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Posted on 09/20/2022

Became male advocate also cannon fodder by's king sends me to patrol a mountain.

The two men were wondering why he was stepping on the Hot Wheels at such a high speed, and when they looked back, they saw the gorgeously dressed Nie Rufeng. Hey, guys, good job. You've only been here a few days and you've got us a big case. Qiao Xiaochun is not used to his too intimate behavior, the result struggles unsuccessfully, is caught under the arm by Nie Rufeng to enter the office. Difficult VS exposed Qiao Xiaochun is not used to being too intimate with others. As a result, he struggled unsuccessfully and was caught under his arm by Nie Rufeng and went into the office. As soon as Nie Rufeng entered the office, he quickly locked the door. Qiao Xiaochun looked at him doubtfully as he acted like a thief. "What's wrong?" Nie Rufeng coughed. First, he officially congratulated him and Yang Yang on their excellent performance in yesterday's report. Then he praised them for not being late today. Then he talked about what they were going to do on the weekend tomorrow. Finally, under the threat of Qiao Xiaochun, he said, "Are you in the same dormitory with Huanhuan?"? Do you know about Huanhuan and that little singer? Qiao Xiaochun nodded, based on the fact that he had a good relationship with He Chong in his last life, and now he has a "Gou Qie" with Nie Huan, and he is a little unhappy about calling He Chong a singer in the store. So? Nie Rufeng did not notice Qiao Xiaochun's coldness, but sighed meaningfully, "Do you know where they are now?" Qiao Xiaochun thought about it, looked at his malicious eyes, and said,4k smart board, "I don't know, I'm not familiar with them." Nie Rufeng listens to him to say so, the look in the eyes becomes cold immediately, "do not engage in what brother loyalty now.". You know, not all people like you and Qiao Xiaochun can fully accept such a morbid state. Qiao Xiaochun stared at him for a long time before he realized that what he said should be his relationship with Yang Yang. A groundless anger welled up in his heart, Qiao Xiaochun simply wanted to shout abuse, or hold back and said,digital touch screen board, "If there is news of Nie Huan, I will inform you at the first time, director." Nie Rufeng looked at his reaction and felt that what he had just said was a bit too much. He laughed and said, "Thank you, Huanhuan has a classmate like you." On second thought, Nie Huan and He Chong had been forced by themselves to be clear. As a result, they suddenly began to stick together in their junior year. They looked at Qiao Xiaochun suspiciously and hurried out of the office without saying anything. Looking at his general appearance of running away, the evil fire in Qiao Xiaochun's heart rose even more vigorously. Of course, he knew that not all people could accept their relationship, but with such colored glasses and contemptuous eyes, it was really unpleasant. He did not get a salary more than him, nor did he rob his parking space. Why did he like men as if he had committed a big taboo. Blame damn Yang Yang! Qiao Xiaochun was so upset that he kicked his legs and sat on the chair. He saw the same picture on the screensaver and shook the mouse. As a result, the computer did not respond as if it had crashed. Qiao Xiaochun was just about to splash coffee on the keyboard and Yang Yang entered the office. As soon as Yang Yang entered the door, he saw that Qiao Xiaochun's expression was not quite right, smartboards for business ,smart board touch screen, and he was carrying a cup of coffee to splash on the keyboard. He hurriedly closed the door of the office and asked with concern, "What's wrong?"? Did he criticize your work? Qiao Xiaochun drank a big mouthful of coffee heroically and said with a little anger, "Of course, I won't let him find a place to find fault at work.". It's personal. He just asked me about my sister Huan. Yang Yang twisted his eyebrows, and if he simply asked about Nie Huan, Xiaochun would not have such a smelly face, "is it about Nie Huan and He Chong?" Looking at Qiao Xiaochun's surprised eyes, Yang Yang knew that Nie Rufeng must have taken him and Xiaochun to say something, he still did too conspicuous, otherwise he would not let Xiaochun face the blame. He leaned over and put his arms around Qiao Xiaochun's neck. "I'm sorry, he said something that made you unhappy." Qiao Xiaochun said, "You are really a worm in my stomach." Yang Yang rubbed his hair and sighed silently. It seems that he also needs to talk to Nie Rufeng. Their father and son are not fuel-efficient lamps. I'll call He Chong later. "Qiao Xiaochun said sullenly," let him be careful, I feel like Uncle Nie is going to beat the Mandarin duck with a stick. " Yang Yang laughed out loud, "good, but now your important task is to change the plan." "Hm?" Qiao Xiaochun looked up at him. "Didn't the plan pass yesterday?" Yang Yang rubbed his hair. "It's only been half a year. Have you forgotten all about your work?"? When dealing with the public, there is no plan to pass once. Qiao Xiaochun sighed, Yang Yang bowed his head and kissed him, clicked on the plan and said, "Then let's discuss it again, so that you won't be in a hurry when you call later." When Qiao Xiaochun received a phone call from Wei Ze, he was still having a headache to change the plan. Yang Yang did not say a word yesterday, but today pointed out a lot of mistakes, but also hit the nail on the head, Qiao Xiaochun want to refute is powerless, can only obediently obey orders. Hey, Manager Wei.. Wei Ze was a little surprised to hear him so weak. "What's wrong?" The heart is beating a drum, if this energetic "Yang Yang" is sick, then who will change this plan. Just when Wei Ze hesitated, someone grabbed his cell phone. "Little guy, do you remember who I am?" As soon as Qiao Xiaochun heard the old guy's voice, he almost bounced up from his chair. Remember, why don't you remember? Didn't you say you were going to make me fall down? Mr. White. Birch laughed. "Ha ha ha, I haven't seen you all night. Why are you so polite?" Yang Yang raised his head, saw Qiao Xiaochun grinning, thought he was answering someone's phone, heard him call Mr. Bai, immediately understood, motioned him to hand over the phone, Qiao Xiaochun pouted, reluctantly handed over the phone. When Yang Yang answered the phone, the other side was still saying, "Ah, I'm digging a big hole now,65 inch smart board, waiting for you to jump inside, ha.." "Teacher Bai, it's me." 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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