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Posted on 09/20/2022

Fairy Sword Villa

Just as he was refusing, he suddenly heard someone on the side of the couch say, "At the worst, a plant of immortal grass is worth it. She got it for you with a narrow escape from death. You don't care if she stole it. If you don't eat it quickly, will you live up to her pains?"? Don't look at the fierce oncoming force of the original owner, everything has my monk! With these words, there was a flash of golden light, and a young monk with white teeth and red lips came out of the room. Xiaotao was even more startled. The monk looked at her again and said with a smile, "I know all about you. You wild girl still have a little conscience and know what's good and what's bad. To tell you the truth, if I hadn't made a little camouflage, your Xianzhi might not have been so easy to get. I'll admit the name of the thief when I was young, so that you, a big girl, won't have a bad reputation for stealing." In order to prevent this scholar from refusing to bear the reputation of eating things stolen by his wife, but this kind of immortal will lose a lot of efficacy after a long time away from the earth, and it would be a pity not to eat it again. When Jichun and Xiaotao heard about it, they were even more ashamed, especially Xiaotao, who could not help blushing and could not say a word. But when they saw the man, they were clearly highly skilled in Buddhism,Gear Reduction Motor, and did not dare to distinguish. They only held the Ganoderma lucidum and lowered their heads in shame. Just at this time, Zhang Jifang had put away the sword light, fell in the courtyard, a look did not see Zhuge Zhao, only a big dog man standing under the steps, also not by a daze. When he took a closer look at the dog's neck and face, he said with a smile, "I haven't seen you for a few days. How can I dress up like this?" Zhuge Zhao also took a look at Zhang Jifang and saw that his head was tied up in a bun,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and he was wearing a successful Taoist robe made up of countless pieces of broken copper. He walked with a loud voice, and he was not in his old costume. He could not help laughing and said, "After three days of absence, you should be treated with new eyes. Didn't you also change your costume?" Then he told the story. Zhang Jifang said with a smile, "It turns out that in the past few days, you have become so skillful, and it's really gratifying to get this rare treasure. But in the future, are you going to use this costume to meet the world?" Zhuge Zhao said with a smile, "It's hard for people in the world to see each other face to face. I like the head of a dog and the brain of a dog even more. I'm a tapir. I don't hesitate to swallow fire and chew iron. But to get along with people in the name of a dog is the light of mixing vulgarity and harmony. Why not?" Then he asked Zhang Jifang about the origin of his Taoist robe. Zhang Jifang laughed and said, "Don't you recognize it?"! This is the gold essence left by the old man Han Tie who was fished up from the cold pool by Elder Martial Brother Xin Yin under the guidance of Master Yun Shan in the Great Snow Mountain. After I returned to the cave, my family master happened to leave the pass. I presented it to my family master and looked at it in detail. I said that the 5048 pieces of gold essence were originally 5048 short swords. There was no need to practice them any more, and they were linked together to form a Taoist robe. Once upon a time, the old man of cold iron used this thing to shock the demons. The well took the box of gold essence to form this robe, passed on the method of using it, Vending Machine Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, and passed on an iron flute from the magic way of life to the younger brother, and then turned it into itself. Then he turned to Zhuge Zhao and said sadly, "Before I sat down, I said that in the near future, all the demons would go through a great disaster, and all the immortals and mortals would inevitably go through a great disaster. I would like to tell Brother Dao and Zen Master Xinyin to accept me deeply and build this great merit in the future." Then he looked into the room and said, "I didn't expect that sorceress to take advantage of my teacher's transformation and come to harass her several times. At first I didn't know where she came from. It wasn't until yesterday that I found out that she was the favorite concubine of Wu yuancheng, the sorcerer of the White Crane Temple. Her name was Xiaotao. I've already let her go of this kind of sorcerer, but she's very bold. Today, when I'm in samadhi, Unexpectedly secretly transported a big stone of ten thousand catties to seal the entrance of my cave, and took advantage of the gap to remove a Tianxiang Zhi helmet. That fairy Zhi was originally a nine-day alien. Once it was mature and fragrant for ten miles, its function brought the dead back to life. The monk took it for 60 years. It was born at the foot of the Goddess Peak. It has been more than ten years since I transplanted it outside the cave. Seeing that it was about to mature, it was stolen by her for no reason. You say it is abominable! Before Zhuge Zhao could answer, the monk in the room came out with a smile on his face. He clasped his hands together and said to the two of them, "I haven't seen you for a long time." As soon as they saw it, they were both surprised and delighted. They went forward together and asked with a smile, "Why is Elder Martial Brother here? Why don't we know anything about it?". ” Xinyin said with a smile, "After I said goodbye to you, I turned around to Liaodong and came here. I was ordered by my teacher to visit the sorcerer of the White Bone Sect. I was instructed by the Western Demon Sect to set up Taoist temples in all parts of China, thinking that in the future we should rob and expand the Demon Sect. The White Crane Temple here is their first big Taoist temple in eastern Sichuan. It is now presided over by Wu yuancheng. Besides preaching the Demon Sect, Plundering, traveling, raping women, seducing beautiful men, and doing everything. It is ridiculous that there is a department in a place that is still sleeping, thinking that it is an ordinary Taoist temple and turning a blind eye to it. Some muddle-headed officials and gentry let their children and wives join the cult, and they are still complacent. I had planned to give them a fierce one. For one thing, I was afraid that if the chief evildoer slipped through the net, he would still do harm elsewhere. For another, I heard that there were quite capable people among them, and it was really difficult to clap their hands alone. That's why I didn't say anything. It's much better for you two to come here. Then he said to Zhang Jifang, "Because of this, I have paid close attention to all the people who have come out of the White Crane Temple. Suddenly I saw this wild girl dare to openly go to your Shuiqin Cave to spy on her. It was very strange in my heart. When I looked at her magical powers again, I realized that the wild girl had a good heart and was different from ordinary sorcerers. I also knew that she was so anxious for her lover's life that she was not afraid to risk stealing the Ganoderma lucidum." My monk has always liked the beauty of adults, so he helped her to steal Ganoderma lucidum. Because he was afraid that you didn't know the reason, he would kill her. Isn't it my sin? So he secretly followed her and planned to surprise you and scare you. Unexpectedly, Zhuge Laodi has already come before me in dog's skin. My original plan has been unsuccessful, so I have to come forward. If you must be convicted of theft and recovery of stolen goods, then I am really a principal offender. How about dealing with it? Then he burst out laughing. Zhang Jifang said with a smile, "Since Elder Martial Brother is in charge, both of you say she is a good person, and it's to save people. What else do I have to say? I gave her that Ganoderma lucidum." When Xinyin heard this, he hurriedly shouted to the room, "Almsgiver Yang,Low Rpm Electric Motor, did you hear that? Now it's not stolen, it's given away. Why don't you eat it?"? When we were young, we still had something to ask your scholar's wife. Can she talk to us if you don't eat? 。 ichgearmotor.com

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