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Posted on 09/20/2022

Smiling Spring Breeze _ a Copper Coin

Shen Wei said discontentedly, "It's really an elm head. Won't you ask more people to take turns to repair it?" "Bridge repair is a craft work, and the terrain here is dangerous, and money is hard to hire.". It's good to have these people. When Shen Wei saw that he was calm, he said anxiously, "isn't the Marquis in a hurry?"? What if the murderer wants to kill the Marquis? Yu Fenglin sneered, "If he dares to come, I can take him down.". What's more. This Hou has a clear conscience, unless it is the enemy to kill me, otherwise really did not do anything to kill people. But now it seems that the target of the murderer is obviously not Ben Hou. He looked at him again, without saying a word, but with a sarcastic smile. This look in Shen Wei's eyes made him feel uneasy and guilty, so he took a step back and did not dare to speak again. I just hope the bridge can be repaired soon and we can get out of this place. He was praying sincerely when suddenly someone knocked at the door, "The master is not good, the next room is flooded!" Shen Wei was so frightened that he jumped up again and ran to open the door. He touched the wooden door and took it back in a hurry. He looked at Yu Fenglin as if pleading, "Hou Ye.." Yu Fenglin slowly put down the book, disapprovingly walked to the door, the door suddenly flashed a shadow, he immediately stepped back. Almost at the same time as he retreated, a sharp sword pierced the wooden door, passed through Shen Wei's side face, and almost stuck directly into his head. Shen Wei gave a cry of surprise and his legs collapsed on the ground. Yu Fenglin kicked open the wooden door, the door broke into three or five sections, and threw it directly in front of him. A man with a mask on his face retreated with a sword,decorative palm trees, just in time to avoid the broken wood falling on his body. Without waiting for him to fall to the ground, Yu Fenglin rushed forward and smashed him in the face with his bare hands. Startled, he lightly sidled away from the blow. But before he could catch his breath, he saw Yu Fenglin in front of him again, and this time he couldn't avoid it. He punched him on the shoulder and almost broke his bones. Seeing that the situation was not good, he picked out a sword flower and stabbed Yu Fenglin with a false move. Yu Fenglin did not want to fight with the other side, and when he saw that his sword was pressing, he immediately retreated and did not go to capture people. Seeing that he hesitated, the assassin threw his sword at him,artificial banyan trees, then jumped up and fled through the roof. Seeing this, Shen Wei, who had climbed out of the house, shouted, "Go after him and catch him!"! I have a big reward. Money can make the mare go, and when the man was injured and there were many people on his side, he roared out, and more than ten people ran after him. Although the assassin was wounded, he moved quickly, from roof to roof, and chased the crowd unspeakably. But catching the killer means they're safe, and they don't have to be afraid anymore. Besides, if Shen Wei died, no one would pay them. So anyway, it's good for them to catch the killer. The villa was really too big, and the man was climbing the eaves and walls, silk olive tree ,artificial plant wall panels, and when he passed a spacious courtyard, the man had disappeared. He ran after him for a while and saw a man walking under the corridor. He shouted and ran after him. He was so frightened that a flower in his hand fell to the ground. Qin Fang bent over to pick it up and frowned at them. "Why are you shouting so loudly? I'm so scared that I have to arrest you and put you in prison." The first man recognized Qin Fang, but thinking that he and Su Yunkai were in the same group, he said suspiciously, "What did the little Marquis come here for?" Qin Fang looked at him and said, "Take a walk. You've locked up all the people who can talk to me. I'm so idle. Can't I walk around?"? Oh, worried? Then call your master and lock me in the room. I'm very easy-going. I'll never come out and stab you in the back. The words were so threatening that they softened their complexion and said politely, "How dare we do that." Did the little Marquis see anyone running over here? "No, why?" "The man is going to assassinate the Marquis of Pingxi." Qin Fang was taken aback. The flower in his hand fell to the ground again, and the petals fell off a few petals. "Assassinate the Marquis of Pingxi?"? Why People see that he is not like a play, is indeed very surprised, less doubt in the heart, "I do not know, since the little Marquis did not see, then we will go to other places to find." Qin Fang, still a little absent-minded, waved his hand and said, "Go." The man led the crowd to go, and finally said, "How can there be fallen flowers on the shoulders of the little Marquis? The little one will brush them clean for you.". Then he reached out and patted him on the shoulder, and when he saw that his face was unharmed, he gave up and left. Qin Fang did not know what he was testing, but what he had just said really surprised him. When those people left, he ran angrily to the banana tree behind the corridor, almost jumped to the man who was leaning against the banana tree, and asked, "My good water, how dare you assassinate Pingxi Hou!"! He can tear up a cow by himself! Baishui pulled the corners of his mouth and took off his mask, revealing a pale face. Qin Fang paused, suddenly remembered the man's temptation just now, and went to touch her shoulder, "Are you hurt?" Hand just touched, white water this pale face "swish" to more pale, Qin Fang hurriedly stopped to hold her, "you really don't want to die! Are you a fool? "I'm fine. Don't curse." Baishui added, "I'm going to assassinate Shen Wei." Qin Fang blinked, "why did you kill him?" Because.. This is Lord Su's order. Chapter 74 The Ghost of the Villa (XIII). Chapter seventy-four villa ghost (13). Qin Fang almost jumped up, "brother-in-law, is he crazy?" White water listens to him to scold a person, still scold in her heart like the person that God respects, discontented way, "you scold a person again.". Lord Su warned me not to get too close to Pingxi Hou, but I didn't expect him to move so quickly. If he had dodged slowly, he would have taken off his arm. As she spoke, she saw Qin Fang's face without expression, just staring at herself, staring at her guilty, pushing his face away with her palm, "I'm fine, it's all right." "He said it was all right." Qin Fang hugged her and sighed, "Well, you're all right." Is there anything else to do? If not, I'll take you to heal first. Now they're too busy chasing assassins to pay attention to us. "No,outdoor palm trees, it's up to Lord Su next." Qin Fang could not help humming, "you mention my sister's wife is different, why not when you mention me?" 。 hacartificialtree.com

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