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Posted on 09/20/2022

The Ring 3: Immortal

Xin's greatest wish in this life is to hope that Reiko will survive. In order to start a new life with Reiko, It is necessary for him to instill a positive outlook on life in Reiko. Not only that, Ah Hsin also has the responsibility to discover her own value in life. Value, and then put it into action. Make sure you convince her! Let her give up the idea of death. A Xin then thought that once the world was cancerous, it would lose its diverse genetic information. If the world is on the road to destruction, then there will be no pleasure at all in living in the world. At present, there is only one way to save this decline, and that is to use these hands to face the chaotic world and Correct it. But how much time does it take? Two months or three months? As soon as Reiko's belly gets bigger, She will choose to die soon, and in her condition, it is absolutely impossible to wait for three months. "Please, wait for me for another three months. Please believe me." "Three months is too long. Do you know what will happen to my body?" Reiko let out a faint sob. "How about those two months?" Reiko looked at Axin angrily. "I can't make an appointment with you." No, we must make an agreement! For the next two months,Brushless Gear Motor, even if something happens to you, Never commit suicide. Xin put her hands on the back of Reiko's hands and said very firmly. The two of them looked at each other for a long time, and Reiko's face gradually showed a soothing expression, and her mood stabilized. Only by letting Reiko have a sustenance and hope in her heart can her pain be alleviated. "Two months.." Reiko read in a low voice. Yes, we'll meet again in two months. During this period,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, no matter what happens, you will do it for me. Stay alive. "Is it all right just to live?" "Well, keep your heart beating, keep breathing, and keep thinking of me." Li Zi could not help laughing and said happily: "I wonder what terms you will offer in the third month?" Xin saw Li Zi's cheerful expression and finally put her heart down. He could not ask Reiko for any guarantee, but only all. Trust her with all your heart. During this period, Ah-hsin had to quickly find a way to unravel the base number of the "metastatic human cancer virus." Why did they all have it? 2 to the power of N times the character of three. If we can understand how it comes into being, we can find a way to stop it, and the deadline is only two months. [Chapter 2: Cancer Ward 17] When Ah Hsin took the elevator back to her home on the 29th floor, she felt a little tinnitus. Logically speaking, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Small Geared Motors, the elevator should It should not be affected by the change of air pressure, but he has been creaking in his ears today, and at the same time there are some problems. The looming image swayed before his eyes. Xin remembered that the tinnitus was the sound of her body hitting the cement floor and her bones breaking when she jumped off the building to commit suicide. He It is speculated that this memory may be triggered by a certain frequency in the brain when the elevator is rising, and even the image at that time. Quietly reviving before our eyes. Xin bowed her head and opened the door, shouting: "I'm back." There was no response from the house. Xin took off her shoes and put on her slippers without a care. When he looked up, he saw Machiko standing in front of him. Face. "Can you come here for a moment?" Machiko grabbed Axin's hand and dragged him into the room with an excited face. "Mom, what's the matter?" Xin followed Machiko at a loss. He hadn't been in Machiko's room for a long time, and there were a lot of books, magazines and one in it. Some photocopies. Xin remembered that Machiko always tidied up the room very neatly, which was not what he saw now. Like this. When he thought about it, although he lived under the same roof with his mother, he felt a little vague and similar to her face. A friend I haven't seen for a long time. "What's going on?" Since Liangji's suicide, Axin has become a little neurotic and always has some fear of unexpected situations. "Look at this." Machiko handed Ah-hsin a THE FANTASTIC WORLD magazine. 「FANTASTIC WORLD? What is this all about? Judging from the name of the magazine, this magazine should be devoted to reporting mysterious events in the world. Ah Hsin is interested in such things. Things have never been of much interest. Machiko snatched the magazine from Ah-hsin, turned to page 47, and then gave it to Ah-hsin. "Take a look at this article." Hsin followed Machiko's advice, and the title of the article was "Surviving Terminal Cancer.". (So that's what happened!) Since Hideyuki fell ill, Machiko has been devoting all her energy to finding a cure for cancer, but she has broken away. For the field of medicine, look to folklore and religion for answers. Recently, she even proposed alchemy, and Axin had no other way but to echo her. Axin looked at the article, which featured Fran, a retired surveying technician who lives in Portland, Oregon. Here. Bohr, who was infected with Metastatic Human Cancer Virus several years ago, and the cancer cells in his body have already started He was transferred, and the doctor announced that he had only three months to live. Franz.. Bohr refused the doctor's advice to have him treated and went on a trip. He stayed somewhere. After two months, he returned to Portland. The doctor, after examining him, discovered that Franz.. All the cancer cells that had spread in Bohr's body had disappeared. The doctor examined Franz again. Bohr's blood,gear reduction motor, found cells in his body dividing more often than the same 59-year-old. There are still many people. Franz.. Not only did Bohr miraculously survive, but he also gained extra years of life. He never mentioned those two months. Until he died in an accident, no one knew where he had gone and what he had done in those two months. What happened. Some magazine reporter didn't give up and went around to investigate Franz. Bohr's mysterious journey through his sleepless.

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