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Posted on 09/15/2022

The legitimate daughter is not allowed to be spoiled

Yin Tianqi took a series of details of the account book home, and then sent it to Master Yin's study. But Master Yin is busy. What are you busy with? Whenever Master Yin wants to audit the accounts, Mrs. He always finds an excuse to throw Yin Tianbao to Master Yin. Fortunately, Master Yin regarded Yin Tianbao as a precious pimple, and he was very distressed. In fact, from Master Yin's attitude, it is not difficult to see that Master Yin has true feelings for Mrs. He, otherwise, Master Yin would not love Yin Tianbao so much. It can only be said that Master Yin's feelings for Mrs. He are not pure, mixed with other factors, which makes the couple seemingly divorced. Because Master Yin loved Yin Tianbao too much, when Mrs. He had something to do, Master Yin naturally took Yin Tianbao on his own body, and those details simply could not spare time to see. But has not been able to see, Yin master also worried that Yin Tianqi will play tricks, Yin master suddenly remembered that his wife is also the daughter of business, always know some accounting problems. After thinking of this, Master Yin simply asked Mrs. He to help him look at it. At first, Mrs. He refused, "Sir, I'm just a woman. I'm afraid it's not appropriate to look at the details of my family.". If Tianqi knew about it, he might feel uncomfortable and feel that the master didn't believe him. Mrs. He did not expose her ambition too early. Master Yin now looks a little fatuous,best whirlpool tub, but whether the man in front of him is really or not, Mrs. He has a ruler in her heart. At the beginning, had it not been for Master Yin's talent as a merchant, how could her father have given the whole family business to a man. So, Mrs. He flatly refused, refused to see, also said that he did not understand this, only the same ambitious woman,whirlpool bathtub, will understand those details, Mrs. He was not foolish enough to expose herself. Hearing that Mrs. He refused to say that she didn't understand, Master Yin was satisfied. As his woman, she only needed to know how to help her husband and teach her children. Knowing too much about other things was not necessarily a good thing. Don't be afraid, madam. Those accounts are not ugly. You can try them first. Master Yin still asked Mrs. He to try. Mrs. He still refused and refused Master Yin three times to show that she was absolutely a dutiful woman. But Yin Tianqi's reaction is bigger, because Yin Tianqi really feels that Master Yin does not trust him. Although he had some bad ideas, in the final analysis, they were just attention, not action. Yin Tianqi can't imagine that Master Yin wants to audit the accounts! Not only that, Yin master's own audit, Yin Tianqi is better to accept some, unfortunately, Yin master himself did not look, unexpectedly thrown to Mrs. He, this is a great shame for Yin Tianqi. For this reason, jacuzzi swim spa ,Whirlpool bathtub, every time the accounts were handed over to Mrs. He, Yin Tianqi's face was not very good-looking, and every time she urged Mrs. He to return the accounts to her quickly. Mrs. He's face was expressionless, and she didn't say anything in the face of Yin Tianqi's unreasonableness, until one day, Master Yin saw it with his own eyes. Chapter 126 happy to marry a servant girl. At that time, Master Yin was furious, indicating that he had been looking at the accounts himself all the time, and that Mrs. He had never intervened. Most importantly, Mrs. He is Yin Tianqi's mother! Is there a younger generation who talks to his mother with such an attitude! At that moment, Master Yin gave Yin Tianqi a slap, saying that he wanted to wake Yin Tianqi up. Yin Tianqi was slapped and stunned. He did not think that he thought things too complicated, the original Mrs. He did nothing, just superficially to help Master Yin collect accounts, the real person is actually Master Yin himself. After Yin Tianqi made such a fuss, Master Yin felt relieved to give the account to Mrs. He to have a look. Because Yin Tianqi this son lets him not believe, just because Yin Tianqi did not believe him this to be the father. Unlike Yin Tianqi.. His wife was wronged, Yin Tianqi said so, the wife did not say a word. Who is sincere to him, who is false to him, he has lived for so many years, is it difficult to see it? So, in front of Yin Tianqi that day, Master Yin handed the thick account of the Yin family to Mrs. He, saying that he would give it to Mrs. He to see! Yin Tianqi was annoyed to see that he had made things more complicated. Does Yin Tianqi not understand that Mrs. He regards him and Aunt Li as an eyesore? Since Mrs. He came back, he, Aunt Li, Yin Tianlian and Yin Tianke were all cleaned up by Mrs. He. Yin Tianqi suddenly felt that the world was so dark that he could not see any light. Unlike Yin Tianqi's discouragement, it was time for Mrs. He to show her strength. Master Yin looked at Yin Tianbao in the room, while Mrs. He took the accounts and looked at Master Yin and Yin Tianbao's father in the study on one side. Mrs. He smiled at the corners of her mouth and turned over the accounts of the Yin family's business. Ha ha, all this, or back to her hands, she seems to be able to feel when her father looked at these things when the mood. Tianxi, Niang has not let you down, and everything in the Yin family has returned to Niang's hands. From today on, Niang will not wait foolishly for the arrival of the lucky spokes. Because happiness is up to me. This Yin family belongs to me and Tianbao! I won't let anyone touch a cent of the Yin family, not even a needle of the Yin family. I have suffered for more than ten years, and now it is time for the Yin family to return to their hands. Sir, I've read all the accounts. There's no problem these days. But the accounts half a month ago seem a little strange. I can't understand them all the time. Sir, you can read them. Mrs. He drew out the place she "didn't understand" with red ink and spread it out in front of Master Yin. Master Yin was an old hand after all, and he could see at a glance what the problem was. Fortunately, Mrs. He "did not understand", so Master Yin was relieved, otherwise, he would lose face. Look, take the accounts back and go over them. It's really necessary. After all, Mrs. Ho was the daughter of a merchant, and there were some things that could not be taught by nature. Even if Mrs. He doesn't know the specific reasons,jacuzzi suppliers, she can see what doesn't make sense in a little time. Madam, thank you for your hard work. Put down the account day. You take Tianbao to take a bath. I have something to do. Master Yin handed Yin Tianbao in his arms to Mrs. He, and then Master Yin took the account and left. monalisa.com

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