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Posted on 09/15/2022

Hokage wearing Uchiha Madara

"Bobbins, all the members of the Fujoshi League dig for me." Our goal- "Hinata jumped onto the table and shouted with a wave of his hand as if he were reciting a poem." Long live BL. Looking at this scene through the crystal ball, the third generation had a headache, because he saw several women who were also very excited to take out the book printed with the postmark of the Union of Rotten Women, a picture of finding the organization. Xi Rihong, the only female teacher in Uenobu, clenched her fist and pointed at Hinata and said, "Three generations of adults, I want to teach this girl, or I won't be a teacher.." The wolf's blood is boiling. Iruka, who had been ignored for a long time, knocked on the table: "Hey, I'm going to read the list, you all ignore me.." Whoo, whoo. Separated Sasuke and Naruto wanted to shout: "We ignore you!"! This reality is really the ecstasy of the grass-mud horse. The author has something to say: Cough, cough,4 person jacuzzi, cough, as the saying goes, it is difficult to adjust, so the problem of CP should be put aside. How many of you are willing to have a double ending? How about the ending of a four-spot and an ALL-spot? If it is a four-spot party, be careful to enter the second ending. Now devoted to ambiguity, meow. But Nagato has no inspiration,whirlpool hot tub, Aru. For Mao, for Mao.. Whoo, whoo, if I had known earlier, I would not have ordered CP. _ Xiao ^ ^ ^ Yan ^ ^ ^ Wen ^ ^ Free of charge ^ Update _ hT _ Tp:/WW _ W. X _ Iaoya _ nW _ enx _ Ue. C _ om] _ Xiao ^ ^ ^ Yan ^ ^ ^ Wen ^ ^ Friends Exchange Group: 118778997] [_ Xiao ^ _ Yan ^ _ Wen ^ _ Learn the latest updates, please go directly to _ Xiao _ ^ Yan _ ^ Wen _ ^ to watch next time, thank you for your cooperation!] (This article was first published by the original Chinese novel network www.netzw.com) Text Thriller Kakashi (This article was first published by the original Chinese novel website www.netzw.com) Kakashi is very tragic, he received a very troublesome class, the seventh class. The original Chinese novel network www.netzw.com has an awkward and arrogant pseudo-facial paralysis fan, a natural true belly black pseudo-sunshine nine tails, a.. Children of ordinary families who can be ignored. He quietly stuffed the affectionate heaven into the ninja bag. So, outdoor hot tub ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, in order to make a good impression on future students, he scratched his head and tried to push the door open. A chalk wipe fell on his head and patted the dust on his head. Oh, I'm lost on the road of life. Naruto smiled innocently and innocently. His mechanism was really not powerful. Well, it was a little powerful. When he saw that Kakashi had torn off a mop, three buckets and overturned floor tiles because he was connected to the chalk line, he admitted that he had some black lines. Life is good, usually have a broom can be the whole person. Sakura Sasuke was in a state of aphasia when he saw the magnificent scene in front of him. If you make our teacher Uenobu angry, will he wear small shoes? Naruto is a big fool. Sasuke then some attention to the crane tail, looks silly, did not expect to have so much research on the mechanism ah. The second young man in the second grade began to habitually think about whether revenge could be used flexibly. Kakashi, who had lost face in front of the students because he had not taken the initiative in the first place, gave a dry cough in an attempt to save face. How could his famous COSPIAY ninja Kakashi be so weak? He just released water. What can I say, my first impression of you.. It's kind of annoying. On the other side, Watergate was in tears, holding the tree in his arms and looking at the sky sadly: "Teacher Shuomao, I'm sorry for you and the people. Kakashi, who is arrogant and sometimes awkward and overbearing, has become a bad-taste uncle who likes to play tricks on people." By the way, he looked at his dead fish eyes with grief and indignation and hit his head against the wall again. Stupid Kakashi.. Ah, it hurts. The weasel steamed stuffed bun face that was hit on the head again. Is the catchphrase so easy to change? "So uncle and so on are the most annoying." "Spot reached out his little finger and pulled out his ear, looking like I couldn't hear." Itachi. This is the 101st time. You really should change your pet phrase. It's not good for brotherly harmony. "Is it?" Itachi's confused expression looked at the spot for a moment, and then turned his head to his forehead in silence, while reading: Itachi's IQ will decrease as soon as he reaches the state of control. How can it not be seen from such an obvious flicker. Seeing a few people moving to the roof, looking at the convenience of plant bugs, and looking at the free images, they were instantly embarrassed when they heard what Kakashi said. My name is Qimu Kakashi, and I don't want to tell you what I like and what I hate. The dream of the future.. Interests are also varied. Kakashi said casually, in a casual tone that made people want to beat him. This kind of bastard introduces himself. The spot cracked the teacup that had been used to pretend to drink tea calmly. Calm Shit, I can't calm down. This boy is still the same as before. Watergate is starting to get sad. He's pure. Mei looked up to the sky at 45 degrees, and her thoughts seemed to be flying to the era of Gone with the Wind and War. Ow, it was a drizzly morning. "Watergate, what are you pretending to be literary and artistic? What are you literary and artistic? Your expression is very melancholy now. Do you know that you are in the second grade?" An explosive chestnut pulls Watergate, who has just been in Qiongyao's thinking, back to the world. You are really not suitable for literature and art, do you know? Just look at your glittering golden retriever. The self-introduction session over there was in full swing, and Madara was curious about what Naruto, who had been trained by them,jacuzzi bath spa, would say, and pricked up his ears and wanted to press fast forward. Too bad it's only live. There's no fast-forward button. The spot thought with a sigh. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. What I like is ramen and money. What I hate is that I need money to eat ramen. My dream in the future is to become a Hokage and then go to Yile ramen to eat overlord meals. I also deduct the salary of the dark department. By the way, I let them clean the room and wash clothes and so on. I can abuse my power to release S-level tasks. My interest is to blackmail pranks and make all the shadows whole. Naruto brushed the dust on his forehead and said something with a calm face that made Kakashi not calm. monalisa.com

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