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Posted on 09/15/2022

Rebirth of Qing Chuan--Almost Cute

Yin Zhen drank tea and watched Yin Zhen pick it up. Finally, he hugged the big gray dog and said, "Second brother, I like this." Yin Kui took one look and saw that it was not his own lion. "Take it if you like," he replied. "Let your slave take it back for you." Uh Nodded heavily, Yin Zhen grinned at Yin Zhen with a satisfied smile. Yin Zhen looked at Yin Zhen, thinking that if Yin Zhen brought back the doll, and the two people did not, it is estimated that it is time to say sour words. Just give one to one, and let Huang Ama feel that Gu is a friendly brother. Xu Wei. When Xu Wei outside the door heard the summons, he quickly pushed the door open and came in, saying, "The slave is here." "Go and pick two suitable ones and send them to the eldest and the third.". And the two rabbits, give them to the two princesses, and give the star to Laowu. "Yes." Xu Wei called someone in, took the doll, and assigned the task. After that, the dolls full of Yin's "brotherly love" were sent to the palaces. Chapter 36 a brother's return gift. Received Yin sent over the doll, Yin and Yin site are satisfied, feel that Yin eyes still have their own eldest brother and third brother. Yin thought about what Yin liked, thought about returning the gift, after all, as his eldest brother, he had to take care of his younger brother. In fact, Yin Yin before the site and Yin against, the emperor's father's partiality is on the one hand, on the other hand is to see the prince must salute this requirement. This makes them feel inferior to Yin, and Yin does not have their brother and brother in his eyes. Now, Yin has used practical action to show that the two of them still have status in his heart,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, which makes the injustice in their hearts much smaller. Looking at the doll, Yin called his confidant Liu Fu and ordered, "Go and get the jade pendant that Huang Ama gave you.". " "Yes.". " Soon, Liu Fu took the jade pendant, "Sir, this is the jade pendant.". " Looking at the jade pendant, Yin hesitated for a long time, this jade pendant is his favorite, but also Yin's favorite, before he finally got it from Huang Ama, but for a long time. Usually reluctant to wear,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, but now to give people, but after thinking about it, Yin really does not lack anything, gifts can not be sent to others do not like it. Touching the jade pendant, Yin put it in the box and covered it. Then he said, "Take it with you tomorrow when you go to Shang's study.". " "Chirp.". "Liu Fu stepped forward, took the box carefully, and retreated.". And Yin site here is also, holding his favorite Wu Daozi's painting, finally appreciated, also ordered people to put the painting away, ready to give Yin tomorrow. In Ning Xiang Pavilion, Shu Ning is trying to think about what business she wants to do. Thanks to her roommate in her previous life, she has also read a few books about time travel. What are the women doing above? Rub the swollen forehead, or can not remember, there is no way, the book Ning want to put down first, walk around, maybe remember. Lan Yun, Qing Zhu, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, let's go to the courtyard. " Strolling in his own garden, Shu Ning's forehead felt better, but for this shop to do business, can only take one step at a time, there is no good way at present. On the second day, as soon as he arrived at Shang's study, he saw that he had been staring at himself. What was wrong with him? Yesterday Yin Zhen stared at him, today they stared at him, inexplicable. Yin did not open his mouth and went straight to his seat. After a while, suddenly felt a black eyes, looked up, only to see Yin standing in front. "Cough.". "With a handshake and a cough, Yin said," I like yesterday's gift very much. It's impolite to come but not to go. This jade pendant will be given to the second brother of the prince. " Then, without waiting for Yin to open his mouth, he went straight away, looking a bit like he had run away. When Yin Zhi saw this, he also took the box he had prepared and went to Yin Zhi and said, "Thank you for the gift from the second elder brother of Prince Yin Zhi. This painting is Yin Zhi's favorite. I gave it to the second elder brother.". "Then he left, and his ears seemed to be red.". Yin Kui looked at this scene, some stupefied, this, the doll is so powerful ah? I used to fight against myself every day, but I didn't expect that a doll would subdue them? Surprised to be surprised, Yin Kui is still very happy, as expected is his good wife, the book Ning is simply great. Moreover, since his rebirth, he has always felt that he will fight all his brothers until the moment he wins. Today, however, it provided him with a new solution. Chapter 37 brotherhood and brotherhood. Over there, Yin Zhen saw that the eldest brother and the third brother had prepared a return gift for the second brother, but he was not prepared, and felt very embarrassed. He walked up to Yin Kui and stammered, "Second Brother." Looking at Yin Zhen, who was about to cry, Yin Zhen felt very funny. "What's wrong with this?"? Are you going to cry? Does our fourth elder brother still cry? " Who said I was going to cry? No, I'm not. "Well, well, our little four didn't cry, so say it quickly, what's going on?"? " After much hesitation, Yin Zhen said, "Second Brother, I didn't prepare a gift for you.". With that, he lowered his head and dared not look at him. Yin Kui heard, smiled, "I also think what big things let small four red eyes, the original is such a small thing, it doesn't matter, do the elder brother to bring gifts to the younger brother, this is not perfectly justified.". If you have to return the gift, this is not a raw point? We're brothers. "Then he touched Yin Zhen's moon head." Go back and sit down and study hard. Grandma has to take a test today. " After listening to Yin Zhen's words, Yin Zhen was no longer entangled and obediently returned to his seat. Yin Zhen left, Yin Zhen got up, took the famous painting sent by Yin site to the position of Yin site, "since the third brother's favorite, how can the second brother take it?"? Third brother, keep it well. " Then he said to Yin, "The younger brother won't return the jade pendant of the eldest brother. After all, the eldest brother has a lot of good things.". " See Yin and he played a joke, Yin did not feel embarrassed at the moment, but feel that Yin this is not with him, received his jade pendant,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, this is not to admit his eldest brother. Didn't you hear what he just said? The elder brother should give the younger brother a gift. "What are you talking about? You and I are brothers. Why are you so polite?". "Yin is as heroic as ever.". "Third brother, put away your paintings. We are brothers, but we can't take things from our brothers.". "。 sxthsteel.com

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