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Posted on 09/15/2022

Please stand where you are and wait for me

Luo Yingran, small willow tree. Small willow, Luo Yingran. I didn't even hear the sound of the police car, the noise, the fighting from downstairs. Then the door was kicked open. Lin Le looked at us dumbfounded, and behind him was a large number of police uncles with live ammunition. I went from a silent cry to a loud wail. Lin Leyang, you made a profit. We should have happy, happy, sunny times. From that day on, Luo Yingran could not hear. Because when she was kidnapped, she was severely beaten by the criminal, and both eardrums were severely perforated. Finally, the criminal was given a heavy sentence of life imprisonment, but everything can not go back to before the incident. She was originally a very quiet girl, and this completely entered the silent world. And the legacy of this incident is that I actually became very crying. I often wake up crying because of nightmares, and several times when I go to see Luo Yingran, I see her quietly sitting on the balcony drawing, and my nose will be sour. I think if I had found out earlier that she was locked up opposite my house, so close to me, would this tragedy not have happened, but "if" is the legendary flower,plastic pallet suppliers, no one can easily pick it. Luo Yingran from then on no longer go to school, her father gave her the best teacher to teach her to draw at home, lost hearing, it seems that she did not cause much blow, she still likes to smile, watching me and Lin Le oxygen bicker, showing a face of helplessness,ibc spill pallet, often in my extremely angry asked her who is who is wrong and she always smiled and did not answer. I will suddenly remember that she can't hear, and then I will hate myself for being brainless and heartless. Verse 34: The End of Orange Blossom Street (8) More and more, I lost the fighting spirit of a crab and became a shell-shed shrimp. This made my life path clear and I no longer hesitated. After I graduated from junior high school, I stopped going to school. I found a job in a clothing store. After my father thumped his chest a few times, he finally admitted the fact. She had a battle of wits with the little girls who bought clothes, listened to Lin Le's singing, and accompanied Luo Yingran to draw for a while. The days went on like this. In fact, there are only a few years left, but it seems to be far away from the glorious days of the Crab Gang. In the year when Lin Leyang went to college, Luo Yingran's paintings were already very good, and I had saved a small sum of money, so I could barely rent a shop and open a shop by myself. On the opening day of my shop, it was also the day before Lin Le Oxygen went to college. It was also his birthday. We celebrated together. I chose the way to celebrate. We went to the river to drink beer. It is the mother river of the city, which rises every year, but when it is gentle, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible bulk containers, it is like the eyes of the moon. We lit a candle for Lin Le by the river, and then shook it so hard that the hops were so high. Luo Yingran giggled. Because she had not spoken for a long time, her soft and pleasant voice had become very strange, but she was willing to laugh out loud again, which was my great happiness. I sprayed beer foam in their faces, and they retaliated. Sometimes Lin Leyang and I used our hands and feet to show Luo Yingran, and sometimes Luo Yingran sang loudly in the voice of changing tones. The moon in the sky was as gentle as the river in front of us, which witnessed the craziest moment in our memory. We're all drunk. When I was drunk, I felt that Luo Yingran was making a gesture to Lin Leyang. I reluctantly opened my eyes and saw Luo Yingran carefully unfolding a small picture scroll and handing it to Lin Leyang. At that moment, the moonlight could not hide the blush on her face. What was painted on the drawing paper was Lin Leyang, who was holding a guitar and pretending to be a prince. Hey, the little willow has become a little peach blossom. I think my birthday gift is more creative, I sent a dozen Ultraman's funny underwear, intended to remind this small sample has become a fine, but do not forget the "national humiliation.". I fell asleep proudly. In my dream, I went back to the rainy day in Orange Blossom Street. At the age of five, I was kneeling in the middle of the street. I was smiling. No one could see that I was crying. I was born with a smile. Lin Le, wearing a white shirt and trousers, stood in front of me. He said loudly, "Xiao Che!"! You're coming with me! I'll protect you! I snort him with my nose: "Be dead!"! Hooligan. ” As soon as I looked back, my father was running with a kitchen knife, and Lin Le suddenly picked me up and flew away. I was so excited that I squeaked and flew. Ah, fairy, ah, my dream since childhood. We are flying in the rainstorm. Suddenly a familiar voice came from below: "Happy Oxygen!"! Xiao Che! Help me! I looked down and saw that it was the little princess Luo Yingran, who was being caught in the house by a strange uncle. I am urgent, I say aloud: "Lin Le oxygen saves Luo Yingran quickly!" Verse 35: The End of Orange Blossom Street (9) Lin Le said in my ear, "If I go to save her, you will fall down and die, will you?" I was stunned for a moment, thinking that my five-year-old soybean brain had not yet been able to think about this complex problem as big as watermelon. Luo Yingran's voice is getting smaller and smaller. I cried, I said: "Save her, save her, I will not die, I am the invincible queen..." I was rolling in this weird dream, unable to break free. There seemed to be a heavy sigh in my ears, and when I woke up in the morning, there was no trace to be found, and it dissipated in the river wind. It was the last time I saw Lin Le in my girlhood. Because since then, for some reason, Lin Le oxygen and his father fell out, four years of college, he did not return to the city. He went to school and worked as a bar singer at the same time. He often traveled around the surrounding cities. Luo Yingran and I spent a lot of time contacting him on the Internet. Every time the window for many people to chat opened, we saw red and green messages flashing constantly. Sometimes we had time to type and read. On the Internet, Luo Yingran became very lively and sharp-tongued, and often defeated us. This makes the communication between the three of us extremely pleasant and natural,plastic pallet price, and we are very happy to accept this way. Silly Lin Le oxygen, lively Luo Yingran, heartless me-as if time had never left any trace. binpallet.com

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