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Posted on 09/20/2022

Fall in love with a roar: snare your heart

Allen, who was stared at, did not care, but also gave Xiao Ran a tight quilt corner, "Remember to take medicine on time, pay attention to keeping warm, can not catch cold again, if you don't have a fever tonight, you don't need an injection tomorrow." Xiao Ran nodded hurriedly, saying that he would not have a fever again, and thanked Allen very well. She doesn't want to try such a barbaric Western treatment again. After seeing Alan off, Sean went to the bedside, pushed Xiao Ran in and got into bed. What are you doing? Xiao Ran looked at him strangely. It was sunny outside. Why did he look like he was going to sleep? "What else can I do? Catch up on sleep. You've been sleeping for two days in a row, occupying my bed. How can I sleep well?" "I didn't say I was going to sleep here." Xiao Ran said, but his heart was full of joy. Sean rolled his eyes and ignored her. "How are you feeling?"? Little fool. "Dizziness." “…… That day Did you accidentally fall in? Sean looked at the ceiling. Xiao Ran looked at him for a long time and turned his eyes to the same place. "You know." Sean coughed awkwardly. Of course he knew, as soon as he saw the situation, he understood, and that night Gloria had made it clear that she had asked him to send Xiao Ran away. But he didn't want to think about it now. He was very tired these two days. When Xiao Ran finally woke up, he just wanted to hug her and sleep comfortably. Verse 60: Snaring Your Heart (60) Do you remember? When I arrived, you were frantically pushing Molly's head into the water, and she was so strong that she couldn't break away and almost fainted. "Is it?" Xiao Ran laughed happily, but his heart was depressed. Sean's dodging face says it all, doesn't it? The man he loves deeply, only covets the tenderness and happiness in front of him, never plans for the future, perhaps in his future world, there will be no shadow of his own, why should he spend energy to plan for people who do not exist in the future? Cinderella's love story is just a story, only exists in the world of fairy tales,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and only the cruel reality is waiting for her. Xiao Ran smiled, really funny, since he has long understood this truth, but why is it still heartache? Smiling with heartache. If she hadn't fallen in love with Sean, she might have enjoyed this temporary pleasure to the fullest. But she sank in the game of love, in the love decorated by her own fantasy, melancholy and panic all day long. It was so funny. I thought it was all right, but you fainted as soon as you were pulled up, and then you had a high fever. You talked in your sleep all night, all in Chinese. I couldn't understand a word, but it seemed to have my name. "Sean leaned over, his eyes curved with laughter." What did you dream about? " "Dreaming.." I don't remember. "Is it?" Sean was a little disappointed. "Xiao Ran, don't go to that lake again." "Oh?" Xiao Ran was puzzled. Don't go near that lake again. "I can swim." I know, but.. I was very sad that day, when I saw you suddenly fall to the ground, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and when you were delirious, I was very. Anyway, you just listen to me. "For taking up your bed?" Sean stared at her with chagrin, wondering why he was so serious. Xiao Ran stopped smiling and looked at Sean. His clothes were disheveled, his hair was messy, his eyes were bloodshot, and it seemed that he had not rested for a few days. Was he worried about himself? How much of his own heart can he have? "Sean, are you worried about me?" "Me?" Sean scratched his hair and turned his head gloomily. I don't know how my face got hot. I this is how, usually encounter this kind of problem oneself already put on the most affectionate expression to say dear, I am really worried to death just right, but now how to feel like a lump in the throat? Verse 61: Snaring Your Heart (61) Just as he was wondering about his reaction, a burst of pain hit him, and when he looked back, he saw Xiao Ran lying in his arms biting his chest through the opening of his shirt. It hurts. It must be bleeding. He ate pain, hurriedly pushed away Xiao Ran, and sure enough, the white shirt slowly oozed red blood, like a bright red flower slowly but persistently blooming. "What are you doing?" Xiao Ran looked up at Sean. Moments later, a tear dropped, ran quickly down Sean's cheek, and fell on his chest, dissolving with the blood oozing from the wound. Xiao Ran? Sean's heart seemed to be pulled so hard that the pain almost changed color. He hurriedly hugged Xiao Ran and held her tightly in his arms, forgetting that he had just questioned her inexplicably, just to erase her sad look, not to make her so pale, not to make her so helpless. Sean, even if I leave in the future, you have left a mark that belongs to me. Xiao Ran buried his head, kissed and licked the wound. A feeling of numbness like electricity rose from his waist with the desire that had not been vented for several days. Sean turned over and pressed Xiao Ran under his body, regardless of the tired body of both of them. Fiery body, eyes full of lust, a smile at the corners of the mouth, and a thin moan that rises and falls, God, is there a more charming body than this? Today's Xiaoran is somewhat different from the past, holding Sean tightly back, demanding whatever he wants, so that Sean is out of control and crazily demanding on her body, leaving a blue and purple. He was really out of control, and after a few hours of passion, Sean contentedly held Xiao Ran, who had lost consciousness, and looked at the traces on her body. Even the first taste of lust has never been so out of control. But a moment ago, Xiao Ran's tears for no reason were drowned in the surging lust and seemed to disappear. But in the days without Xiao Ran, Sean often remembered the scene of her tears, which became clearer and clearer, as if the movie clips were playing repeatedly, often waking him up from his dream,ultrasonic dispersion machine, his heart was like a knife, tears streaming down his face, as if the tears had really fallen into his heart. fycgsonic.com

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