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Posted on 09/15/2022

Mie Shen Ji _ Heart Dream Without Trace _ txt Novel Paradise

The blood-striped eel dragon showed a gloomy smile in its eyes, and the brighter and brighter blood light gradually converged all over its body, eventually forming a red light column, which whistled straight into the sky, reflecting the whole sky bright on one side. Strange snake body a tremor, eyes immediately dim, in the light of the blood, the movement more and more slowly, slowly can not suppress the rise of the pool. In the night sky, with the appearance of the light pillar, a huge star map emerged in the sky, consisting of dozens of points of light. It is a giant Demon Scorpion, and its tail is particularly bright at the poison needle. Looking at this pattern, the minds of the people on the edge of the pool trembled slightly, and a great uneasiness filled their hearts. Han Feng's face changed slightly. He frowned and said, "It's said in ancient times that the evil scorpion appears and the world is in chaos. Is it really true?" Li Yu said in a deep voice, "From the situation at this time and the four spirits around the cold pool, we can see that the legend is not false." "In that case," said Han Feng tentatively. Is that what you're here for? "What do you think?" Asked Li Yu. Seeing that he didn't say or ask much, Han Feng changed the subject and said, "Look at these masters of Aoyue Villa. What kind of swordsmanship are they using?" Li Yu looked up at the top. He said thoughtfully, "This sword formula is sinister and weird. It is very much like the soul-chasing sword formula of the sword demon in those days.". Only "It's just that the sword demon is dead," said Han Feng. "There is no heir, so you can't be sure." Li Yu nodded slightly and then said, "At present, there are three masters in Tianfeng Castle,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and the other one won't last long.". The rest are good at what they are good at. The results may be unexpected. Above the cold pool. When the Dragon King of Shuifu saw the star map of Scorpio, his eyes flashed a strange light, as if hesitating and struggling. Moments later, Shuifu Dragon King recovered as usual, his eyes quietly swept around the people, then flashed away, toward the cold pool. Suddenly, the cold light shone on the edge of the pool. A strange sword broke through the air and appeared, and Xuanzhi and Xuanzhi stopped the Dragon King of Shuifu. With an exclamation of surprise, the Dragon King of Shuifu turned back and looked at the man who had drawn the sword,Magnesium Oxide price, and found that it was the No.2 attendant beside Zhao Mu. This surprised him greatly. Watch the situation of the Dragon King of Shuifu. The second attendant stood quietly on the spot, pointing his sword to the sky. Keep the appearance of immobility. Aware that the other side's consciousness was locked in his own body, the Dragon King of Shuifu pondered a little, then gave up his previous actions and observed silently. Xuefengyi gazed at the sky and frowned slightly. "No," she said. "This legendary ominous thing has appeared." Aoki said worriedly, "Yes, according to the legend, Scorpio is rare in a thousand years. Will this appearance without warning indicate any unknown disaster?" Xuefengyi said softly, "The legend is true or false. I hope it's false this time." "I hope.." Aoki said with a wry smile. In the center of the cold pool, the whole body of the blood-striped eel dragon shines brightly. Its huge body is changeable on the surface of the pool, sometimes expanding and enlarging, sometimes shrinking rapidly. Finally, after nine times of expansion and contraction, the body of more than ten feet becomes three feet in size, giving people a harmonious aesthetic feeling. Moreover, the light on the body of the eel dragon changed, and the body, which was originally like a snake, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,calcium nitrate sol, gradually gave birth to four dragon claws, and the body surface stood up dragon scales, eventually turning into a dragon and roaring in all directions. The strange snake was shocked and said in an incredible tone, "I didn't expect you to do it. How could it be possible?" "Why is it impossible?" Said the blood-striped eel dragon coldly? I just transferred the evil thoughts to the cold jade and golden crystal. "In that case," said the strange snake, "why did you..?" "Before?" Said the blood-striped eel dragon with a sharp smile? Ha-ha I don't do that because I want to rise in the most perfect way. Now, although also the success of the dragon, but it is forced, I can only get rid of the shackles of the four spirits, but can not fly up. The strange snake said in amazement, "Do you mean that you have succeeded in transforming into a dragon, but if you want to fly up, you need to start all over again?" "Your guess is right," said the blood-striped eel dragon bitterly. "I need another chance to fly up. It's all your fault. I won't let you go." Then the dragon's tail was thrown, and a red light swept across, not hitting the strange snake, but leaving a deep mark on the hard stone wall. Avoiding the blow of the eel dragon, the strange snake asked, "Now that you have moved the evil spirit to the cold jade crystal, where is the cold jade crystal now?" "Do you want to know?" Said the blood-striped eel dragon with a sharp smile? I won't tell you. Now you may as well die. The body has become smaller, the movement is more flexible, and the strength of the eel dragon has also increased. As a result, the pressure of the strange snake increased greatly, and it failed to dodge several times, and was seriously injured by the eel dragon. Feeling the limitation of the body, the strange snake rolled its eyes, and when the eel dragon swooped to catch it again, its body suddenly met it and let its claws dig deep into the flesh. Taking advantage of this, the strange snake took advantage of its huge advantage and suddenly hit the hard stone wall when the eel dragon could not dodge. As a result, the body of the eel dragon was severely hit on the rock, and immediately suffered a lot of injuries. With a roar, the eel dragon's whole body flashed red and sent out a huge elastic force, trying to shake the strange snake open. To this, strange snake roars greatly: "Too late, you still see my secret." The words fell overhead with a flash of black awn, and a blurred figure appeared in an instant, and its right hand split down vertically, sending out a dark flame. Kill the dragon, kill the root! The flame fell, turned into a sharp blade, and mercilessly split on the head of the blood-striped eel. With a wild roar, the blood-striped eel dragon trembled all over, and under the sharp pain, it burst out with amazing force and bounced the strange snake away in one fell swoop. At the same time, the blood-striped eel dragon roared to the sky, and the powerful Zhenyuan, which fluctuated all over the body, caused the pool to shake violently. Countless waves flew out of the mouth of the pool, like a sudden night rain, drenching many people nearby. At the bottom of the pool, a flickering light flickered, causing the magic scorpion star map in the night sky to appear shaking, which made the combatants and spectators nervous. In the cold pool, the strange snake did not notice this situation at first. But as the blood-striped eel dragon continued to go mad, the pool became more and more turbulent, and the light at the bottom of the pool gradually became clear, which eventually attracted the attention of the strange snake. Lowering his head,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the strange snake took a closer look and was immediately overjoyed. With a sudden swing of his giant tail, he rolled up a stream of spray and popped the light from the bottom of the pool out of the water, revealing his true appearance. stargrace-magnesite.com

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