waited for Yao Qianxue's car to pick him up at the gate of the community. Why don't you drive to the neighborhood? Sang Xiaobao is afraid of being seen by his parents. Sang Jingchen one after another in July to explore the mother several times, the mother seems to be very opposed to him living outside, even the father and mother stand on the same front, it seems quite unwilling Yao Qianxue son out to live. Sang Jingchen that call dare not say, in fact, he knows what his father is worried about! The problem is.. Worried things have already happened. He felt particularly sorry for his parents who gave birth to him and raised him for almost 20 years. Today's driver is not Yao Luofeng, Sang Jingchen also asked why. Yao Qianxue answered, "Their company is too busy to spare time these days." Yes, baby, the world is in a mess these days! Guan Fu is not a white pass, as a game engineering designer must start to set up and modify the corresponding content of the game, those seemingly minor details are actually very difficult to do. Yao Luofeng is not good, Sang Jingchen do not know why every time he sees Yao Luofeng feel uncomfortable. Like.. The feeling of being watched. Sang Jingchen was a little touched when he came to the home that belonged to "them". This house, this garden, this swimming pool.. It's not his, but he can enjoy it! Happiness! Rush in and decorate the inside. Yao Qianxue has invited a special interior designer to carry out decoration design, so the tone of the whole house is quite soft and warm. The wall of the living room is a very light but very comfortable green, it is said that the color has the effect of calming people's hearts and minds. Log-colored door frames and window frames, a wall full of grassland paintings. Yao Qianxue said that the theme of the designer is nature! Indeed, after entering, the whole hall felt quite comfortable, and when I saw the grassland on the wall, I felt vast and my mood was better. Yao Qianxue pulled him upstairs and said that he was mainly looking at the bedroom. Walking into a bedroom, full of flowers, green mountains and waters, like immersed in outdoor peach orchards. Look Yao Qianxue pulled him up, only to see the ceiling painted with the whole starry sky. Sang Jingchen grew up with a big mouth, turned around and looked, and felt dizzy after a circle. He sat down on the ground. The floor was covered with a light green carpet, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet bins, which was soft. Sang Jingchen simply lay on the ground, breathing deeply, as if the air was very fresh. It's so cool! "Yes!"! Let's go buy a bed that fits the theme! "Where can I buy it?" "Then make it to order!" …… ………… Forget it, go next door! One of the walls of the bedroom here is painted with mountains and rivers, and the door next door is connected by a door frame made like a cave. Run next door, it's a sea. On this side of the door frame is a cave connected to the beach, and on the surrounding walls is a sea. The color of the room is light blue, the carpet is light white, like the color of white sand. Sang Jingchen was so excited that he lay on the carpet and rolled over. Yao Qianxue also rushed up and nodded Sang Jingchen's nose and said, "Baby!"! Let's buy a shell bed! This man! Dreaming again! As a result, the bed still has to be made to order. Looked through all the designs and loved the bathroom and bedroom the most. The design of the bathroom is like a coral island under the sea, and the whole bathtub is a huge scallop. The tiles on the walls are covered with starfish and Baker, which is a little childlike and dreamy. Sang Jingchen circled around and finally came to the door of a closed room on the first floor. Snow! Snow! What's in here? "Beauty Room!" Yao Qianxue opened the door, in all the natural tone of the room, only this room is particularly normal, light pink walls, white ceiling, very clean, without any superfluous design. Ah "It's a place to do massage and so on in the future." Sang Jingchen was completely silent. Thought: both are men! Why do you want this place?? Stupid wind wind, why do you become snow snow the skin is so good?? What a natural beauty! He's a patient! Then of course the water is maintained!!!) A circle of good stroll, Sang Jingchen originally looked forward to the interior layout was a total blow. He thought about it all night, and thought about all the plans, but he couldn't imagine that the designer Yao Qianxue invited was so BT, and the house he designed was so different. All he can think of is normal decoration! So he was dragged by Yao Qianxue to a well-known international furniture chain store in the city. Large pieces of furniture, Sang Jingchen also did not express his opinion. It seems that in order to conform to the interior decoration style, the designer even designed the furniture and waited for someone to do it with the drawings. Yao Qianxue slightly modified some accessories and directly found a very famous art furniture processing factory to customize them. What they want to buy are those small things and small accessories. It's like. The lamp! Bowls, chopsticks and cups. "Baby!"! Baby! Is this bowl cute? Yao Qianxue was very excited when he picked up a small bowl with artistic wood grain. The bowls are cute and creative. "No!"! There are so many concave and convex seams that they can't be washed clean! Sang Jingchen felt particularly ashamed. Yao Qianxue, a big man, picked up a small bowl with an expression more excited than the 16-year-old girl who went to the jewelry store. The people around him frequently cast their eyes on him, which made him really want to find a hole in the ground. Yao Qianxue powder disappointed, reluctant to put down. After a few steps, he ran back and said, "Then buy two. No, can you keep them?" A bowl to watch?? You are a vase! Denied, dragged Yao Qianxue away, completely ignoring his eyes that kept turning back. Finally,plastic pallet manufacturer, Sang Jingchen picked a set of lotus leaf-shaped plates with a set of lotus-shaped bowls, which is also in line with the natural style design of the restaurant. The most important thing is that Sang Jingchen felt that it was easy to wash, which was much more normal than the previous bowl with a special sense of art. binpallet.com

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