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Posted on 09/20/2022

The Empress Who Sells Her Body (Part Two)

"Sir?" Cheng Fei asked in surprise. "How can Xuan Ye's life be so smooth?" He continued to laugh softly, and his relaxed expression seemed to be a joke. The word "Xuan Ye" is the name of the present emperor. Ke Shan actually dares to call the emperor's name so directly, which shows that he doesn't have the respect for this "emperor" that ordinary courtiers should have, and even his attitude is perverse! "Sir, this cheap girl won't cooperate. What should I do?" Cheng Fei could not pick up Keshan's words, so she could only stare at the fainting Xiner and ask tentatively. Ke Shan gathered his smile, and his cold eyes flashed a light. After a while, he finally dropped a very cruel sentence. "Then beat her until she confesses." Cheng Fei heart a Rin. He was still the man she knew as cold to the bone. It turned out that the smile just now was just a disguise to cover up his cruelty, and his true face was always cruel and cold-blooded! Cheng Fei can not help but secretly alert themselves in the bottom of their hearts, in the future she must be more careful, more careful to wait on this treacherous master is. "Teruko, where is the emperor?" After spending a lot of time with Lan Fei, Ruifu hurried back to the Palace of Heavenly Purity to repay the emperor. "It's in there!" Xiao Zhaozi said. "It's noon. Didn't the emperor have a meal?" Asked Ruifu,86 smart board, frowning. Xiao Zhaozi stared at Grandfather Ruifu and shook his head stupidly. "It's no use asking you, you bastard!" Ruifu went straight into the Palace of Heavenly Purity instead of nagging with Xiaozhao. "Ba Leng Zi?" Xiao Zhaozi stared at the back of Ruifu's father-in-law and scratched his head. "What eight Leng Zi?"? I have only heard of Erlenzi. This is really a cockroach! When Ruifu entered the Palace of Heavenly Purity and saw the emperor, he quickly asked, "Long live you, the slave heard that Xiao Leng wasn't right. It was Xiao Zhaozi who said that you didn't have lunch." He almost called Xiao Zhaozi as Xiao Lengzi. The emperor glanced up at Ruifu. "How are things going with my instructions?" He asked without expression. Ruifu lowered his eyes,75 inch smart board, not daring to look at the emperor's cold eyes. Back to the words of Long Live Master. The slave saw with his own eyes that Lan Fei had drunk the decoction. When Ruifu finished speaking, he waited for a long time but did not see the emperor speak. He looked up and saw that the emperor was in a trance. "Your Majesty?" "Well, did she take the medicine?" The emperor came to his senses and looked at Ruifu with an unpredictable expression. "Lan Fei did drink the medicine." Raffle said it clearly again. "All right, you go down!" Don't open your eyes, said the emperor, staring at the document on the table. "Chirp.." Rifle, step back. Who would have thought that before Ruifu walked out of the gate of the Palace of Heavenly Purity, Xiao Zhaozi came running in a hurry. "Grandfather Ruifu," little Zhaozi, digital interactive whiteboard ,interactive panel board, was full of frightened shouts. Ruifu angrily rebuked: "Unbridled!"! The dog is getting bolder and bolder. Didn't you see that Long Live Master was inside? What are you chirping about? No! Ruifu Gonggong Lan Niangniang Empress Lan? What happened to her? As soon as he heard Xiao Zhaozi mention the name of Lan Fei, Ruifu woke up. "Just now the father-in-law who was guarding the darkroom came to report that Empress Lan had lost a lot of blood and had fainted in the darkroom of the Kunde Palace. I don't know what happened, but I couldn't wake her up!" Xiao Zhaozi said. Ruifu suddenly felt angry and asked, "Bleeding?"? What about the kid? Does the child flow out? If the child does not flow out, it will be fatal. "Where is the Imperial Physician?" The emperor did not know when he had come after the two men. "Ruifu, didn't you announce the Imperial Physician to the Kunde Palace?" His face changed color and he asked angrily. Ruifu's neck shrank, and he didn't expect the emperor to have such a big reaction. "Your Majesty?" Who expected to get the emperor's mind? He doesn't dare to make his own decisions! "You didn't tell the slaves to announce the Imperial Physician." "Damn it!" The veins on his forehead burst out in anger. Without waiting for Ruifu to finish his words, Xuan Ye's anger had already frightened all the people present to kneel on the ground and kowtow. "The Emperor.." Your Majesty, the slave and the slave are going to ask the Imperial Physician.. Ruifu was so frightened that his legs trembled. He managed to get up from the ground and stepped down with his head hanging down. He dared not look up at the emperor. He had never seen the emperor so angry when he opened his eyes! Except for the last birthday feast to congratulate the empress Dowager. Lan Fei contradicted the emperor's request for grounding that time, but the last time the emperor's anger was directed at Lan Fei, but now it was directed at himself! It was not until now that he really admired Chao Lan Fei, a weak woman, who could not change her face under the emperor's rage, but was not as unpromising as he was. Chapter 4 She tried in the dark. But I can't open my eyes. She felt the pain of dry mouth and weakness filled her, and a sense of emptiness in her body made her soul seem to be about to abandon her body. Until he finally mustered up his strength and groaned, feeling as if someone was shaking himself. Empress? Concubine Ruifu anxiously called Lan Fei, who was tossing and turning and groaning, and peeked back at the emperor's face. Strange, obviously the emperor himself ordered Lan Fei to abort the child, but now something has happened but seems to be quite anxious. He had never seen the emperor so worried about a concubine. Wang Ying finally opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was the concerned face of Ruifu's father-in-law. "Empress, you're finally awake!" Ruifu was relieved. If Lan Fei does not wake up again, I am afraid his old life will be removed because of the emperor's increasingly ugly face. Ruifu.. Father in law Frowning, she was so weak that she could hardly speak. "Stop talking and rest quickly, Empress!" Rifle, get out of the way and speak kindly. "Long live Master is here too!" Hearing the three words, Wang Ying's whole body froze, and then she subconsciously turned her face away. She thought of the medicine he had forced her to drink, of the child she had lost, and she did not want to see him again! Sitting on the bed,75 smart board, he could see the change in her face for a moment. "The baby didn't die, but half of your life has gone." He spoke hoarsely and slowly. Suddenly I found her pale and thin. His chest suddenly filled with an inexplicable heartache! Damn it, he hates the taste!. hsdsmartboard.com

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