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Posted on 08/19/2022

Loft Insulation Grants

Loft Insulation Grants

Loft Insulation Grants

Can you get a loft insulation grant?

Yes, loft insulation grants are available under the government-backed ECO4 scheme.

The scheme gives the main energy providers in the UK the obligation to provide grants and improve the energy efficiency of low-income households.

Qualifying benefits include pension guarantee credit & the war pensions mobility. However, there are several more ways you can be eligible for a loft insulation grant. 

What is loft insulation?

Insulation refers to how well a house is able to retain the heat in a house, via lightweight materials like Cork, Mineral Wool and Cellulose Fibre. 

In a loft this is typically laid between the joists, which will keep your home warm and the loft cold, or the rafters, keeping the roof warm as well. Statistics have shown that around a quarter of your home’s heat is lost through the roof, so loft insulation is a great way to increase your energy efficiency.

This is due to the fact that having your loft insulated will slow down the transfer of heat from your living space to the outside. 

Boosting your energy efficiency rating will push the value of your property up, whilst also lowering your energy and electricity bills.

What Is The Scheme?

The ECO scheme stands for government-backed Energy Companies Obligations scheme and it places an obligation on the largest energy suppliers in the UK to help households to use more energy-efficient measures. This outcome is that the UK gets closer to meeting its carbon emission targets whilst helping homeowners and tenants to reduce the amount of money that they are spending on heating and running their homes by preventing unnecessary heat loss through proper insulation.

The grants available cover the installation of loft insulation for eligible households and could save hundreds of pounds on heating bills each year. What’s even better is that the grants do not need to be paid back.

TO CONTINUE READING PLEASE VISIT ARTICLE SOURCE - https://freeinsulationscheme.org.uk/loft-insulation-grants/

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