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Posted on 06/22/2022

Dehumidifiers Pros and Cons

Dehumidifiers Pros and Cons

Do you need a dehumidifier for your office or workplace? Especially in the winter when people bring in soggy umbrellas and wet jackets the office can get steamed up and very humid. Together with winter heating, this can make the workplaces an uncomfortable area to work in. In times like this, you might decide that a dehumidifier will make everything much healthier and stop the build-up of moisture in the air.  Your employees might be glad about this as in general dehumidifiers are quiet when running. Should you buy or hire a dehumidifier though. Which is the best option? Let's look at the choices for buying versus hiring and see what are the pros and cons of each choice.

Dehumidifier Hire Pro's

1. Lower cost initial capital outlay. The cost per week to hire will be very much lower than an initial outlay and so may be more achievable. 

2. Allows customers to trial hire equipment prior to committing to purchase.

3. Hire costs can very often be passed through lower official payment department budgets.

4. Long-term hire discounts or other incentives are available on request.

5. Hire equipment is cleaned serviced and tested prior to hiring commencing reducing the risk of equipment failure.

6. Technology is ever-improving and hire companies will always attempt to provide the most current dehumidifier to suit your requirements. (Higher efficiency or Eco-friendly technology, better builds quality)

7. Once you no longer require the dehumidifier you can request for it to be returned saving you storage space, costs, or justification to keep a unit when no longer required

8. You will not be liable to pay for any damage caused to the equipment arising from any defect in the dehumidifier which was not apparent when it was hired to you.

So what about the cons of hiring a dehumidifier? These need to be considered too to make an informed decision

Dehumidifier Hire Con's

1. The delivery and collection charges are over and above the hire costs.

2. Requirement to purchase consumables for the dehumidifier still exists eg. Filters

3. If the Dehumidifier is lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen whilst in your care, you will be liable for the full cost of repairing or replacing the equipment.

4. Fixed set period hire contracts (Should you no longer require the equipment prior to the end of the fixed hire period contract agreement you still have to pay for it- so worth thinking about the season you are hiring it for.).

What about buying a dehumidifier? Should you do that instead?

Dehumidifier Purchase Pros

1. Once purchased you may use it for the working life of the unit.


Like anything, there are negatives to this choice too.

Dehumidifier Purchase Cons

1. Will your budget allow you to purchase better quality machines or will you opt for cheaper equipment?

2. If only used for a short-term project you will require making suitable indoor storage available in order to accommodate the dehumidifier.

3. Larger capital outlay required to purchase. A larger budget is required- do you have that available?

4. Depreciation considerations. How much will the used dehumidifier be worth if you decide to sell it?

5. Servicing costs- these need to be built into the cost too.

6. Still require to purchase consumables eg. Filters so there is no difference to hiring one.


So as you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding to hire or buy a dehumidifier. It is best to shop around and see whether there are any deals on hiring or buying. Depending on the season, there may be cheap deals. And as explained above, beware of how long you need the dehumidifier. A short 2 to 3-month period might just merit a hire rather than a buy. For dehumidifier hire in London, hire from CAS Hire.

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