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Posted on 09/15/2022

Daughter of time

"At the beginning of Henry's Dynasty, it should be." "Yes, just right.". That would definitely explain what's been bothering us since the beginning of the incident. "What do you mean?" This could explain why there was no uproar after the boy's disappearance. It's a mystery all the same to those who think Richard did it. In fact, when you think about it, it's hard for Richard to get away with it. Richard had a large, powerful, and very active opposition party, and he gave them freedom to do what they wanted all over the country. If the boy goes missing, he'll have to deal with the entire Woodville Lancaster family. But Henry would not have encountered such interference and improper curiosity. Because he put all the people who opposed him in prison. His only concern was his mother-in-law, but when she became a nuisance of constant prying, she was also sealed in the dungeon by layers of wooden bars. Yes,stainless steel welded pipe, don't you think she might have done something? When she found out that no one had told her where her son was. She probably never knew they were missing. He may have just said, "I don't think you should see them.". I think you're a bad influence on them; you let your daughter go to the man's dance after you came out of the temple! ” Yes, that's it, of course. He didn't have to wait for her to be charged with anything. The whole thing just needs one move from him. You are a bad woman and a bad mother; I will send you to a monastery to save your soul and your children from your pollution. “ Yes, he made the rest of Britain worry about his own safety and became the safest murderer ever. No one dared stick out his neck to ask if the boy was all right after he was willing to mark people with the charge of "rebellion". Everyone must walk on thin ice. No one knows who Henry will think of next,304 Stainless Steel Wire, what mistakes he has made in the past, and then send him to the guillotine and seize his property. During that time, it's better not to be too curious about things that are not related to your vital interests. Even though it is very easy to satisfy such a curiosity. "You mean curiosity about whether the boy lives in the tower." Wonder if the boy lives in the tower as Henry's side claims. Unlike Richard, Henry did not allow people who opposed him to live with him and live in peace. Henry would not allow such an alliance as Yorklandcaster. All those in the tower must be Henry's men. Yes, of course. Did you know that Henry was the first king of England to have bodyguards? I wonder if he told his wife about her brothers. Indeed, I would like to know. He might even tell her the truth. Henry! Impossible! Mr. Grant, it would be very painful for Henry to be so straightforward as to say that two plus two equals four. I'm telling you, he's a crab. He never talks straight. It's okay if he's a sadist, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, you know. In fact, there was nothing she could do, even if she wanted to do something. She may not want to do anything. She has just given birth to an heir to the British throne and is preparing to have another. She may not want to be a crusader; especially one who digs his own grave. "Henry, he's not a sadist," little Carradine said gloomily, because he thought Henry was worse than a sadist. In a way, on the contrary, he didn't like murder at all. He had to dress it up to make him feel comfortable when he remembered it. Wrap it in a legal ribbon. If you think Henry is going to brag to Elizabeth about what he did to her brother and get kicked out of bed, I think you're wrong. "Yes, perhaps," said Grant. Lie down and think about Henry. I've just thought of an appropriate word to describe Henry. "He blurted out." He is a poor fellow. "Indeed, even his hair is very thin." "I'm not talking about his appearance." "I know you're not." "He did all the mean and shameful things.". Come to think of it, "Morton's Fork" is the most vile and shameful story of forced taxation ever told. But he's not just greedy for money. Everything about him is mean, isn't it? Yes, Dr. Gardner was able to bring Henry's behavior into line with his personality. How did you find this doctor? A fascinating study. But God forgive me, I think the honorable doctor may have lived a life of crime. "Because he is dishonest?" Because he is honest. He is above board except that he cannot deduce from B to C. ". "Well, you're right." Everyone can deduce from a to B -- even children. Most adults can extrapolate from B to C. But there are also many people who can't. 。 Most criminals can't. You may not believe it -- I know it's very different from the idea of a criminal, which is supposed to be energetic and clever -- but criminals are basically stupid. Sometimes you can't imagine how stupid they are. You can't imagine how poor their reasoning skills are without personal experience. When they know B, they just can't jump to C. They put together two completely incompatible things. Think for a long time about the fundamental and indisputable problem. You can't let them know that the two can't go together, and anyone can see that Tudor is trying to cover it up. Have you started writing your book yet? "Well -- I used an experimental beginning.". I know the way I want to write, I mean the form. I hope you don't mind. "Why should I mind?" "I want things to be written as they happen.". You know, about the fact that I came to see you, and I chatted about Richard, and I didn't know exactly what we were going to do, and then how did we dive into historical facts that had happened before, that had been misreported, and how did we look for interruptions in normal patterns to see what went wrong, like the bubbles that divers make on the surface of the water,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, things like that. "I think that's a great idea." "Really?" "Really." "Well, that's good.". I will continue to write like this. I'm going to study Henry, just as a foil. I'd like to have a list of their stories so that people can compare them. Did you know that Henry invented the secret courts? 。 sxthsteel.com

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