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Posted on 09/20/2022

God of a thousand faces version of the bad guy 3

Back in the cottage, some of the members who were too early had already fallen asleep, and because of this, they had escaped. At this time, only those who were already sleepwalking could sleep. At this time, Wu Tian and Pang Wei were still soaking in the swimming pool of the villa, without any words, and several people had no action to send out a frightening blood gas. Even the small carp in the swimming pool had their eyes wide open, hiding in a small corner of the swimming pool, staring at the people opposite in fear. It seems that as long as a few of them are still in the swimming pool, they dare not sleep at ease. Seeing the big head and the wolf coming back, Wu Tian and Pang Wei did not say much, but greeted each other with their eyes. The big head and the wolf did not speak, did not hesitate at all, and jumped into the swimming pool with a splash. Do not know how long, the sky has been slightly bright up, the sun slowly rising from the east, continuous rain for half a month, finally saw the sunshine today, for the ordinary citizens of Zhangshi, it is indeed a happy thing, but for these leading elder brothers of Longmen,ultrasonic cutting machine, it is still so gloomy. Finally, Pang Wei broke the silence that had lasted for a long time. Brother Tian, I have informed the old man of our family about what happened today. Go and talk to him yourself. Wu Tian quietly nodded, in the swimming pool after a night of immersion, not only did not appear tired, but a lot of spirit, the mood has been greatly relieved. The wolf wiped the drops of water from his body. If the purple hair woman did not lie, now Lao Han has been in her hands,ultrasonic cutting machine, this matter has not let the younger brother of the Dragon Gang know, otherwise there will certainly be some trouble. I've always been worried about the safety of Lao Han. Wu Tian, who had been silent all night, finally spoke at this time, but his voice seemed a little hoarse. Old Wolf, you find a way to sneak into the fire gang, find out the specific location of Lao Han, and then we find a way to rescue him, if something really happened to Lao Han. I will make the fire gang pay a heavy price. Wu Tian looked very serious when he said this, and no one doubted that he had made the Fire Gang pay a heavy price, though. The Dragon Gang doesn't have that strength yet. Mmm. The wolf nodded quietly. Wu Tian looked at the wolf and said seriously. Fire gang, whether it is thunder and fire, or six flames lying, their residence defense is very deep and strict, you have to be careful. The wolf smiled faintly. You can rest assured that no matter how deep and strict the residence of the purple-haired girl is, it is impossible to be as tough as the headquarters prison of the Fire Gang. As early as when I had not come to Zhangshi before, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic molten metal, in order to find out the news of a big brother of the Tomahawk Gang at that time, even if it was such a big international gang, I also appeared in it, although I was almost discovered at that time. It has to be said that the defense of Tomahawk is more terrible than that of ordinary military regions. But if necessary, I'm going to sneak into the Fire Gang again today to find out about Lao Han. "Well, be careful. I don't want to lose my brother, either you or Lao Han." Wu Tian patted the wolf on the shoulder and said seriously. Yes! The phone above the swimming pool rang suddenly, and the big head went up to the swimming pool and looked at Wu Tian with a strange look. What's the matter? Seeing the big head's strange expression, Wu Tian asked softly. It's Master Snake. Tell him yourself. The big head handed the phone to Wu Tian's side as he spoke. Bad Guy 3 Chapter 70 Borrowing Money Before the snake master could say anything on the phone, he heard an old and rough voice, "Wu Tian boy, I heard that you burned down a police station in Zhang City over there?" The old voice came from the other end of the phone, and the old voice with a trace of vicissitudes and endless tiger spirit, even Wu Tian, when he heard the voice, he felt an inexplicable pressure, but the voice was obviously drunk. "Master Shuang, right?" Wu Tian obviously recognized who the other party was, and when he spoke, his voice was obviously trembling. Originally, he had already prepared to let the snake master teach him a lesson, so that he could basically bear it. But now, it's not the snake master who called, but one of the most famous bosses in the three eastern provinces at present. Pang Wei next to several people also clearly know that the other side is Li Shuang, one by one hold their breath, even the big head, when they know that the other side is the old man they have seen, they will feel a sense of inexplicable oppression. Do you feel good about burning down the police station? A chilling voice continued to ring on the other end of the phone. Listen to Li Shuang such a question, Wu Tian can be really confused, this question can let oneself how to answer. Holding the phone, he dared not make a sound because he really didn't know how to answer. Damn, boy, why don't you speak? I'll ask you again. Li Shuang on the other end of the phone was obviously a little impatient. Said with a hint of anger. Wu Tian palpitated holding the phone, really do not know how to answer Li Shuang's question, to tell the truth, burning the police station this matter, really let Wu Tian feel quite cool inside. In the heart one is cruel, die to die, Wu Tian pulled the voice to shout loudly: "I am cool.!!!" The sound of "Shuang" not only made Pang Wei and others next to him stupefied, because they could not believe that Wu Tian dared to speak to the famous underworld brother with a roar, but also paused on the other end of the phone, as if Li Shuang had been shocked by Wu Tian's loud roar over there. Wu Tian seemed to be aware of something and wanted to say something to make up for it. Who knew that Li Shuang's hearty laughter rang out at the other end. Ha ha, boy, cool, this is right, Lao Tzu called Li Shuang, Lao Tzu is also very cool, cool out loud, ha,ultrasonic handheld welder, boy, I am optimistic about you. The voice of Li Shuang on the other end of the phone made Wu Tian confused again. He never thought that the old guy was not angry, but praised himself. fycgsonic.com

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