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Posted on 09/15/2022

The flower ate the monster.

He took one look at the time on the communicator, chewed it and said with a lisp: "There are about two hours left. The major can take a bath and have a meal first. Someone will pick you up at that time. This time it is a transport aircraft. It is equipped with a separate bedroom cabin. You can catch up on your sleep on it. When we arrive at the military region in the evening, there must be a meeting waiting for us." The time was about the same as Yao Shou's estimate. He nodded: "I remember there is a flower shop opposite your place. Remember to bring me some fertilizer and flower mud when you come over." Wu Lin did not think of the topic to change so quickly, for a time did not react to come over: "ah?" Yao Shou explained lightly: "I brought potted flowers there." Wu Lin nods, facial expression does not have any unusual: "I wrote down for you, when waiting to go out, I can take." In Solan, the love of federal citizens for flowers is obvious. Not only can all kinds of vehicles and buildings be made into flower styles, but also the real flower breeding has popularized the families of every federal citizen. Every year, the flower exhibition is crowded with people. Therefore, Wu Lin did not wonder why Major Yao would take the potted flowers away, which is a common thing in Solanben. People can not bring, how can you forget to bring flowers? Yao Shou solved the matter of flower mud, temporarily put down the matter of flowers, opened the plastic bag, and sat down to eat fast food that was already cold. A dry bread, a bowl of pasted noodles, half a salad, a nutrient, and the fruit he fed to the trash can. It's not so good, but it's not too bad. Eating, for people like them, is like carrying out a mission. After eating in silence, Yao Shou frowned and drank the nutrient,Wheel tape measure, picked up the cup and went to the water dispenser to pour water. After drinking a few mouthfuls, he seemed to think of something and went to the table again with half a glass of water. He looked at the slightly wilting flower, the cup tilted, poured the water inside on it, estimated that it was almost the same, wanted to touch the bud with his hand, but held back. Smelling the flowers, his gloomy mood of the day, unexpected signs of warming,Walking measuring wheel, all the vibrant life, always brought people to look up at the time, there is an hour and a half to take a shower and pack things. The moment he went to the bathroom and closed the door, the flowers in the flowerpot shook and the drops of water scattered. In his sleep, Lianxi thought it was raining. The rain was so turbulent that it fell down like a tap and poured water on her face. The coolness permeated from the bud to the stem. Lian Xi shivered. In the dim light, she shook the drops of water on the bud and slowly opened her "eyes". What comes into view is a simple and unpopular room, except for a set of log furniture, without too much decoration, white walls and plain curtains. In broad daylight, the lights were on, and in the display cabinet directly opposite, there was half a cabinet of medals and weapons. She doesn't know this place, but it's definitely not her house. Wait! Not her house? She was so frightened that she bent over and looked at herself, the green flower stems, and half a pot of flower mud that had just covered her legs. Shit! She finally remembered that she was a flower now! Before I fell asleep, I was lucky enough to bury myself in the green belt. Didn't I just rub some mud in the green belt? How can she not understand the development of the plot? The flowerpot of pure manual DIY is also so big, be surprised by Lian Xi so suddenly, Diameter tape measure ,Fish measuring board, the center of gravity is not stable, clang when want to fall to the bottom of the table. Two vines of Lianxi were pulled out in an instant, wrapped around the table top, and one wrapped around the table leg. Then? The flowerpot fell off the table, but she was still on the table. With a clang, the temporary flowerpot broke on the ground. Lian Xi on the table was stunned for a moment. He heard a question from the direction of the bathroom: "Who?" A deep, manly voice. Lianxi stood on the table, gritted his teeth, took back the vines wrapped around the table top, left only the vines wrapped around the table legs, hesitated at the edge of the table, kicked four short legs, jumped, and jumped down from the table. She ignored the pain caused by the vines pulling the flower plants under gravity, and quickly took back the remaining vines, and the whole flower fell steadily on the soil sprinkled on the ground. Then she fell on her side and began to play dead. When the bathroom door was pulled open, Yao Shou came out with some surprise and uncertainty. He was obviously in a hurry to finish taking a bath, his hair was still dripping, his lower body was only wrapped in a bath towel, and his upper body was wearing nothing. In the middle of his bath, he heard movement in the living room. Although he was washed away by the sound of the current, he was still not at ease. He had taken a good bath and turned it into a battle bath. He flushed at will and came out. He went to the living room, looking at the debris and soil on the ground, unable to recall whether he had just put the flowerpot steadily, and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time his heart tightened. The little red flower also fell to the ground together, lying in the tiles and soil on the ground, just still vibrant flowers, suddenly some lifeless up. Yao Shou urgently found another bowl, carefully straightened the flower seedlings and put them in, then avoided the debris, straightened out the soil that could be straightened out, and put them all back in. Even if there is no common sense of flower cultivation, after such a fall, such a delicate flower, perhaps can not live. Yao Shou put the flowerpot directly on the ground this time, turned back to the room, holding a suitcase in one hand and a suit of clothes in the other, put the suitcase directly beside the sofa, and began to change clothes. From the beginning to the end, Comrade Lian Xi was watching, including the other side changing clothes. Tut, tut, tut. Have to say, this person not only looks good, temperament is excellent, even the body is so drooling, inverted triangle figure, eight-pack abdominal muscles, looks strong but not bloated, with a tall figure and face. Just looking at it is also pleasing to the eye. But the flower on his head. In the black and white field of vision, most of the scenes are like silent films, and it is difficult to distinguish the patterns. There is a sense of familiarity in Lianxi's heart. Have they met somewhere? She was thinking that the man had changed his clothes, walked up to her and picked up the whole flowerpot. Lianxi felt her body soar into the air,Walking tape measure, with the shock of instant weightlessness, and when she came to her senses again, she had been firmly held in the arms of the man. tapemeasure.net

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