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Posted on 09/20/2022

The last occupant

"This is the Papillon Nebula." Hurd sat cross-legged on the ground and held her in his arms. yuan yuan's attention was attracted by what was outside, and he did not feel his approach. She could not help but lean close to the window and lie childishly on the window and ask him, "Why is it so beautiful, as if." A butterfly. In the dark universe, two element-rich nebulae spread from a point in the middle to the poles. Two giant parabolic nebulae stretch infinitely into the vast, cold universe, with no end in sight. The light from the stars inside and the growing, unstable planets brings out the colors of these two nebulae. The parabola nebulae on both sides are symmetrical, forming a butterfly-like landscape. It is suspended quietly in the black universe, like a butterfly perched on a huge curtain. It's the last gasp of a dead star. "After its death, the hot gas inside the planet was released into the universe.". But what makes the Barbieron Nebula rare is that the dot in the middle is two dying stars. "Two?" yuan yuan said curiously. The two stars go together and eventually die together. "When they were dying, the gas they threw out was emitted from the gas disk, and the hot gas on both sides gradually spread out and became what it is now." "So it looks like a butterfly spreading its wings," he said. "What have they become now?" The two petals of the nebula are symmetrical, like butterfly wings, with only a small point in the middle connecting them. Into an extremely dense white dwarf. "Aren't they already dead?" "No,silk ficus tree, they're not dead yet." "They're just slowly cooling down, but they're still radiating.". After a long period of solitude, they will eventually stop all radiation completely, cool down completely and become extremely hard. yuan yuan sighed with emotion, "that's at least good.". You can die together, and when you're alive, you're always together. She suddenly felt that the beginning and the end of the stars were like a person's birth,fake ficus tree, old age, illness and death. It's just that people are not so great, and they can't throw elements into the universe after death to continue the birth of the next generation or the next planet. The universe is lonely, but the binary system is an exception. Although we can never be together, we are lucky to see each other every day in this lonely and vast universe. So some people also compare the double star system to a double waltz. This is the ultimate romance in the stars of the universe. It is also the most unreachable feeling and existence. Live in the same coffin and die in the same coffin? His lips rubbed against her ears. "We won't." yuan yuan suppressed the surprise from the bottom of his heart and asked quietly, "Why?" "You'll know later." How could he let her die.. At the same time, at the door of a dark and lively room on the mercenary carrier. He covered the wound in his abdomen and managed to stop the bleeding. The mercenary beside him was holding the bottle with a smiling face and asked him, "Dude, why are you so depressed?"? Don't you want some? He pulled the corners of his mouth, a little speechless from excessive blood loss, and stumbled out of here. He sat in a quiet and empty reserve cabin and turned on the remote communication video. Adrian. "I couldn't kill him." He breathed weakly. "Hurd is tricky, outdoor ficus tree ,silk ficus tree, but, my Lord," he said, bending his lower lip, "I think I found something on him." "What do you know?" Adrian's blue eyes curved. "He's better than we expected." "And.." "He's definitely not." The man in the channel sneered, "Well done, Adrian.". If you can kill him, the reward will be increased by ten times. "No, no," Adrian waved. His blue eyes narrowed. "I think I'm more interested in killing such a man than in the reward itself." "I would also like to thank you, my Lord, for giving me the opportunity of this mission." …… The night of mercenaries is coming to an end. Staring at yuan yuan, who was sleeping soundly beside him, Hurd's eyes darkened. He knew that she was tired from the anxiety and panic of the past few days, so he had to get rid of it as soon as possible. After solving this trouble, I owe her a trip to the earth or a wedding or something else, as she chooses. He didn't ask for much, as long as she stayed with him, that's all. This is his bottom line. He said she would not cross this line, otherwise, what he would do, he did not know. Knowing that she was physically and mentally exhausted, he stopped taking her to places where mercenaries played. Besides, there were so many mercenaries, almost all men, and he didn't like the way his women were surrounded by other men, which he couldn't bear to think about. I promised her I'd take her to see the nebula again if I could. She should have forgotten, but he always remembered. He didn't tell her why he saw the Butterfly Nebula alone. In fact, every couple in Papillon will take a look at the complete Papillon Nebula in the universe before they get married. It is said that this is the blessing of the universe. Pray that the future marriage and children will be safe and smooth, and that they will be happy and peaceful all their lives. He did not tell her, also because he did not think that they would only have this lifetime. What is a lifetime, the next life, there is no basis to fool people. As long as he had her by his side for a long time, perhaps long enough, the universe began to collapse. It doesn't matter. This universe is dead. There are other universes. There will be no end between them, never. He thought so from the first time he thought of her. He kissed her lightly between the eyes and got up quietly. The light of the stars outside the window poured into her face, and she looked soft and white, but not as weak and dependent as she had imagined. It's not what he expected,fake blossom tree, but she just needs to be her. The light screen of the communication channel glowed faintly in the darkness. It was still the freckled subordinate with blond hair and brown eyes, young and intelligent, who was his confidant. Don't stand on ceremony. I'll send you the dagger with the blood of the killer on my hand. Small decomposers can completely decompose the atoms of objects and transport them intact to the far side of the universe. The killer this time should be the Sock clan. 。 hacartificialtree.com

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