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Posted on 09/20/2022

Chai Dao Xing

"Alas.." Flying pet plus long-range attack is this advantage, as long as the flight does not come down, others can only be beaten. Mu Yuechen was unwilling to look at the sky. It doesn't matter. Wen Yu thought about it and decided to call out the Black Hawk. You haven't let me out for days. What's the matter now? Did you suddenly remember to call me? As soon as the Black Hawk came out, he nagged with an uncomfortable face, scaring one side of Muyuechen so much that his mouth was wide open and he couldn't close it for a long time. All right, cut the crap and shoot down the dead bird in the sky and its master! Wen Yu pointed to the vulture and the ghost on the top of his head. Che, this is not the kind of thing will not think of me. As he muttered, the Black Hawk flapped his wings and flew. Eight, myna? Pointing to the smaller version of the Black Hawk Muyuechen flying into the sky, he stammered. Wen Yu tilted his head and thought: "." Well, is it closely related to the Starling? Seeing a small black bird flying up, the ghost and his vulture did not care. The vulture spat a wind blade at the black eagle, trying to kill it. "Hula", the black eagle changed back to its original shape,interactive boards for classrooms, the vulture in the sky, the ghost killed, and the eyes of Mu Yuechen beside Wen Yu almost fell to the ground. At this time, the vulture almost forgot to wave its wings under the pressure of the black eagle, and fell straight down a few meters before it managed to stabilize its body. A purple ball of light spits out from the mouth of the black eagle. Because of the great disparity in size,interactive digital whiteboard, the ball of light is about the same size as the vulture. This is the vent of Xiao Hei after holding back for N days. After the purple light, vultures and ghosts were killed directly. Xiao Hei flapped his wings with satisfaction and flew back, landing on Wen Yu's shoulder. This What kind of monster is this. Mu Yuechen could not help trembling and pointing at Xiaohei. You're the monster. Blackie retorted impolitely. Blackie, if you come out and talk nonsense again, I will never let you out again. Wen Yu knocked the Black Hawk on the head. ……” Blackie decided that silence was golden. This is the Black Hawk, which can become bigger and smaller, hehe. Although he had to, Wen Yu still felt that releasing such a perverted pet would really damage the mental health of others, so he was very embarrassed. …… It seems that you are lucky, playing alone is much better than most people. Do I have to go to uninhabited places in the future to have a chance to meet good things? Mu Yuechen remembered that his whip and sword were also found in an uninhabited place, interactive whiteboard for schools ,65 inch touch screen, and began to meditate seriously. Uh. I advise you not to turn around if you have nothing to do, or you may die a thousand times. Wen Yu remembered what had happened when he met Stormwind City and persuaded him with a lingering fear. Have you ever met? "Uh.." Don't ask any more questions. Because every time I die, it takes less than a second, but I have to stand in hell for half an hour. Wen Yu kindly warned him. …… Uh Ming, I see. Hearing Wen Yu's voice as soft and unpopular as in a ghost film, Mu Yuechen nodded knowingly. Summoning the horse, the two men set foot on the journey again. Shit! Ghost kill! "Hell is dead," a player shouted out, causing the players in line to look back collectively. Ha-ha! You're dead, too, asshole! God, open your eyes! A player who had just been killed by a ghost roared out with relief. The ghost killed a face of depressed mercilessly stared back, the player refused to admit defeat and stared at the past. Anyway, inside the hell can not PK, which players dare to start here, will be thrown into the 18 layers of hell by the King of Hell adults to enjoy all kinds of torture to serve. But verbal conflict doesn't matter. Losers don't lose battles. If we can't beat them, can't we still scold them? As a result, players who had just been killed by ghosts and other players who had died under the knife of ghosts were scolded one after another. The ghost did not answer back, but took the action of killing everything with his eyes to retaliate-not because he wanted to play cool, but even the most stupid person knew that it was impossible to scold back in the face of so many mouths. But his behavior was misunderstood by several nymphomaniacs. "Wow, it's a ghost killing!!" "Yes, yes!"! He's so cool! "Yes, his eyes are so ferocious that if he looked at me like that, I would definitely faint!" …… The walls of the White Tiger City can already be seen faintly. The two men are moving much faster than they imagined. On the first day of the game, it was just dark, and they were about to reach their destination. Wen Yu breathed a sigh of relief and turned on the communicator. Hey, where are you? I'm almost there. After entering the five-party chat room, Wen Yu's weak voice was sent to those ears. Ah You dead man have finally arrived! Shanshan cried out. Volume 3 Ou Fu Those Things Chapter 30 Kindness Helps You Collapse Chapter 30 good intentions to help you collapse. "The dead are saying hello to you and welcome you to hell." Wen Yu glanced at Mu Yuechen beside him and thought to himself that it was good to speak with a communicator without being heard by people around him, otherwise it would be a shame to hear that he had been scolded by his friends. Then we'll be out of town looking for you! Just in time to see your tent. We can't afford it yet. The girl cheerfully directed a few people. I'm heading for the west gate of the White Tiger City. You can come out from the west gate. Wen Yu said that he could finally hang up the communicator. My friends will come out of the West Gate to look for me. Wen Yu looked back at Mu Yuechen beside him and said. Then I'll go first. "Ah.." You wait. After Mu Yuechen took a few steps, Wen Yu suddenly made up his mind to stop him. What's the matter Mu Yuechen stopped and asked strangely. Wait, I'll get something. Wen Yu walked to the side of the road, threw out the tent and got in. Seeing the strange appearance of Wenyu tent, Mu Yuechen observed curiously that he did not expect Wenyu to have his own tent,electronic board for classroom, because the tent is still very expensive, and Wenyu's tent looks bigger, it should not be cheap. His own tent is still a reward item given by the government when he participated in the internal test. hsdsmartboard.com

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