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Posted on 09/15/2022

Hide from beauty

Early in the morning, I habitually opened the door of the room, trying to drain the water in my stomach overnight. It happened that Snow's room was also opened. Snow rubbed her eyes, put on my larger slippers, and walked step by step, just facing me face to face. Two pairs of eyes just gathered together. Snow was stunned and asked: "Why are you here?" Then send me an early morning gift "ah ~" more than the roar of the plane screams, a full two hundred decibels, my line of sight also shifted from the face of snow to her hands covering the chest, wow, snow only wore a small vest that just covered the chest, it was vacuum inside, the two obvious on the vest could no longer protrude obviously, because of the squeeze of snow's hands. So that the already tall breasts have more parts of the opening of the vest exposed in front of my eyes, the lower part of the body wearing a pair of black hollowed-out briefs, and a pair of snow-white slender elastic legs fully displayed in front of my eyes, at the same time, my head vibrated crazily, nosebleeds could not be contained spurting out,outdoor spa manufacturers, snow screamed stopped and rushed back to the room. I only heard the deafening sound of closing the door and the sound of dressing inside. I didn't have the style of a martial arts master. My hands trembled and my feet were soft. I fell on the sofa and looked up to wait for the nosebleed to stop flowing. I complained incessantly: "a few more times, I will die of ischemia. Now a three-year-old child can easily kill me." It took me a long time to open the door slowly and stick out half of my head. I must have been calm before I dared to open the door. I found myself lying on the sofa "in pain". I quickly stepped forward with a red face and pulled out two pieces of toilet paper to block my nose and said: "I'm sorry, husband, I thought I was in my own home.." I was so ashamed that I couldn't even say the following words. I just lowered my head and played with my clothes. I said feebly, "Wife, can you lower your voice? It's estimated that the police will rush to our door soon.". However, you are so confident that you can continue to call for such a long time. Snow gave me a white look,american hot tub, and at the same time gave me a punch in the chest and said: "You have taken advantage of everything, and you are still making sarcastic remarks, no matter I want you to pay for it!" You didn't lose a piece of meat. What did you lose? I wasted a hundred milliliters of blood. I should be the one who asked for compensation. Seeing that I had a feast for my eyes today, I didn't care. I asked, "What do you want me to pay for?" Snow tilted her head and thought about it and said, "Keep it first and then we'll talk about it!" On this day, I filled out the application ten times faster than other students, handed it in to the teacher and left the school without waiting. Snow in the search for my traces of fruitless circumstances, nagging home alone, found me already at home some angry pout, and I want to play a silent cold war, when she pushed open her room, surprised to find their own pink sheets lying on a toy dog and a toy bear, endless swimming pool ,hot tub wholesale, she jumped into bed hugging the fluffy toy dog, and then put down the silly toy bear. If you can't put it down, just cuddle them together. I leaned against the door with a smile on my face. "Don't you want to talk to me and give me a cold war?" Snow knew the reason why I left early. Naturally, she had no reason to be angry with me. She jumped out of bed and walked up to me. She put her arms around my neck and said in a greasy voice, "How could it be? I'm too happy." But I said, "But I saw a very beautiful young lady who put on a smelly face to me …" I couldn't say the rest of the words. My lips were blocked by the snow. My eyes were incredibly round. In the past, the kiss between snow and me was limited to the cheek. Besides, it was only a touch like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water and then left. It was only the second time that I kissed with such a living lip. The first time was when snow "took away" my first kiss. My mind was blank, blood poured into my forehead, snow had not yet let go of my idea, a small and flexible fragrant tongue lightly crossed the "gap" between our mouths, which was not long, and penetrated into my territory. Of course, the "intruder" could not let go of it. My tongue was quickly intertwined with the tongue of snow, which refused to surrender like this. Guerrilla warfare with me, kept swimming in my mouth, I kept going up to intercept entanglement, suddenly I closed my teeth lightly, fixed the tongue of snow between the two rows of teeth, snow stopped escaping and stayed quietly under my control, my tongue, more actively licked the tongue of snow, and slowly sucked the sweet champagne in her mouth. It was not until I was about to suffocate that I released the uvula of the snow, and at the same time I did not forget to lick the slightly red and swollen lips of the snow, chewing the sweet taste just now, and sending away the hands that had climbed up the waist of the snow at an unknown time, so that the snow could breathe. Snow raised her flushed face, and the exciting fragrance sprayed on my face. The corners of her mouth moved and whispered, "Husband, is the reward enough?" "Of course it's impossible to have enough. I'll never have enough." I said what I really thought. The amorous feelings of the snow glanced at me and said: "Greedy!"! But how do you know I lack these? I said, "When you get used to it, you tend to ignore its existence. When they are not there, you always feel that there is something missing, but you can't say it clearly. I know you have a toy cat that has been with you since childhood. You didn't take it with you this time. You must not sleep as well as before." You can guess what you want and what you lack by looking at the decoration of your room and your home, otherwise your husband is not in vain. "Husband, you are so kind." Snow began to act like a spoiled child. Was I not good before? "Husband is always a good man." Snow put her head on my shoulder. This is the seventh day after filling in the application form. Snow is busy in the kitchen, while I am playing playstation2 game. Anyway, I am idle. Suddenly, I heard the car outside the door not far from the brakes, the heart moved, listening attentively to the outside movement,jacuzzi manufacturers, only to hear someone talking: "Is this it?" "Yes, boss, I've been following you all the way!" 。 monalisa.com

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