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Posted on 09/15/2022

The struggle of ordinary citizens

"Chairman and Manager Mu, at present, the export of raw silk in Japan exceeds 230,000 tons per year.". Raw silk exports account for about 6074% of the country's total exports. The raw silk trade brings more than one ton of foreign exchange to Japan every year. The most important importer of raw silk in Japan is the United States, which accounts for about 80% of Japan's raw silk exports. Last year alone, the United States imported 22. 30 thousand tons of raw silk, of which only 4. 5 million tons were exported from China to the United States. 80,000 piculs. It accounts for about 250% of the raw silk market share in the United States, and the United States accounts for more than 60% of the world's raw silk market share. It will continue to increase every year. In the conference room of Northwest Light Industry Machinery Group. Standing on the edge of a plate and pointing to the legend on the plate, Li Nanlin said that as the manager of Northwest Light Industry Machinery Group, Li Nanlin has always been concerned not only about the manufacture of light industry machinery. The market of light industry machinery is determined by the terminal market. Now the Northwest Light Industry Organization Group can receive more than 100 million yuan of machinery and equipment orders from the domestic industry. It is precisely because Britain and France were forced to withdraw from the markets of China, India,stainless steel tube 304, Southeast Asia, South America and other places because of the war in Europe in the international market of light industrial products, and even the light industrial markets of Britain and France are facing a shortage of products. Faced with the huge market of light industrial products at home and even in the world, Chinese industry naturally needs to expand production to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. It is necessary to purchase a large number of light industrial machinery and equipment. This is the fundamental reason why Northwest Light Industry Machinery Group can develop at a super-normal level. It is the huge market that stimulates each other's development. Although the orders from the Chinese industry are now enough for Northwest Light Industry Machinery to start production for more than a year, Li Nanxun is still looking for a new market foothold for the Light Industry Machinery Group while continuing to expand the production of traditional machinery. Yang Qian. That's what you said. Most of us know. Now Japanese raw silk is in a monopoly position all over the world. Last year,side impact door beams, China's raw silk exports were only equivalent to 8096 in Japan. This situation is caused not only because our silk reeling technology is backward, but also because most of our exports are made by foreign firms. Raw silk exported from the mainland of China has always been sold to foreign firms through silk stacks and silk numbers. The specific executors of the transaction are the general affairs of the silk stack, the silk number and the comprador of the foreign firm. Due to the limited capital of the silk factories of the BCCHK. Foreign firms often lend money to Chinese silk factories through the hands of compradors in the form of mortgage loans and pre-sale loans. In order to buy raw silk, this form of acquisition. As early as more than a decade ago, it has been very common. When I was in Shanghai, I chatted with the director of Shanghai Silk Cocoon General Office. He said that there was hardly a silk factory in Shanghai that did not borrow land from foreign firms. In order to make more profits, foreigners often make unreasonable demands on Chinese silk factories for no reason. To extract compensation, the fate of China's silk industry is tied to the hands of foreign firms, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,cold drawn tubes, among many foreign firms. In particular, the Japanese local foreign firms are the most despicable. Japan has always been hostile to China's national industry and commerce and suppressed land administration, but now these are changing. Chinese mutual aid associations in the United States and Europe. Didn't they all start helping the BCCHK to set up trading companies to sell directly to foreign countries! Like the raw silk we exported to the United States last year. More than 30% of them are directly sold to the United States by Chinese trading companies. At present, all kinds of silk reeling equipment is also one of the main products of the Light Machinery Group. Yang Qian, you must have other ideas when you mention these. You might as well say it. Hearing the words of Li Nanlin in front of him, Mu Yuchu opened his mouth and said. Li Nanlin is the manager of the Light Industry Machinery Group. In fact, it is because of Mu Ouchu's recommendation. For this, I graduated from Tokyo Imperial University, majoring in mechanical engineering. Later, he went to the United States to study business and obtained a doctorate in business. Although Mu Ouchu met him as early as when he was studying in the United States, he recommended him as the manager of the Light Industry Machinery Group. I don't think I have any personal intention. Li Nanlin made such a solemn analysis. And he called himself early in the morning. And let himself invite Sima Malay Light Machine Group. Obviously, it can't be just for these purposes. It must be for another purpose. "Brother Xiang Er, I think you and the chairman should know.". At present, raw silk imported from the United States is mainly used. It is used to make silk stockings, and the raw silk needed to make silk stockings accounts for about 70% of American imports. More than 200 million pairs of silk stockings are produced in the United States every year, and the market volume of silk stockings in the United States is as high as one billion dollars every year! The electric fine hosiery machine currently used in the domestic production of silk stockings in the United States The products produced are called ultra-thin silk stockings. Brother Xiang'er, you have lived in the United States for eight years. You should know how much American women and European women are infatuated with silk stockings, even the poorest European and American women. They will also save money and spend five dollars to buy a pair of ordinary stockings, while the average income family is willing to spend more than ten to fifty dollars to buy several pairs of ultra-thin stockings like this in a year, which can be said that American women are infatuated with stockings. It has reached the extreme. After hearing Mu Ouchu's question. Li Nanlin answered. Li Nanlin, who lived and studied in Japan for seven years and then lived and studied in the United States for more than six years, talked about silk stockings on this occasion to a man in his thirties. Obviously, he did not feel any discomfort. He even took out two pairs of the latest ultra-thin stockings from the United States, which were specially purchased from Tianjin, and let Mu Ouchu and Sima have a look. Is this the ultra-thin stockings? It has a market of more than one billion dollars a year. ?” Looking at the hands of the so-called ultra-thin stockings, in the hands of the thin feeling of her thickness, Sima felt that this ultra-thin end is also a little too thick, although compared to ordinary silk shirts and other clothing. The so-called ultra-thin stockings are indeed very thin, but in Sima's eyes. Compared with the nylon stockings of later generations,beam impact tubes, the "ultra-thin stockings" of this thickness can almost be used to make clothes. But when you hear about a billion dollar a year market. Still shocked Sima, although the Northwest Industrial Zone now claims to be the Ruhr region of China, its output value last year was only less than 200 million US dollars. This is too surprising. cbiesautomotive.com

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