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Posted on 03/22/2023

Mr Petcam

Mr Petcam

Website : https://www.mrpetcam.com/

Mr Petcam is the world's first mini HD collar mounted pet camera. A lightweight, compact, and collar mounted HD video camera for your cat or dog!


- Easy Setup - Clip & Go!:

Simply attach to your pets collar with included strap and clip, press record and that is it!  Attaches to most small, medium and large pet collars.

- Full HD 1080p Video & Crisp Audio:

See and hear! Featuring a full 12 mega pixel sensor for crystal clear HD video recordings and built-in microphone directly from their Point-of-View!

- Wide 155 Degree Field-of-view:

Capture everything your pet sees wit:h a super wide angle glass lens. Even see their cute little chin and whiskers!

- Motion Detection:

Record video only when your pet is in motion.  Extending battery life and storage capacity.

- Night Vision:

Featuring built-in high output infrared LED's for nighttime recording capabilities.  Capturing all the adventures of your nocturnal friend.

- Waterproof Dog Casing:

Is your dog a swimmer?  No problem. Included with each order is our new waterproof casing and 360 degree mounting bracket providing the ultimate in adjustability.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mrpetcam/


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Mr Petcam

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