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Posted on 12/23/2021

The best option: Electric scooter or the electric bike

To stay clear of traffic congestion in cars or crowds on public transportation, several city travelers are now counting on alternate ways of transportation. Among them, we locate the electric scooter, but also the electric bicycle (or “e-bike”).

In order to select the vehicle that best fits your demands, view our contrast below: we evaluate various points, all the benefits and drawbacks of these two means of transportation.

1 – Lightweight

For this first requirement of our contrast, no large surprise: an electric scooter is indeed much lighter than an electric bicycle. For the last, count more than 20 kg, against a minimum of 12 kg for an electric scooter. A component to think about is if you have to lug your vehicle on a regular basis specifically in the staircases.

2 – Measurements

For a portable vehicle, consider electric mobility scooters: indeed, they are smaller sized than a bicycle, and all collapsible. A significant possession to make your life less complicated and also conserve area, especially if you stay in an apartment. In contrast, an electric bicycle is much larger, and hardly ever collapsible: it can therefore quickly become extra cumbersome daily.

3 – Safety


Thanks to its portable size, there is no requirement to leave your electric scooter exterior: you can take it almost everywhere with you. By always having it before you, you will certainly avoid any kind of danger of theft or damages. In addition, it is feasible for us to mount an integrated anti-theft gadget on an increasing number of mobility scooters.

4 – Upkeep

If an electric bike will require even more routine and more substantial follow-ups, this is not necessarily the instance for an electric scooter: without a doubt, the upkeep of the latter is instead simple. You simply need to look after it daily and comply with the producer’s instructions, specifically to appropriately maintain the tires and the lithium-ion battery.

5 – Travel

For all your commuting between home and work location, it is the electric scooter that has everything right: being foldable, it is simple and complimentary to take it with you on public transportation

6 – Power

The electric bicycle is frequently favored by individuals with long day-to-day trips including climbs, where an effective electric motor comes to be a great help. Nevertheless, that numerous electric scooters can still get rid of sloping roads: you simply require to select a design with an excellent motor (from 500 W and even more).

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