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Posted on 09/20/2022

Stay in your heart.

Yi Yan raised her eyebrows slightly and said nothing. Several men who were coming back from behind the mountain passed by, saw a familiar person, and asked, "Laosan, how can I sit on the ground?" Laosan is estimated to be the nickname of that man, he waved his hand, "I am unlucky, accidentally dizzy." The men, all strong, came this way. "What's going on? How can you suddenly faint?" At this time, the man who squatted behind and did not speak said to Yi, "It's all right. You've worked hard, doctor. You can go back." It's really nothing. Yi Yan got up and clapped her hands. "You're welcome. Let's go." The man nodded his head. Yi Kui did not go back to the room, originally came back to find clothes to put on, to the free clinic that area. There was a row of villagers' houses on the side of a small dirt road. There was a small local dog tied up in the fence yard. When he first came, he was barked twice. The dog was smart enough to know that he was not a threat to walk in the village. Later, he stopped barking. A water tank outside the roadside yard and a bailer floating on the water surface. Hand just touched someone else, easy to frown slightly, in fact, is not dirty, is feeling a bit uncomfortable, passing by a ladle to wash a hand. The water splashed mud on the ground and quickly seeped in. Today, there was a little sun. There was a thin layer of gold on the ground, and the shadow of Yi Yi was reflected on it. But even when the sun came out, the humidity in the air did not decrease. The air inhaled into the lungs seemed to be covered with a layer of water,Edible oil filling machine, and it was easy to frown slightly and bend over to hold the water and splash it on the face. A few days ago, I was restless and irritable, and now this irritability has reached its peak. Yi's hands were propped up on the edge of the water tank, and his face was reflected in the slightly rippling water. His palm-sized face was furrowed between the eyebrows, his thin lips were pursed, and his hair was wet in his ears. When she saw the bad in her eyes, as if she was going to poke a hole in herself, she closed her eyes fiercely. A figure appeared at the corner of the road, and Xiao Shen went around the corner without thinking that there was a person here,plastic bottle making machine, or a person who did not make a sound, and was startled. After seeing clearly that it was Yi Kui, Xiao Shen breathed a sigh of relief. When Yi Kui returned to his senses and turned to look at Xiao Shen, his face had turned sharply to nature, and he could not see a trace of impatience. "Why are you here?" Asked Shen. Yi Yi put his hand on the edge of the water tank, got up and bent his lower lip. "I just went to town, and when I came back, I felt a layer of sand on my face and washed my face." Yi's expression was too serious, and Xiao Shen did not doubt him. "Yes, I came to Ah Cha Village that day, and on the way back by tricycle, I felt that I could wash my hair at night." Yi Yan did not wipe the water on his face, and a drop of it sank into his neck along the neck line. Xiao Shen looked at the water on her face and handed over a pack of paper towels to wipe her face. Yi Yi took it and drew out a "thank you." "Are you going over there?" Asked Xiao Shen. Yi Yi was not fastidious, so he wiped his face with a paper towel. Xiao Shen said, "There is still no one today. A child choked when he was taking medicine. His mother held him over and showed him." Yi Yi smiled, "It's good to have someone come to see it." "Yes," Xiao Shen nodded, juice filling machine ,water filling machine, carrying the beef jerky she bought for her in the town. "I want to go to the dormitory and put the beef jerky in the dormitory by the way. Let's go first." Yi Yi nodded, "I went there, too." "Good." As they rubbed shoulders, Yi suddenly stopped and turned his head sideways and asked, "Do you remember the one who came to see you for a cold that day?" Xiao Shen stopped, thought about it, and nodded, "Remember, is it the one who doesn't like to talk?" Although he knew it was useless to ask, Yi still asked, "Do you know his name?" Speaking of this, Xiao Shen was a little embarrassed. "I didn't ask him." She scratched her head, "but I heard the villagers call him Zhou Lin that day." After dinner that day, Zhou Lin left first, and Xiao Shen was the last one to finish the meal, and specifically asked the hostess of the family. The hostess, who could not read, asked her husband. The husband took a piece of paper and wrote it to Xiao Shen. At two o'clock, beside the water, it was very cold. He asked if the little girl was interested in our young man. So Xiao Shen was particularly impressed by the name. Xiao Shen omitted some details and told Yi Yan how to write Zhou Lin's name. Yi only felt that the name was very ungrounded, which was much different from the way people in the village named it. Any girl who is asked the name of a boy who is a little interested will get the wrong idea. Small Shen is not exceptional also, try to ask "you are right". Before he had finished speaking, Yi Yan interrupted, "Don't worry, I'm not interested in him." For others, Xiao Shen may not believe this sentence, feel that it is to cover up, but for Yi, Xiao Shen did not know why he believed it. When the intention was exposed, Xiao Shen was a little embarrassed. "Well, it's all right. It's nothing that you're interested in." Yi Yi smiled, "No, OK, let's go first." In fact, the free clinic is to help villagers check their health, and this kind of free consultation has always been particularly attractive to villagers. But Ah Cha Village was an exception, and few people came down all day. After dinner at a family's home, Yi went back to the dormitory. There was still no electricity in Ah Cha Village tonight. After washing early, Yi Yan lit a mosquito-repellent incense and then lay half in bed. The place of Ah Cha Village is not very cold, but the temperature difference between day and night is large. The door of the corridor is open, and the cold air comes in. But Yi Yi leaned against the head of the bed and did not move, and his body was not covered with sheets, so he put on a shirt, which covered his legs, naked and straight. His arms were loose on the edge of the bed, a little red between his fingers. The smoke was passed to his mouth, and Yi took a puff, his lips slightly open, and a small cloud of smoke rose in the dark night. She was thinking about what people who take drugs think when they take drugs. Do you enjoy it or destroy it? Yi Meng took drugs, but she never asked Yi Meng this question. It's just that Yi Meng said that this kind of thing is the devil, the devil with the greatest willpower. Are the people in Ah Cha Village the people who have dealt with the devil. Everyone in Ah Cha Village was on guard against them, all of them, including the man who fainted in the morning. It was obvious that he was attacked and fell to the ground behind his head, but he was so cautious that he hid the fact that it was not good for him from Yi Yan, and he was very wary. Since coming here,PET bottle Mold, Yi Yi has felt here everywhere strange, all this strange in the morning to see the man's arm pinhole that moment, one by one connected into a line. gzxilinear.com

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