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Posted on 09/15/2022

Golden Clothes-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

Eyes everywhere, I saw a man raised a hoe-like weapon, was about to fall on the head of Jiang Zhong. Strangely, Jiang Zhong could not dodge, as if he had died for the most part, and there were blood stains all over his body. His cry just now frightened the medicine hoe that had been raised for the second time in Youshen Lingzhan to stop in the air. Just because of his cry, there was no human flavor at all, as if a monster had come out of the mountains and rocks. So Ling Zhan Zheng, the medicine hoe stopped in the air, turned to watch. It turned out that when he lifted the medicine hoe for the first time, he suddenly saw Jiang Zhong's long sword, shining with cold awn, slanting on his shoulder. When the hoe went down, it was always unhappy because it was separated by the sword. At the same time also moved to take the sword temporarily to protect the body, then hung down the medicine hoe, first took away the extremely sharp sword, and then raised the sharp hoe. As soon as Sun Bonan got on the flat ground, he gave a sharp shout, and the steel crutch in his hand shot out like a poisonous dragon coming out of a hole. Ling Zhan, the God of night wandering, was stunned. When he saw the steel crutches flying, he quickly sank a hoe and made a loud sound. The steel crutches thrown by the enemy were as heavy as mountains, and their strength was surprisingly strong. Not only did they shake his medicine hoe out of his hand, but they also moved away a few steps. His wrists were numb, so he hurriedly threw away the medicine hoe and went to check the sword. Sun Bonan didn't know he was going to pick up his sword. He thought he was going to find time to kill his old family member Jiang Zhong first. He was so angry that his body was like flying against the wind. As soon as Ling Zhanjian got it, he wanted to use it to hurt the enemy and save himself,5 person hot tub, but he couldn't. When the only use of the "lazy donkey roll" rogue tricks, the bones roll out of ten feet. Sun Bonan, ready to go, deliberately allowed him to get up, and only then did he split out with a series of palms. Nanjiang Jueyi, in addition to the sword crutch, there are two pieces of palm and finger Jueyi, palm kungfu called "six Ding Kaishan", is a series of hard split out, a palm is much more powerful than a palm. At this moment,endless swimming pool, Sun Bonan was so angry that he had already killed himself. Ling Zhan is also fit to be unlucky, how to expect to get the enemy young, skill will be so strong? As soon as he brandished his sword to block it, the enemy's overwhelming power had arrived. Sun Bonan's palm was ready, and he was fierce. After two palms, he saw his opponent's sword fall to the ground. Body shape straight back. He doesn't have to force the general to go up, move enough internal force, and then split a palm. Just listen to the sound of "whoosh", Sun Bainan's palm force is like the tide of the collapse of the sky. The power of the palm is both strong and fast. With the sound of "Le", Ling Zhan's wrists were broken, and as if he had been hit by a big stone in the chest, he turned over to the ground, and blood flowed from the corners of his mouth. Sun Bonan was so majestic that he killed the enemy in one fell swoop. His heart was so smooth that he let out a long roar. Jiang Zhong gave a faint snort and said, "Master Nan, quickly untie the small soft hemp hole.." When Sun Bonan saw that he was all right, he was overjoyed again. He almost shed tears and said, "Oh, fortunately, outdoor whirlpool ,indoor endless pool, Uncle Zhong, you are safe and sound. I was really worried to death just now." As he spoke, he untied his acupoints, and then discovered that Jiang Zhong's injuries were not light, so he hurriedly used the technique of pressing acupoints to stop bleeding and relieve pain for the old man. At this time, he didn't even think of the three treasures of Xuanji. He hurriedly picked up the long sword of steel crutches and walked home with Jiang Zhong on his back. His movements were both quick and resolute, so Jiang Zhong walked until he had walked more than half of the way. Then he couldn't help asking, "Did Master Nan ever discover the Xuanji Sword?" A word to wake up the dreamer, Sun Bonan way: "Yes, the three treasures of Xuanji were discovered, but there was one difficulty-the elder Xuanji's last words to get the treasure were listed on his door wall!"! So should I take it or not? "What's wrong with that?" Asked Jiang Zhong. He spoke a little harder, and the wound was so painful that he couldn't help saying "ah," but he still struggled: "Master Nan, put me down quickly. I don't know how many people covet the three treasures of Xuanji, but you went into Baoshan and returned empty-handed. How can you make it?"? If it falls into the hands of the wicked, will it not be more serious than the crime of your monopoly? Sun Bo-nan's feet tightened and he said, "I'll carry you home first."! After all, Uncle Zhong, you are old and knowledgeable. I must take it back first! Jiang Zhong managed to pull himself together and said, "I still have to go back with you again before I can rest assured. When I get home, I'll find out the master's Zixuedan and Qibu Shengji San. After internal and external application, they can still support labor.." A few words of time, unconsciously has entered the city, blink of an eye through the house across the lane, back home. Those two are the secret medicine for knife wounds passed down by Father Jiang. In addition to the benefits of treating internal injuries, Zixuedan can also refresh and inspire people. The seven-step muscle promoting powder, as its name implies, says that after applying the wound medicine, new muscles will grow after seven steps. Although it exaggerates a little, it is also very effective. After Jiang Zhong hurriedly took the medicine, he set out with Sun Bonan. He took five pills of Zixue Dan, which was twice as much as he should have taken, so that he was refreshed. Although Sun Bonan did not want him to be too tired, he saw that his intention was sincere and firm, so he had to wait for him to go with him. At this time, his heart was very anxious. It turned out that when he thought of the golden clothes, he was afraid that they would be taken away by the invaders, so he forgot the three treasures of Xuanji instead, and was burning with anxiety just for the sake of the precious clothes. Jiang Zhong, an old man, walked slowly at this moment because of internal and external injuries. Sun Bonan carried him on his back again and started to run quickly. Soon, to the top of the stone valley. At this time, the moon has risen in the middle of the sky, and when it is almost dawn, the pale moonlight falls into the stone valley, like a silver robe dressed in a light and cold dream. The two of them went down into the valley. Jiang Zhong suddenly said, "Master Nan, can you see the figure on the top of the valley over there?" Sun Bonan replied, "No?"? Did you see that? Uncle Chung. "I don't know if I'm dazzled," said Jiang Zhong, "but it's like a flash of a figure." Jiang Zhong frowned and said, "We don't care about him. Hurry inside and see if it's serious." Suddenly listen to a long laugh, shake the night Cen silence, the top of the valley there, as expected a gray shadow flying down, it is Jiang Zhong just saw the figure. "Is that him?" Asked Sun Bonan? Uncle Chung. "That's right," said Jiang Zhong. "You have to be careful. This man is very skillful." Suddenly the man stopped in front of them, his figure in the moonlight,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, a man dressed as a merchant, only in his fifties, but with a shiny face and a good smile. monalisa.com

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