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Posted on 02/22/2022

Discover Benefits of Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai

Discover Benefits of Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai

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Businessperson and entrepreneurs always think of what would be the right rules for the Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai. While some of them get their businesses established in the Dubai mainland and some of them set up their business in free zones. Businesses look for the right kind of benefit and the right business set up in Dubai could work as a strategic advantage in the long run. Despite the benefits, there is a number of crucial factors to be aware of. Let's come to the topic. Here are listed the
Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai below.

• Full Foreign Ownership: One of the great benefits of forming a free zone company in the UAE is to make foreign ownership possible. It means the foreign investor need not find a UAE national sponsor for the formation of the company in the UAE. International ownership is possible regardless of the nationality of the investor.

• Absence of Currency Regulations: Currency regulations are related to currency restrictions that are imposed by the government on foreign currencies transaction. There are no currency regulations in the UAE free zones. It makes financial transactions much easier.

• Business-friendly Legal Environment: UAE is very famous for its business-friendly approach to improving business activities that are targeted to welcome more companies in the UAE. If you want to register and set up a company in Sharjah in a free zone in Dubai, there is a lot of things you need to consider:

1. Relief from corporate and income tax.

2. Relief from import and export tax.

3. Zero capital is required.

4. Complete ownership of the company.

5. Hire employees and bring them from their own country to the UAE.

• Import/Export Exemption: Import and export duties are not applicable for the free zone in the UAE. It will be a huge factor in saving costs and will be beneficial for export and import businesses. It also helps in promoting international trade and maintaining strong relations with different countries.

• Easy Immigration Process: Immigration facilities connected with UAEfree zones that are efficient and save time. Here are various benefits including:

1. 100% tax exemption on personal and corporate income.

2. No capital deposit is required.

3. Easy access to air, rail, and road transport.

4. Low start-up

5. Operational cost

6. World-class infrastructure with an efficient communication system.

• Hassle-free Company Incorporation: The Free Zone Company Setup procedures in Dubai are simple and straightforward. You can accomplish the licensing procedures in a few days as compared to others and make the company setup process a lot easier.

• Excellent Communication and Infrastructure: UAE free zones have the most updated communication system with flawless infrastructure. These free-zone areas enjoy cost-effective and plentiful energy.

The Final Thoughts!

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