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Posted on 09/15/2022

Harry Potter 1-Harry Potter and the magic stone _ j.k. Rowling _ txt novel paradise

Ron and Hermione argued all the way to class. In the end, Hermione agreed that the two of them should run to Hagrid's house before dawn. When the bell rang from the castle, the three of them rushed to the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid greeted them. He looked excited and excited. It's coming out! Hagrid beckoned them into the room. The egg was lying on the table, with a deep crack in the front, and something wriggling in it, making a strange sound. They all moved their chairs to the table and looked at it nervously. Suddenly, there was a fragmentary noise inside the egg, and then the shell cracked. The little dragon landed on the table with a splash. It's not very cute. Harry thought it looked like a crumpled black umbrella. Its puny wings were large compared with its thin body, its nostrils were large, its forehead had a pair of knobby horns, and its eyes were bulging and orange. It sneezed and two sparks flew out of its nostrils. Is it beautiful? Hagrid said softly, reaching out a hand and knocking on its head. It snapped at his finger, showing its fangs. He knows his mommy! Hagrid said. "Hagrid," said Hermione, "how fast does the Norwegian back grow?" Hagrid was about to answer when his face suddenly changed-he jumped up and ran to the window. What's wrong "Someone was peeking out the window — a child — and he ran back to school." Harry dashed out the door to look around. Although the man was far away, Harry was sure who he was. Malfoy saw the dragon. In the second week, Malfoy always had a mean smile on his face, and the three of them were nervous as hell. As soon as they were free, they went to Hagrid's cottage to discuss it. Let it go. "Let it go," Harry urged. "I can't." Hagrid said, "It's too weak. It will die." They looked at the dragon,Ceramic Band Heater, and within a week it had grown three times in size. Its nostrils belched smoke from time to time. Hagrid has to take care of the dragon. Too busy to watch the pigs, the floor of his hut was covered with blank rum bottles and chicken feathers. I've decided to call it Norbert, "said Hagrid, staring at his little dragon." It's already familiar to me. Look, Norbert, Norbert! Mommy's here. "He's crazy." Ron whispered to Harry. Hagrid, "cried Harry," in two weeks it will be as long as your cabin. Malfoy will go and tell Dumbledore. Hagrid bit his lip with all his might. I-I know I can't have it forever, but I just can't throw it away. I can't. Harry suddenly turned to face Ron. Charlie. He said "You're distracted, too," Roth said. "I'm Ron, ceramic welding tape ,7g Ozone Generator, remember?" "No-Charlie-your brother Charlie, who studies dragons in Romania, we can give him Norbert. Charlie will take care of him and let him go back to nature later." "So clever!" Ron said, "What's up, Hagrid?" Finally, Hagrid agreed to send an owl to Charlie. The following week passed very slowly. On Wednesday night, when everyone had gone to bed, Harry and Roth were still sitting in the common room. The clock on the wall struck twelve. Ron had just donned Harry's cloak of invisibility to Hagrid's cabin to help him feed the dragon, who was eating a dead mouse. It bit me! He said, holding up his hand wrapped in a blood-stained handkerchief, "I may not be able to hold a quill for a week.". I tell you, that dragon is the most fierce animal I have ever seen. But the way Hagrid was with it, you'd think it was a fluffy, gentle white rabbit. When I was bitten by the guy, he blamed me that I had alarmed him. He was singing a lullaby to it when I left. At that moment, someone was knocking at the window. It's Hevy! Said Harry, hurrying it in. It has a reply from Charlie. The three of them put their heads together and looked at the note. "Dear Ron." How have you been? Thank you for your letter. I'd love to take care of Norway's back, but it's not easy to get it here. I think the best way is to ask my friends to bring it. They will come to see me next week. But the trouble is that carrying dragons is illegal and must not be found. Can you put the dragon at the top of the highest tower at midnight on Saturday? My friends will meet you, and they will take the dragon away while it is dark. Please give me an answer as soon as possible. Charlie, they looked at each other. "I have the cloak of invisibility," said Harry. "It shouldn't be difficult — the cloak will cover us and Norbert." Ron and Hermione agreed with Harry that they were now going to be rid of Norbert and Malfoy, and that would be the end of last week's troubles. The next morning, Roth's hand was twice as swollen as usual. He wondered if it was proper to go to Madame Pomfrey-would she see that it was a dragon's bite? Until the afternoon, he still can not think of a good way, the wound has turned dark green. From the wound, it looks like Norbert has fangs. In the evening, Harry and Hermione rushed to the ward and found Ron lying in bed in terror. "It's not just my hands," he said softly. "I feel like I'm losing all my senses.". Malfoy said to Mrs. Pomfrey that she wanted to borrow one of my books, but she really came to make fun of me. He kept threatening to tell Pomfrey what bit me — I told her it was a dog, but I don't think she believed it — and if he hadn't hit Malfoy on the head at the last Quidditch game, he would have held a grudge. Harry and Hermione tried to quiet Roth. By midnight on Saturday, Norbert will be all right. Said Hermione, but it did not comfort him at all. Instead, he sat up in horror, sweating. Midnight on Saturday! He said hoarsely, "Oh,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, no — no — I just remembered — Charlie's letter was in Malfoy's book, and he knew we were going to send Norbert away." Harry and Hermione were about to say something more when Mrs. Pomfrey told them to leave, saying that Ron needed to rest. global-ceramics.com

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