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Posted on 09/12/2022

How to find an appliance repair technician in Toronto

How to find an appliance repair technician in Toronto

You can pay half the cost of the appliance for repairs, and it  still won’t work.

I am the director of a company Appliance Repair in Torontoshymonappliancerepair.ca“, which, among other things, is engaged in the repair of household appliances. I have been in this field for about 10 years, and I started as an ordinary master.

At first I repaired computers – while still a student. Then I gradually figured out a different technique, and this became my calling. In the article I will tell you what to look for when choosing a repairman and how not to overpay for repairs.

What are the most common appliance breakdowns?

Sooner or later, any equipment breaks down, even if it was handled with care. Most often, home masters are called in case of breakdown of washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and air conditioners.

The most common refrigerator failures are freon leaks, thermostat failure, compressor failure, or a clogged capillary tube. In ovens, the control unit breaks down or parts of the system wear out – and the oven simply stops heating.

In washing machines, the heating element can burn out, the electronic unit fails, and even the drum breaks.

Replacement of bearings in the washing machine is required due to the failure of the oil seal. This can happen both through the fault of the user, for example, due to the installation of the machine out of level, and due to wear of the part. Repair costs from 200-300$

Repair of the washing machine control module may be required due to a power surge or short circuit when water enters the outlet. Costs from 100-299$

Complaints about air conditioning come in the summer. It usually either does not turn on or does not cool the air. And sometimes dust clogs the air filters of the indoor unit – and they need to be cleaned.

The first thing to do in the event of a breakdown is to find the documents and check whether the warranty is valid for the equipment. If yes, it is better to call the service center. But not all cases are considered guaranteed. For example, if a child threw a toy at the TV and the screen broke, they will not replace it for free.

If the warranty is over, you can still repair the thing in the official dealer services. But repairs in them are usually expensive, and people look for a master through word of mouth or through advertising on the Internet.

Next, I’ll tell you how to search for a master on the Internet and how to avoid basic mistakes.

Approximate prices for repairing refrigerators in our region in February 2022 looked something like this

The most common scams

Fraudsters prefer to pose as repairmen for washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and TVs, since people find it difficult to do without this equipment and they are willing to pay. Fraud happens often: we receive two to four requests a week when we need to repair equipment after the intervention of scammers. Communicating with clients, we learned how they are bred most often.

Change of details. Sometimes, instead of original factory parts, the client is given cheap analogues or does not replace the part at all. Equipment after such repairs often still does not work.

Once our master went to repair the washing machine. I did diagnostics and found out that the heating element is faulty. Pulled it out and it burned out. He showed the client, and he was shocked : he recently had a master with Avito and changed two heating elements for 700$Not only is the heating element in the washing machine always alone, but it has not been changed – the scammer just took the money for nothing. The client could not get through to him.


Full breakdown of technology. It usually happens like this: the master arrives and begins to completely disassemble the equipment, usually complex – a TV or a washing machine. He explains his actions by the need to establish the exact cause of the breakdown. The analysis lasts at least half an hour, after which the master says that the repair costs, say , 850$If the client refuses, he will be surprised to learn that he has to pay 300$ for the collection of equipment .

Imposing breakdowns and additional services. Instead of solving the main problem, the fraudster finds several breakdowns or services, without which it is allegedly impossible to repair the equipment. For example, the problem is that the washing machine does not heat water, and the repairman insists at the same time on cleaning the filters.

As a rule, a repairman provides three or four services , each within 200$ And since it is often necessary to pay for spare parts, the total cost of the “repair” can result in 3,000$ or more.

Master change. Usually, when a person is looking for a master on Websites, he calls five or six numbers at once to compare prices. And, most likely, somewhere he will leave a request.

During the day, they call him back and say something like: “You left a request for repairs with us. Please tell us your address so that we can double-check the data. The client answers, and during the conversation it turns out that they can drive up to him not at eight in the evening, as agreed, but, for example, at six. The person agrees, because it is even better: they will fix it faster.

At the same time, he is sure that a master from the company where he left the application will come to him, but in fact this is a scammer. The fact is that in the process of calling the client called him, and he still had a phone number. Counting on the fact that a person left a request for repairs somewhere, the scammer calls back after a while and “intercepts” the client from a real master.

Some go even further and substitute documents. We had cases when we came upon request, and they showed us a warranty card with the name of our company and address – only the logo was different.


There are “schools of masters” where they teach how to deceive clients professionally. Employees of our company went to one of these schools as fake students and photographed some of the rules. For example, it is forbidden:

  • tell the client that the equipment is working and nothing needs to be repaired;
  • voice any prices for repairs earlier than 30-50 minutes after you have arrived at the address;
  • voice the breakdown before disassembling the equipment;
  • agree on how much the service costs if the client does not ask;
  • show the price without the request of the client;
  • limit the repair of equipment to one service.

source: https://serviceprofessionalsnetwork.com/how-to-find-an-appliance-repair-technician/

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