Posted on 05/19/2022

Make Your Muktinath Temple Yatra Memorable - Divine Kailash:

Make Your Muktinath Temple Yatra Memorable - Divine Kailash:

The Muktinath yatra in Mustang is situated at 3, 850 meters height above sea level. It is named Muktikshetra by Hindus. This is one of the sacred lands in Hinduism. Among all 108 Divya Desams in India, Muktinath Divya Desam is one of them. It is fascinating that the Muktinath Temple is accessible by 500 steps carved into the rocky surface of a hill. There is a rock bridge that leads to the Muktinath yatra, which is built in a 10 ft. deep cave with its natural walls intact. The shrine has been built in a half-stupa shape and has four pillars supporting it from all sides. It also contains a Samadhi of Sesh Vyas, a respected poet of Jainism.

The main sanctum of this Muktinath yatra is capable to fulfil the wishes of its devotees with the divine power of Lord Vishnu. The Asarwa Well, or Chand Baori, is a magnificent architectural gem that took 35 years to be constructed. It is located in the city of Ahmedabad in western India. This marvel of engineering is located in Asarwa village and is a great cultural heritage of India.

History Of Muktinath Temple:

The Muktinath Temple is situated at a lofty height of 3770 m. amid the dense forests of the Himalayas, on the border between Nepal and Mustang, in Nepal. And it is about 100 km from Pokhara and 15 km from Jomsom. It is known as the temple of various religions because it has a religious link with Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva as well as Lord Buddha.

The Tibetan Buddhist nuns are the usual concierges of the Muktinath yatra. Tibetan Buddhists believe that this Muktinath Temple spot houses twenty-one Taras and female goddesses like Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, and extra. The temple is also thought to be the home to massive amounts of Dakinis. The Dakinis are recognized as Sky Dancers- robust and lively female beings who are seen to bring the movement of electricity and vigor in the area.

Roadmap To Muktinath Temple:

The Muktinath Temple is accessible via a motorable road from Kathmandu that connects the valley of Kathmandu with the Mustang region. The route lies through the cities like Nayapool and ends at Jomsom, which lies 125 km away from Kathmandu.

Just as it happens with any tour, the first stop of the Muktinath yatra via Roadway trip is in Kathmandu. Take a jeep to Pokhara, and spend an overnight at one of the hotels. This first leg takes around 7 hours and costs $8 per person. Let us now move ahead with the journey. Whether you are visiting during summer or winter, there is no choice but to reach Muktinath yatra via vehicle. Also, when the weather changes so does the landscape, so it is best to equip yourself with all the knowledge you need before embarking on this trek.

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