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Posted on 09/15/2022

Heroic ambition

It seems that Qin Zhonghai has been waiting for a long time, early to listen to the dialogue between the two people in the ear, but he did not want to disturb the two people, this did not appear, until this critical moment, before blocking the way. When Lu Yun heard this, it was like waking up from a dream. Thinking that the princess would live in the Western Regions forever and could never return to the Middle Earth, her heart was cut like a knife, and she just stood there, as if she were crazy. Qin Zhonghai patted him on the shoulder and said, Let's go! Don't think about it any more. It's time to go home. Lu Yun looked at the woods, knowing that he would never see the figure of the princess again in his life. He had experienced many dangerous storms, but his tears could not help flowing down. www。 xiaoshuotxt.c o m The sixth volume of a generation of real dragons, the first chapter of Shentai Baoxue Fu Tianlu. Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don After Qin Zhonghai and Lord He waved goodbye to Khan, they led the army back to China, and they walked slowly all the way, no longer on their way. On the way, Xue Nu'er mentioned Gao Yan, the commander of the Yumen Pass. He was so angry that he vowed to kill the man, or he would never stop. It is also for this reason, he and he adults do not want to go to the jade gate again, to avoid the gas of Jiang Chong, they will change around the mountain road, in order to enter the pass. Approaching Xiliang, it was already the eleventh day of the first lunar month. "Lord He," said Qin Zhonghai,304 Stainless Steel Coil, "we have agreed with Yang Langzhong that on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the two sides will gather together in Xiliang. If you are busy with your official duties, please go first. When Lord He heard this, he knew that they were on another business trip. He was afraid that they were coming for Jiang Chong. This man was wily. Although he befriended Liu Angtian, he didn't want to get directly involved in the struggle of the imperial court. At that moment, he hurriedly said, "If my good nephew has something important to do, just take care of it.". The old man went to the capital first and told the emperor the details of the marriage. When Xue Nu'er heard what the two of them were saying, he immediately guessed a few points. His face flashed blue and he sneered,304 Stainless Steel Wire, "Qin Zhonghai, are you going to deal with Jiang Chong?" Qin Zhonghai smiled and said, "If my father-in-law knows it in his heart, there's no need to say it. We all have a tacit understanding. Isn't it beautiful?" That night, Lord He invited Qin Zhonghai and Lu Yun to a banquet to comfort them for their hard work. Early the next morning, Qin Zhonghai divided his forces and asked his adjutant Li to accompany him to protect Lord He. At this time all inside the Shanhaiguan Pass, expected to return to the capital, no one dare to the army, is on the road, can also please send troops to help local States and counties, don't worry about this section. They arranged properly, that is to say goodbye. When the army was on its way to Liangzhou, the Japanese army had already reached the outskirts of the city. Qin Zhonghai pointed to the yellow sand in Xiliang City and said to Lu Yun with a smile, "There was a famous person in Xiliang City in ancient times. Do you know?" He saw Lu Yun depressed and silent all the way, thoughtfully, knowing that he missed the princess, he wanted to chat and let him forget about it. When Lu Yun saw a piece of rolling yellow sand, he suddenly remembered Wu Dingyuan, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, a friend in need, who had never met him. Qin Zhonghai said with a smile, "There have been many heroes in the Xiliang area since ancient times. When the Eastern Han Dynasty was founded, the famous general Ma yuan was stationed here.". His descendants, is known as small lyu3 bu4 general d. You must have heard of these two heroic men! Lu Yun sighed, shook his head and said, "Ma Mengqi was handsome and young. He was a Duke. He died young.". Alas. Just like emperors, generals and ministers, there are times when they are not satisfied. Qin Zhonghai knew that he was lamenting that the princess had been forced to marry. With a deep sigh, he patted Lu Yun heavily on the shoulder and shouted, "Destroying one person's happiness, but saving the lives of tens of millions of soldiers, Brother Lu!"! This business is worth it! Lu Yun looked at the sky, wondering how the princess was now, but how did Khan treat her? For a moment, he seemed to be infatuated. When they entered the city of Xiliang, Lu Qingzheng, the prefect, hurriedly came to meet them. Qin Zhonghai immediately dismounted and stepped forward, saying with his hand, "Qin Zhonghai, the last general to attack Liaodong as a guerrilla, has seen your excellency." Lu Qingzheng knew that Qin Zhonghai and others had just escorted the princess back from marriage, and that they would have to be promoted in the future. He was full of joy and said with a smile, "It's rare for General Qin to come to Xiliang, but he asked Xiaoguan to do his best to welcome the wind and wash away the dust for you." Qin Zhonghai smiled. He knew that Lu Qingzheng had framed Wu Dingyuan. He was also one of Jiang Chong's running dogs. It was really not a good thing. He didn't want to say much to him, so he said lightly, "Lord Lu appreciates his kindness.". At the end of this will only be able to place the thousands of soldiers outside the city, after 15 days, we will return to the capital, the rest of the things, dare not work adults. Lu Qingzheng's face flashed a panic, deeply afraid that Qin Zhonghai had another plot to deal with him, but Qin Zhonghai had already declined, and he could not say more, so he had to leave resentfully. Qin Zhonghai led the army to camp and rest, since Lu Yun disguised, to stay in the night, two people that is into the city. At this time, in the New Year's Day, Xiliang is a small town, but everywhere is still decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, a scene of peace and prosperity. Qin Zhonghai inquired about the whereabouts of Yang Suguan and others in various inns, and asked more than ten people in a row, but no one was found. Qin Zhonghai was surprised and found a place to drink with Lu Yun to discuss important matters. "Maybe Lord Yang hasn't entered the city yet," said Lu Yun. "That's also possible." Qin Zhonghai shook his head and said, "They made a special trip to investigate Jiang Chong's treason. How could they not have entered the city yet? Did something happen on the way?" As they spoke, they saw a man come in with a flagon in his hand. He asked the shopkeeper to drink. Qin Zhonghai glanced at him and saw that he was fat and steady. He obviously had martial arts. He looked closely at him and found that he was Wei Zizhuang, the top guard beside Liu Angtian. He was very happy and knew that he had found someone. Qin Zhonghai walked quietly to Wei Zizhuang's side and coughed lightly. Wei Zizhuang was bored. Suddenly, when he saw Qin Zhonghai, he was overjoyed and said, "You're here!"! Things are going well! "TOEFL!" Said Qin Zhonghai with a smile! TOEFL! It was a complete success. Just as he was about to say more, Wei Zizhuang suddenly looked a little strange. He looked around, grabbed Qin and Lu, and whispered, "This is not the place to talk. Come with me." Then Qin and Lu followed Wei Zizhuang away. After passing through several alleys, they came to a civilian house. Qin Zhonghai asked,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, "Why doesn't Wei stay at the inn?"? Whose house is this? Wei Zizhuang said, "This is the former residence of Wu Zhi Shi. There are many people in the inn. We don't want to stir up trouble, so we moved here." 。 sxthsteel.com

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