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Posted on 09/15/2022

Re-enter the Hou Gate

Can look for a long time, also did not find, the carriage is so dark, she is a young lady, how to know where the basket is ah! Red spike son see she can't find, will get on the bus to come, Gu Jia this side is very anxious, if red spike son get on the bus, can't say to find Qi Er. Although it is about to pass the door, it is no big deal to know, and it is their own personal big servant girl, must be to help themselves hide. But Shame on you! Gu Jia doesn't want to lose face. More do not want to let the red spike son know that he hurriedly roared in the door when the private meeting lover big night in the dark carriage holding fiance in there gnaw. Just as Gu Jia was sweating, Qi Er handed her a basket. She took it silently, reached out her hand, groped for it in the dark, pinched it gently, and then pinched it. After a pinch, she quickly got out of the car. Red Spike thought doubtfully, "Girl, I thought I heard a voice just now." Gu Jia blinked. "What's that sound?" The Red Spike looked at the coachman doubtfully and said in a low voice, "It seems to be a call. It's a man's." Gu Jia one face does not understand: "Be, that did not know." Hong Sui shook her head helplessly. "Maybe I misheard you." Gu Jia stuck out his tongue and looked back, but there was no movement in the carriage. I don't know whether the man was in pain or itchy. She pinched it. Gu Jia pursed her lips and smiled lightly. Her eyebrows and eyes were light. I don't know why, but she just wants to tease him. The more serious he was, the more she wanted to tease him. Knowing that this was a wolf who could eat people, she also wanted to tease him. Chapter 135 ice festival private meeting. Gu Jia is in a good mood here. She found that her mood is so simple, can not see Qi Er, Qi Er ignored himself, unhappy, complain Qi Er. When she saw Qi Er, she teased him so that he could not go to heaven. She was happy, free, comfortable,endless swim pool, and comfortable. As for whether Qi Er was suffocating or not, she didn't want to pay much attention to it. What was wrong with holding it? It didn't hurt or itch. Comfortable Gu Jia is in a good mood, ready to go to see Cuju again to see the ice hockey, how to have a good time. I'm going to get married in a dozen days. I don't know what it's like to get married to Meng Guogongfu. Of course, this life is much better than the previous life, but there are also parents-in-law and sisters-in-law, but also have to be on guard against being harmed, but also have to catch the black-hearted person who harmed himself in the previous life, which is too much to worry about. Besides, Meng Guogongfu has a high family status for hundreds of years, and the rules are strict, so it's a matter of whether he can run out and play at will. In that case, of course, she took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy herself before she entered the door. Who knows this side is playing, Qi Er came far away again. Qi Er was followed by two boys and several members of his family. They came to see him, but they said, China spa factory ,garden jacuzzi tub, "I sent my sister home just now, and then I came to see Miss Gu. It's getting late. Shall I send Miss Gu back to the mansion?" Gu Jia looked at him with a calm look, no trace on his face, and his eyebrows and eyes could not be more honest. Those who don't know thought he really went to see Qi off. Gu Jia thought of his hand, which he had pinched by himself while hiding in the carriage, and then looked at his serious face as if nothing had happened. His lips turned up. He looked at him and said, "No, I still want to go there and have a look. I'm thinking of looking for my second brother to accompany me there, so I don't have to bother Master Qi." Second brother? Of course not. "Miss," said Qi Er hurriedly, "it's crowded over there. I'm afraid it's inconvenient for you to be a girl. I'll take you there. It's not too late for me to leave when I find your brother." Gu Jia looked up at him, bit his lips and chuckled, but he didn't answer. The red spike next to her lowered her head and smiled. Even she could see that the second young master of Qi looked as if he was afraid that her girl would open her wings and fly out of thin air. Then Hong Sui said with a smile, "Girl, I just remembered that there are still some hand warmers in our car. I have to cover them for you first, so that you can use them when you get on the car. Well, let Master Qi send you over to find Master Qi, and when you get on the car, Master Qi will send you directly to our car. What do you think?" Be a servant girl, also have to learn to look at the wink, the key time can complete all right. After all, this is the emperor's marriage, but also in a dozen days to get married, she also does not have to be an eyesore here, other people's unmarried couples want to say a private word, that should also be fulfilled. "Qi Er understood that the servant girl was helping herself. She looked at her gratefully and said with a bow," Miss Xie Hongsui. Just say thank you, but did not say why thank you, can not say, we all know it. The red spike covered her lips and burst out laughing, and jumped back to the carriage. As a result, Gu Jia and Qi Er were left, and the two of them looked at each other more than ten feet apart. Qi Er's eyes were so focused and eager that they seemed to swallow her alive. She finally couldn't stand it any more and had to turn her head and look away. There are fire trees and silver buildings elsewhere, which look good, at least better than Qi Er. Qi Er stepped forward and hindered Gu Jia's approach. "You, the servant girl, have a wink." With a smile in her eyes and some shyness, Gu Jia deliberately said, "I don't think she has a wink. I'll fine her a month's money tomorrow." But Qi Er laughed and said, "How can I be punished? I'll give her an extra month's money on the day of the renaming." Gu Jia laughed and said, "It's not your turn to be in charge of my servant girl." This just came out, suddenly thought, in a dozen days, she will marry him as a wife, when her servant girl will become his side of the servant girl, if he said to send a month more money, it seems that it is also possible. When I think about it, I suddenly realize that the future will be different. She and Qi Er will become husband and wife again, become one, and have a rest with each other. This is a strange feeling, after a thought, the heart is hot. By this time, Qi Er had already walked closer and closer to him,massage bathtub manufacturers, and he even reached out his hand and held her gently. "Let's go over there and have a look," he whispered beside her. The voice was almost a whisper, low and ambiguous. monalisa.com

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