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Posted on 09/15/2022

Rebirth of holding a golden thigh

"Mom, I have something to tell you." Lin Shijin went into the living room and said. Yang Meijuan was sitting on the sofa watching TV when she heard Lin Shijin's words and looked at him doubtfully. Grandma Gu said, "Let Mom and Dad go to Gu's house for dinner tonight if they have time, and then talk about the engagement." Lin Shijin's eyes are very soft, obviously in a very good mood. Hearing her son's words, Yang Meijuan was overjoyed. Gu Zhaoqing, the daughter-in-law, was engaged by the baby earlier, and she always treated her as her own daughter, but the baby was in a hurry, so she always wanted her son and Qingqing to get engaged formally, so that when they reached the age, they could get married directly. But as mentioned before, the elders of the family did not make a statement. They kept saying that they were in school and there was no need to get engaged so early. In fact, Yang Meijuan understood very well that the elders of the Gu family were reluctant to part with Gu Zhaoqing as a child, and that they also wanted to inspect Lin Shijin again. But Yang Meijuan feels that this is normal, just like now if a boy comes over and wants to get engaged to her daughter, she must be very reluctant. Not to mention like the Gu family,Coil Nail Making Machine, Gu Zhaoqing and his family returned to the Gu family halfway. So all they can do is wait. I didn't expect that as soon as I graduated, the family really relented. That's great. I'll call your father and ask him to come back early in the evening. Yang Meijuan excitedly went to find her mobile phone to make a phone call. Lin Shijia also touched Lin Shijin's arm: "Brother, this time you really want to turn Qingqing's sister into my sister-in-law!" Lin Shijin raised her eyebrows and glanced at her. But Lin Shijia added, "But why don't you get married directly? How nice it would be if you married your sister-in-law directly!"! So I can see my sister-in-law every day! Lin Shijia felt that one more engagement was too troublesome, and it would be best to get married directly. Lin Shijin frowned. It's not easy for the family elders to relax and discuss the engagement. Get married directly.. He is very similar, but there is no way. However, he only hoped that both of them had graduated now and were going to be engaged,Nail Making Machine price, hoping to agree to let him and his fiancee go out to live together. There is no difference between this and marriage. After the engagement, we really need to bring it up, and we need to find a way to make the elders of the family relax. Gu Zhaoqing does not know what Lin Shijin is thinking now is to hope that the two of them can go out to live together, after all, the house has already been decorated, she is now talking to her mother confidentially. My daughter has grown up, and when she gets married, she will be someone else's family. Zhou Wen sighed and said, thinking so that she felt very uncomfortable in her heart. Even though the Lin family is the best family, no matter where her daughter marries, she is still very worried. So think of Zhou Wen's eyes are a little red, tears unconsciously will fall down. Gu Zhaoqing hurriedly saved her mother's arm, and her eyes turned red. Mom, iron nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, no matter where I marry, I will always be your child. Don't do this. Gu Zhaoqing said in a low voice, "I love you and Dad most." Chou Wen touched her daughter's black hair and said, "So you don't love Ah Jin?" It's not the same. He Always behind you and Dad! Gu Zhaoqing looked up and said earnestly. Although she loves Lin Shijin very much, no matter when, Lin Shijin must be behind her parents, which is beyond doubt. After all, they are related by blood. Listening to her daughter's words, Zhou Wen felt that she had ironed a lot in her heart: "My daughter is really good. Since she is so good, how about not getting married?" Listening to Zhou Wen's words, Gu Zhaoqing did not know whether it was a joke or not, and for a moment it seemed that there was no way to distinguish. If she doesn't get married. So, what about Lin Shijin. I don't know how many times he said before that he hoped to get married immediately when they were old enough. If she doesn't marry, he won't be crazy. But Looking at her daughter's tangled face, Zhou Wen burst out laughing. "Well, Mom is joking with you. How can she not let you get married? Then don't hate me!" Zhou Wen said with a smile. "No way." Gu Zhaoqing conditioned reflex way. Chou Wen said with a smile, "You can't stay. Besides, if you're with someone else, maybe your father and I are more worried. But with Ah Jin, we certainly have nothing to worry about." Do not worry about the feelings of childhood sweethearts, as well as Lin Guoqiang and Yang Meijuan, the parents-in-law, they have always treated Gu Zhaoqing as their own daughter, what they bought for their children will never forget Gu Zhaoqing. And if the average person has a younger sister or something in the object's family, he may still worry about the sister-in-law problem, but in Lin Shijia's family there is no need to worry at all. Because Lin Shijia has always treated Gu Zhaoqing as a sister, so there will be no problem in getting along with her in the future. In addition to these, of course, the most important thing is Lin Shijin. So many years of witness is enough, Lin Shijin to Gu Zhaoqing that is really good can not be better. So it's good to be engaged to Lin Shijin now, and it's also a confirmation of the real status. But even if you are engaged, you may not let them get married so early in the future. Zhou Wen said. Ah Gu Zhaoqing froze for a moment. Oh, what? That's for sure. Zhou Wen said, "You also know how much your grandparents love you and how reluctant they are to part with you!" Chapter 528 engagement. To be honest, Gu's three younger generations, Gu Xin, Gu Zhaoqing and Gu Zhaojie, but Gu Kai and Su Qing are absolutely the most beloved for so many years. As the only child in the Gu family, Gu Xin was absolutely spoiled and self-willed at the beginning, so later the elders of the Gu family supervised her a lot. Besides, Gu Zhaoqing and Gu Zhaojie sister and brother,wire nail machine manufacturers, because their father Gu Chengji was in exile, the two children suffered when they were young, Gu Kai and Su Qingben had a deep sense of guilt and pity. 3shardware.com

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