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Posted on 09/15/2022

Shifang Tianshi [Finished Version] Author: Inverse Heaven.txtThere are only two kinds of flying swords in the ring of the coquettish woman, plus a bag of flowing gold sand, in addition, there are three fist-sized yuan Jing, it seems that life is also very

There are only two kinds of flying swords in the ring of the coquettish woman, plus a bag of flowing gold sand, in addition, there are three fist-sized yuan Jing, it seems that life is also very tight. The short and fat man was a little better. Besides fifty crystals, there were three kinds of minerals that could not be named, plus a small fork and a jade plate. Seeing that there were more than fifty yuan Jing at once, he was not in a hurry to leave. Then, in the cave, he began to restore his own essence with yuan Jing. Sure enough, yuan Jing is the most suitable training material for him at present. After all the Reiki in the five yuan products was absorbed, half of the essence in his body was restored. When the ten crystals turned into discarded stones and were thrown aside by him, the essence in his body was finally restored to the point where it had just been scraped and refined. As expected, the breath hidden in the blood in his body, when the essence in his body recovered ten percent, came out again and sucked the essence out of his body impolitely. After that, the blood in his body once again urged the strange power to continue to transform his two arms. As a result of this transformation, the nails of his hands suddenly stretched tenfold, and the stretched nails were like sharp knives,endless pool factory, shining with light, giving people a feeling of extreme sharpness. Ji Changkong was stunned, looking at the nails that suddenly protruded, and did not know what to do for a moment. After hesitating for a moment, he brought over a flying sword of the coquettish woman and tried to see if he could cut off his nails. Dangdang! The flying sword was cut on the nail, and the nail heard the sound of gold and iron hitting each other. Not only was the nail not cut off, but the flying sword cracked instead. As soon as his face changed,outdoor whirlpool tub, he tried to grab the flying sword with his fingernails. When his fingernails crossed, the flying sword fell apart. God! This fingernail is sharper than a flying sword! He immediately realized the umbrella situation, under the panic, he even took out the long knife of Longyao, and tried to cut the finger with the long knife of Longyao? o The result is the same, Long Yao long knife cut on the nail, is still heard the sound of gold and iron, Long long knife unexpectedly can not cut off the nail that suddenly grew out. He did not dare to try Longyao Long Dao with his nails, for fear that the sudden appearance of the nails would destroy his Longyao Long Dao. This change in his hands made him even more surprised, but fortunately he could change his body at will. As long as he wanted to restore his original state, the abnormality of his arms would be restored immediately, and the nails would shrink back into the flesh, as if they did not exist. The essence in his body was empty again, and he had to take out ten more crystals to restore his essence. This time, whirlpool hot tub ,outdoor endless pool, when all the ten crystals were consumed, the essence in his body was restored to 90%. Ji Changkong thought for a moment and was secretly pleased. He suddenly realized that this method of consuming all the essence in his body was of great benefit to his cultivation. It seemed that every time he recovered after consuming the essence, he could make his essence deeper. In this cave, he constantly came to Huixian Jingyuan with yuanjing, and then made these Jingyuan melt into the blood, and changed his two arms with the power of blood. Finally, one day, the more than fifty crystals were all exhausted, and as long as he thought about it, his arms would have many more ferocious thorns, and his fingernails would suddenly soar to half a meter long, sharp as a knife. Gawking at the half-meter-long fingernail, he was stunned for a long time, and suddenly a woman's appearance appeared in his mind. The owner of the ghost corpse, the strange woman of the Purgatory Ghost Clan, whose nails are so sharp and slender that they seem to be able to tear anyone to pieces like a fierce ghost. This What on earth is going on? Ji Changkong murmured, his mind moved, his arms once again returned to their original state, and he could not see anything unusual. More than fifty pieces of spar are all exhausted, constantly condensing the essence and transporting it to the blood, but it has created such an abnormal change. He could clearly feel the amazing strength in his arms, but he was shocked by the change of his arms, not knowing what the change of his body was all about, and whether he should continue or not. Is it because of the practice of purgatory ghost clan town soul song, which makes his arm so mutated? He was so puzzled that he could only temporarily push the change of his body to the town soul song, and secretly vowed that he would never be able to move the sickle soul song in the future, and he was also thinking about whether to continue the change of his body. Now there is only 30% of the essence in his body, so he has to have some crystals. After touching the mustard seed bag, he is still ready to go to the trading place to exchange some crystals according to the original plan. After tidying up, he put the skeleton back into the bell, then grabbed the bell in the palm of his hand, and then flew out of the cave and towards the trading place. As soon as he left the cave, he immediately realized that his flight was greatly accelerated. Although he had only 30% of the essence in his body, it was several times faster than when he was 10% of the force. Under the impetus of 30% of the essence, his flight was really like lightning and thunder. It was not until this moment that he realized that although there was only one word difference between Jingyuan and yuanli, there was a great difference between them. To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please visit the chapter more, support for tamping, support genuine reading! Chapter 507 of the main text. Novel Bus Updated: 2010-12-5 18:15:48 Words in this chapter: 4395 To read this site, please set the resolution above the 1024768 for better results! He soon appeared in the trading place where the young people of the Feather Clan had stayed, and from a distance, he was there,Chinese spa manufacturer, where the masters of all races gathered together and were trading goods. He had already inquired from the young man of the Feather Clan that if he wanted to trade here, he must first give a strong man of the Wood Clan three yuan Jing, and only with his consent could he find a place to sell his goods at will. monalisa.com

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