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Posted on 09/15/2022

Performance Marketing | Benefits and Challenges

Performance Marketing | Benefits and Challenges

Performance marketing has been around since the introduction of Pay-Per-Click campaigns in the mid-1990s, despite the fact that it may seem novel at first. Performance-based marketing, also known as Performance Marketing, has gained popularity in large part as a result of new technology that enables businesses to collect more information about their traffic and campaign performance. They can better attach value to the efforts that result in the most success thanks to this access to data, and they may adjust their advertising accordingly. 

Performance marketing is a broad word that relates to online marketing and advertising initiatives in which advertisers and marketing firms get compensated when a certain activity, like a sale, lead, or click, is completed. Performance Marketing Agency have all the knowledge of handling the paid ads, native advertising and others. 
In more conventional marketing methods, you pay upfront for a particular effort and then wait to see if it prompts your intended behaviour. In the hopes that it would attract customers to your website or store, this may entail paying for your advertisement to appear in a magazine with a known audience. Results from conventional advertising are never guaranteed but can only be estimated. The Best Affiliate Marketing Agency can help you provide the best affiliates for your program. 

Performance marketing reverses this model

With performance marketing, you pay for the marketing partner's actual performance rather than just their efforts to promote your product or their reach. 
You'll only pay for your predefined results, which is the benefit of performance marketing that is the most obvious. There are no hidden up-front expenses.

Easy to monitor, gauge, and attribute value

Have you heard the famous John Wanamaker remark, "Half the money I spend on advertising is squandered; the problem is, I don't know which half?" Performance marketing, on the other hand, necessitates trackability so that platforms and publishers can be compensated for the actions that ensue. Therefore, it is inherent in the relationship itself to grasp what works. Marketers may often dig into what produced the most performance with the use of this user-tracking to determine the best course of action. 

Simple to control campaign spending

With performance marketing, you may establish your campaign's goal and optimal cost per action before determining your budget. Consider that your goal is to establish a budget for 1,000 new sales at a $20 per transaction projected cost. The cost of this performance marketing campaign is expected to be $20,000. 

Reach local customers

By placing bids on particular search terms, you might appear when customers are seeking for products you could be selling. You can get comparable results by running ads with chosen publishers and affiliate online marketing partners. These partners are selected based on their ability to bring qualified audiences to your website, which frequently enables you to appear when audiences are near the bottom of the sales funnel. 

Match partner rewards

Affiliates are motivated to take action that benefits you because they are rewarded when action is done. Because of this, they'll make their own attempts to get your adverts clicked on and spend money obtaining their commission. The time and resources may even be available to them. Affiliate marketing traffic is growing day by day, so earn through making rewards by affiliate marketing.

Challenges in Performance Marketing

Watching Out for Fraud and Bots in Your Sources

It is possible for your advertising to appear on phoney websites or websites where views and clicks are produced by bots in order to generate revenue for the publisher when executing display campaigns programmatically. Online ad fraud is thought to cost marketers $8.1 billion annually, according to an estimate by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in 2018.

Although this could be unsettling, you shouldn't let it stop you from using programmatic display advertising. You may identify the websites that don't benefit your campaigns by keeping an eye on your traffic sources and ad campaign costs.
Once you've determined which websites are actually generating real performance, you can adjust your ad placements accordingly and target websites more carefully, just like you would affiliate partners.

Using Last-Click Attribution Wrongly

The term "last-click attribution" describes statistics that credit a conversion's entire value to the website or other source that a customer visited just before coming to yours. In a 2016 survey, single-click attribution, also known as last-click, was employed by 65% of marketers, however, 57% intended to change their strategy.

The importance of other marketing touchpoints made along the customer journey is overlooked when relying just on last-click attribution, even though knowing where a "last click" originated can help you understand certain aspects of the customer experience. In these circumstances, branded search phrases and affiliate websites might benefit from last-click attribution. However, as was mentioned in this video, if you don't continue to feed the top of the funnel, pursuing only these "high-performing" initiatives may turn out to be a foolish endeavour. For further context, watch the video.

Without a platform like DemandJump that provides a comprehensive view of your buyer's journey, last-click attribution may mislead you.

Loss of Focus on Longer-Term Objectives

Since, in theory, you are paying for performance, this is what many marketers envision when they think of Performance Marketing. But throughout the process, keep the full funnel in mind. You still need to raise awareness and nurture consumers to get them to those affiliate sites in the first place, even though bidding on branded terms and affiliate programmes drives the greatest action. More information on this is available in our blog post on performance marketing tactics.


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