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Posted on 09/20/2022

Rebirth with space to marry a loyal dog man

The proprietress smiled beside her and sighed that it was good to be young. "The bride should try it quickly. The bridegroom can't wait to see it." Ji Qiubai blushed even more. The landlady put the dress in the box in her hand. "Can you wear it?" Ji Qiubai shook his head honestly. The proprietress is pointing to a way: "The formal dress now can not be so complicated before, what small dress, up Sugi, below skirt, outside unlined upper garment, you this one is designed directly for oblique front bag buckle, here and here are buckled up directly to go." Ji Qiubai nodded vaguely, then floated into the fitting room with the box. Only the proprietress and Gu Shao were left outside the fitting room. The proprietress looked at Gu Shao's face and said jokingly, "The bride is really handsome. When will the wine be served?" Gu Shao stared at the door of the fitting room and said lightly, "the sixth day." The landlady laughed, "isn't that fast?"? Congratulations on marrying such a handsome wife. Gu Shao nodded slightly. Just as they were asking and answering questions, Ji Qiubai made a bitter face in front of the mirror in the fitting room. The cheongsam was more beautiful than she expected. The thin and silky material felt very soft. The embroidered red peony represented wealth and peace. But just now the proprietress said how to wear it. Here it is buttoned up? Or tie it up here? Gu Shao was not a talkative person, and his own aura would also make people feel a little cold. So the proprietress, who had always been talkative, had to admit that she had nothing to say, but she felt a little embarrassed without making a sound. Just then, the waiter in the shop came in and shouted: "The proprietress, there are a group of people outside, and they are clamoring for you to greet them in person." The proprietress breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. She got up and said to Gu Shao apologetically,interactive panels for education, "I'm really sorry. I still have customers over there. Go and have a look first. If you have any problems or need to change something, you can tell Xiao Zhang directly. Our shop will do it until you are satisfied." Xiao Zhang in her mouth is the guy just now. Gu Shao nodded to indicate that he knew, and the landlady immediately followed the waiter out. With the last button buttoned, Ji Qiubai breathed a sigh of relief and turned around several times in front of the mirror that fell to the ground? Short sleeves, high collar, slanting front button, this cheongsam is pretty good-looking,smartboards in classrooms, looking at herself in the mirror, she thought. After repeated confirmation, Ji Qiubai took a deep breath, pushed open the door of the fitting room and went out. "Well, Madame, I'm not wearing the wrong one." The last word disappeared on her lips. Ji Qiubai realized that Gu Shao was the only one left in the room at the moment. She was at a loss. Her hands unconsciously grabbed both sides of the cheongsam: "Where is the landlady?" Gu Shao eyes a dark, did not speak, cold hard face also can not see a trace of expression change, he strode over, Ji Qiubai more nervous, "I wear the wrong?" As she spoke, Gu Shao had come to her, his right hand stretched out toward her, and the next moment the strong male breath surrounded her, smart boards for conference rooms ,interactive flat panel display, and when she was so palpitated that she didn't know how to react, her chin was pinched and lifted up, followed by two hot lips that covered her strongly, nibbling and sucking on it, and Ji Qiubai wanted to escape. But the waist by the other side of the broad and powerful arms, completely unable to escape, she can only be forced to accept each other's kiss, and then in the other side of repeated licking and kissing, she gradually forgot to struggle. After Gu Shao felt her obedience, he was no longer satisfied with the status quo. There was a voice in his heart urging him to ask for more. So his generous and fiery tongue pushed her shellfish teeth hard and went in. He rolled up her tongue and gnawed and sucked it strongly. Ji Qiubai could not resist it, and soon it became a mass of water in his arms. Do not know how long, two people finally separated, season autumn white legs and feet weak breath not disorderly fall in Gu Shao's arms, tightly hugging his waist. You.. Why are you messing around here? When Ji Qiubai recovered, he immediately pushed Gu Shao away and blushed. How could this man be like this? He didn't look where he was. If someone came in and saw them like this, wouldn't he be laughed to death! Gu Shao raised his eyebrows, reached out again and pulled her in front of him, and then without waiting for her to react, his generous and powerful hands clasped her slender waist tightly, and the next second, their bodies fit closely together. Ji Qiubai's first reaction was to struggle, but in less than five seconds, she stopped again and blushed and stammered, "You.." You're a hooligan! Her legs were held tightly by a hard and hot object, full of threat. Gu Shao's cold and hard expression finally softened down and smiled, "what kind of hooliganism is this?" The blush on Ji Qiubai's face was even stronger. "You." You But do not know how to refute him, this person is really too bad. Gu Shao looked at the girl who was about to explode. In order to avoid the real explosion, he finally let her go, but before he let her go, he dropped a sentence full of deep meaning in her ear: "There are still five days to go, very soon." Ji Qiubai's face suddenly turned red, and she could not imagine that Gu Shao could say such a hooligan's words with such an honest face! This is a waste of the capital that God gave him! But Gu Shao did not say wrong, five days passed in a flash, and soon it was the day they got married. On this day, Ji Qiu was called up before dawn in the daytime, and then before he opened his sleepy eyes, he was stuffed with a set of pajamas by Ji Mu, "Go, take a bath, wash clean." Then he went out in a rush. Inside and outside the house were covered with happy characters. Even though it was very early, many people had come to help. The kitchen had already opened fire, killing chickens and pigs, and people were busy coming and going. Ji Qiubai stared at everything in front of her,touch screen board classroom, and finally realized that she was going to get married today! She suddenly had a feeling in her heart that she had lived for almost 30 years in her previous life. She thought it was impossible for her to get married and have children and die alone. She did not expect that she would take a completely different path in this life. She would soon have a husband, and perhaps the mother of several children in the future. Xiao Bai, what are you waiting for? Your mother asked me to stare at you and take a shower. A girl of her own age came over. hsdsmartboard.com

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