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Posted on 09/15/2022

Luan Feng Xuan Ji

"Do you know that the day after we went to the palace to see each other, the woman you mentioned took the opportunity to throw me to the ground and touch my feet? Do you really like such a woman?"? Is it worth your liking? Muwei never wanted Lancelot to stay in this place, and he didn't even understand why? "Oh, you are still like this, so like to stick to me, even at the expense of slandering others." Lancelot thought of the time when they were young, when they were really carefree, unlike now. Everywhere is full of traps, even their own blood relatives are no exception, but. Only that person, who did not regard himself as a tool, really watered him with love. You just said yourself that you would go back to manage the blue kingdom, so what would I do when I go back? Lancelot asked in reply. Of course, I want my brother to be the emperor. "Mu Wei doesn't understand why Lancelot asked that." Have you ever thought that in this world, there is only one person who can manage the country, that is, the emperor? Then I ask you, what does a country need two emperors to do. Now there are only two of us left in the blood of the Blue Kingdom. If I go back with you now, in the future. The end of the matter must be either your death or my death, more serious is internecine, I do not want you to regret, you'd better leave here quickly. Lancelot had foreseen the outcome if he went back. Luan Feng Xuan Ji (Nu Zun) Nu Di Chapter 121 Before the Mission Chapter 27 Chapter Words: 1152 Updated: 08-10-29 16:38 Chapter 121 the first chapter of the mission 27 Although it is true that I have been abandoned by my own country, I have been sad,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, but for so many years, I have already been familiar with everything here, adapted to everything here, sometimes walking on the street, there will be people who are very polite and polite to greet me, I believe that if I return to the blue country, it will be good if I am not despised! "Listen to your brother and go back early." As soon as I walked into the yuanyang Hall, I saw Muwei here. I just didn't know what they had said before. I only heard something behind them. You!! "Muwei obviously didn't expect me to appear in this place at this time. Think about it. According to their plan, I'm still in the hall being dragged by his accomplices. How could the tide ebb so quickly?" "Don't you, you, me and me ~ ~ you'd better go back quickly to govern your blue kingdom ~ don't hit other people's idea, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, Silo will never go back with you." Although Lancelot has always seemed cynical, from what he said just now, we can hear that he and Baiyun have a similarity, that is, they don't like to compete for fame and wealth. Won't you kill me? Mu Wei looked at me suspiciously. Is he doubting my character? "Don't worry, I won't be stupid enough to kill you, and then let the people of the Blue Kingdom have an excuse to take Silo back. Don't even think about it." I'm that kind of person. Obviously not. I'm not the kind of person who would do it in secret. Brother Huang, if you can't survive here in the future, you can come back. No matter what others see, you are my own brother. When Mu Wei left, the corners of his mouth were still sour and smiling. Mu Wei. "Don't worry. The rest of your brother's life will be on me. You don't have to worry about it. Go to manage your country well. I won't send you far away." Smelly kid, I want to abduct my Silo before I leave. I really don't know what kind of heart I have. It's better not to stay around such a dangerous person. Mu Wei is still very reluctant to turn back step by step, constantly turning around and looking at Silo with nostalgia, thinking about it, I don't know when I can meet Ma Yue, thinking about it, I feel that the two brothers are also very pitiful. Come in, and if you haven't seen him yet, you can go and see him when you have a chance. Mu Wei has already walked out of the yard and disappeared, but Silo is still very reluctant to look at the direction of Mu Wei's departure, and has been looking at it. No need. Said Slo, shaking his head with a deep sigh. "Why not?" I understand why Sloe doesn't want to go back, but I believe that things will turn around in the future, right? "Actually, I haven't been to any place except Xuanji. I really want to see what the country that gave birth to Silo looks like. If you don't want to go back and have a look, you can go with me." What I said is not annoying, I really want to go to the outside world to see, originally thought that Xuanji Congress has a lot of things to deal with, but in fact it is simply some small things, I believe that if I am not here, someone must be able to deal with it. Tomorrow I will start to write the extra chapter, and the next text chapter will start to go on a mission. = In fact, it is tourism, ha ha. Luan Feng Xuan Ji (Nu Zun) Nu Di Chapter 122 Mission Chapter 1 Chapter Words: 1045 Updated: 08-11-03 18:22 Chapter 122 Mission Chapter 1. "Is that really all right?" Mu Chunxiang looked at the front and back of the brigade and said worriedly. There won't be any problem. I smiled confidently. How could there be a problem with so many people? And you won't be staying in this big sedan chair all the time. But why should those two follow? Mu Chunxiang looked at Pan Lianqiao and Hui Wujun sitting beside her without understanding. But how to say they are my husband, you all take, do not take their words seems a bit unreasonable ah ~ ~ "I have no way ah, the prime minister and prime minister two old people have come to'beg 'me to take them out to see the outside world, can I refuse?"? Obviously not ah,potassium sulphate fertilizer, the two old foxes, obviously want to take this opportunity to create opportunities for their son is not ~ ~ Do you think I want to come? It's my father who wants me to follow him. I don't want to get into such a mess. "Pan Lianqiao can only swallow his anger when he thinks of the double act of his parents yesterday. Who told him to take this kind of thing of crying, making trouble and hanging himself?". stargrace-magnesite.com

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