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Posted on 01/17/2023

Betty, stop calling me president.

"Grandma!" Grandpa has been dead for many years. Why does Grandma make it sound like Grandpa is still with her! Grandma's illness is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes she doesn't know whether to believe her grandmother or not. And now.. She glanced anxiously at Wen Jingbie and said, "Do you really want to listen to Grandma and go to the Black Dragon Gang?" Grandma was crazy again, and maybe the Black Dragon Gang was just her nonsense. "Just listen to Grandma," he said with a shrug. Otherwise, what if they don't have any clues? "Stop Calling Me President" by Bodhi Chapter 5 I didn't think those people were really Black Dragon Gang's men! When Junichi gave her your name. She, her grandmother, and Wen Jing were "invited" into the hall of their gang. At the main entrance of the hall, as soon as I entered, I saw a big statue of Master Guan. Heard that black and white, both take Guan as the patron saint to worship, did not think it was true! As soon as he entered the underworld territory where dragons and snakes were mixed, his courage suddenly became as small as a mouse hiding behind Wen Jingbie. On the contrary, Wen Jingbie just looked like he didn't want to take care of it, but now he was afraid at all. As soon as he went in, he raised his head and held out his chest, looking very brave. But he wanted to push his chest out like him, but when he thought so, someone came in and asked. "Who is Fang Ke-chun?" The man is blind,industrial racking systems, isn't he? Apart from her, who is like Fang Kechun here! What an idiot 。 But Chunchen wanted to scold him like this, but the other side was a gangster, and she didn't borrow the courage of God to scold him. So she timidly came out from behind Wen Jingbie and raised her hand. "It's me, I'm Fang Ke-chun." "Are you Fang Kechun?" "Yes." "Then who is she?" Fang Lingjing was pushed out of another room. But Chun was startled to see her cousin, because she was beaten like a pig! My God, what have you done?! Why are you so cruel? ? Why did you beat her like this? My cousin certainly didn't see what kind of virtue she had been beaten into,medium duty racking, otherwise, depending on her personality, she would have burst into tears. "Because she's so stubborn, no matter how we ask her, she says she doesn't know Tsuei." I really don't know Cui Jiu! Can be pure You tell them that I really don't know him. Fang Lingjing was afraid of being beaten, without the previous domineering attitude, to see familiar people like to see the savior, dare not be too fierce to pure, afraid that she was angry and turned against people. But can be pure, hear Cui Jiu this name, the face sinks. Cui Jiu.. Why do you want to find Tsuei? She vaguely sensed that something was wrong, and even thought that last month, shuttle rack system ,pallet rack shelving, Ah Jiu asked her to borrow money, but she didn't. They had a big fight because of this, and from that day on, she couldn't find Ah Jiu. She thought Ah Jiu was angry with her, so she avoided meeting him. She thought that when his anger subsided, they would be as good as before, but she didn't expect.. Things have become no longer simple. "What's the matter with Tsuei?" She asked, plucking up her courage. "Tsuei took out a loan of NT 10 million and ran away, so the bank commissioned our debt collection agency to take it out on him." A gangster answered. "If you want to collect a debt, you should go to Tsuei, not to find trouble with Kechun." Wen Jing is not afraid of these people, because he has a premonition that the brothers on the road will come to the door and can not get rid of the money, but did not expect that the pure boyfriend is so ruthless, a loan is 10 million. "But Miss Fang Ke-chun is the guarantor, so we couldn't find Mr. Cui, so we came to find Miss Fang." "Are you the guarantor?" Wen Jing doesn't turn around and stare at her. I didn't expect that she would be so stupid to be the guarantor for her boyfriend! "I'm not, I'm not.." But Chun shook his head hurriedly and explained, "I wouldn't be so stupid as to be a guarantor." "Yes, our family is not that stupid." The old grandmother was also busy supporting her granddaughter. And Wen Jingbie probably knew what was going on. "Did you give your ID to your boyfriend?" Documents.. There seemed to be, but at that time, Ah Jiu said she wanted to help me get a passport. He said he was going to take her on a trip to Japan, and she didn't expect her longtime boyfriend to lie to her. "He didn't tell me he was going to borrow money from the bank with my credentials." You are an idiot! Your boyfriend is lying to you. If he hadn't said that, would you have given him your ID card? Hearing this, Fang Ling-ching also knew that her simple cousin had been abducted by her boyfriend, and that this group of idiots had caught her. "Now, you should believe that I'm not Fang Kechun. I don't know anything about Cui Jiu!"! Why don't you let me go quickly? 。」 Once again, she regained her queen's momentum, even though she had just humbly begged them to let her go. Let you go? Nope We can't let you go. The leading gangster shook his head. Fang Lingjing stared when she heard this. Why can't it be put? You found Fang Kechun. I know that this has nothing to do with me from the beginning to the end. I am an innocent third party. Why don't you let me go? Because she was so annoying, everyone agreed that it was better to tie her up, so the gangsters ignored her and let her bark alone, while they continued to negotiate with Kechun. "So what do you want to do now?" Asked the leading gangster. But Chun felt quite afraid and wanted to hide far away from these people, but some things could not be solved by her escape, so she still had to negotiate with them. I really want to solve this problem, but.. To tell you the truth, I really don't have any money. Otherwise, you can ask my grandmother. "Yes, my family is very poor, very poor, but I have money." "Grandma!" In front of the bad guys, Grandma actually told people that she was rich! "Grandma, don't talk nonsense!" I'm not talking nonsense. I'm really rich! Why don't you ask Jin? 。 Isn't that right,push back racking system, Ah Ching? Grandma is really rich, isn't she? Says the old grandmother with a look of righteousness and confidence. But Chun was almost angry to death by her. "Don't pay any attention to my grandmother. Anyway, you have to believe me. I really don't have any money." "Hand over your boyfriend if you have no money." I don't know where Ajiu has gone? I haven't been in touch with him these days. 。」 "So Cui Jiu really absconded with the money." 。 kingmoreracking.com

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