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Posted on 09/15/2022

Sword and Golden Hairpin-Wang Dulu _ txt Novel Paradise

Old Escort Yu sighed with emotion when asked. He said that when he was a teenager, he made friends with He Feilong. Later, He Feilong committed a murder case in Beijing and fled to Henan to steal. He made a fortune, changed his name to He Wenliang, and lived in Weihui Mansion. Because of his unrepentant evil deeds, he robbed his own dart cart six or seven years ago and took the officer's family to the mountains. When he got a letter from Julu County, he went there in anger. He went to the Wei Hui Mansion to see Fei Long, only to find that he did not speak of friendship at all, so he began to fight, and in his anger, he killed Fei Long. Later, when he returned to Julu, he deeply repented and closed the door of the Escort Shop. From then on, he lived in seclusion and did not ask about Jianghu. In the first month of this year, I heard that He Feilong's two sons had grown up and learned a good martial arts. When her daughter married Zhang Yujin, she was also very fierce. I heard that they were going to kill me and avenge his father within three months. So from then on, I took extra precautions. Sure enough, on that day in Pure Brightness, I took my wife and daughter to sweep tombs outside the city. On the way back, I met the robber with a purple face who had escaped today. He was accompanied by three men, all armed with knives, who wanted to kill our father and daughter. Fortunately, her daughter Xiulian grabbed the knife and killed the four thieves. She was more careful afterwards. Unexpectedly, a few days ago, his nephew Yu Tianjie came to report that Zhang Yujin and He Qihu, the son of He Feilong, had left from Weihui Mansion with many Jianghu people to seek revenge for himself. He thought that they were too numerous to be killed by them, so he left his family, took his wife and daughter away from Julu, and planned to take shelter in a friend's house in Baoding for a few days. Unexpectedly, he was chased by them on the way, and this happened. At this point, Old Escort Yu could not help sighing. Then he added, "I,cattle weight tape, Yu Xiongyuan, am old now, and I haven't been in Jianghu for many years. I don't have any friends outside.". Besides, I have an old wife and a young daughter who are tired of me. If I were young now, I would not be afraid of these people! Li Mubai saw that the old dart's beard was all white, and now that his enemies were forcing him so hard, he also felt that the old hero was very pitiful. Because of the incident a few months ago, I couldn't say anything close to him, so I had to comfort Old Yu, saying, "Don't worry about this, Uncle. I think now the female demon king He Jian'e has been cut and captured by us, and handed over to the officials for punishment."; They sought revenge for the old uncle twice, but all failed. They must be frightened now. Knowing that the old uncle is not easy to bully, they will not dare to embarrass the old uncle any more. After this is done, my little nephew will go to Beijing. If my uncle has anything difficult to do in the future, please send someone to Beijing to find me, Adhesive fish ruler ,Pi tape measure, and I will try my best to help him. Old Yu nodded his head and sighed again, as if he had a lot to say in his heart but did not say it. After sitting for a while, he went back into the house- After holding it for a while, Old Escort Yu was about to ask the shopkeeper to open dinner for him. Old Mrs. Yu, however, cried out with heartache that she was afraid that she would not be able to eat dinner. Old Escort Yu could not help feeling sad when he saw that his wife had relapsed because of this fright. Old Mrs. Yu was lying on the Kang, and Miss Yu Xiulian stroked her mother's chest. Old Escort Yu was sitting at the table worrying. Suddenly a man came into the room. The old dart saw that it was the yamen runner who had sent him to the shop today. At that time is one Jing again, stand up, offer one's seat to say: "eldest brother, have what word to sit down to say please!" The officer smiled and said, "Don't call me that, sir." Then he sat down and said, "Your lawsuit doesn't matter.". The county magistrate cherishes the old and the poor the most. He called me just now and let me tell you. Please rest assured that nothing has happened. You can be told to leave after the two thieves are convicted in about three or two days. Old Escort Yu said, "Thank you for defending us like this. We must kowtow to you in the future." As the yamen runner spoke, he looked at Miss Xiulian again and said with a smile, "The girl and the old lady are both frightened." Old Escort Yu said, "Our girl is a child, but she doesn't know how to be afraid. It's just that she's having chest pains again." Sighing slightly as he spoke, the yamen runner asked again, "Is the girl a teenager?" "She is seventeen years old," said Old Yu. The yamen runner asked again, "Is there anyone else?" Old Escort Yu said, "The marriage has already left.". ” When the officer heard this, he seemed to be very disappointed, but he didn't seem to believe it. "That's not true," he said. "If you don't have a husband, I can propose a marriage for you. It's the eldest son of our county magistrate. He's twenty-seven years old. He's very handsome and very talented. He has been married for ten years now, but he hasn't had any children yet. Our county grandfather was eager to have grandchildren, and had long wanted to give the eldest son another room, but there was no suitable one. When he was in the hall today, he saw that your girl was very nice, so he discussed it with the eldest son. The eldest son was also very willing, so he sent me here to see you and ask for marriage. Sure enough, you promised. Not only is the lawsuit easy to handle now, but you can also give it to a rich relative. You are the in-laws of our county master. Besides, our master said that if you wanted to give some betrothal gifts, you could do it. When he had finished, he looked at Old Yu's reply. Miss Xiulian, who was sitting on the Kang, was so ashamed and angry that she could not help lowering her head. Holding back his anger, Old Escort Yu said with a sad smile, "It's not that I don't appreciate it, but because my daughter has been betrothed since she was a child, I can't agree to this." As soon as the officer heard this, his face turned ugly and he said, "Don't make the mistake, sir.". Our master is really sincere. The girl must not be wronged after passing the door. Besides, it's almost the same as the Ming matchmaker's marriage. Although it's a second wife, it's much better than being a concubine. The old dart was trying his best to keep his breath down, but he couldn't bear it any longer. He slapped the table and said, "How can you be so troublesome?"! My daughter has been betrothed since she was a child. Can't she marry three daughters? When the yamen runner heard this, he also wanted to change his face. But he still managed to smile, and with malice in his smile, he said to Old Yu as if to warn him, "My old man!"! Now,tape measure clip, no matter how you look at it, you have to curry favor with the county magistrate, or your lawsuit will drag you to prison! 。 tapemeasure.net

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