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Posted on 09/20/2022

The White-haired Witch Biography-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise

Zhuo Yihang relied on excellent flying skills, dodging here and there, while stealing the air to spy, only to see Shi Hao's companion riding on Tang Nu, waist knife downward force, Tang Nu hard holding his wrist, struggling. Several warriors of the Lop tribe were just about to rush to their rescue, but before they could see them, they heard the man shout, "If you take one more step forward, I will cut off the head of your chief!" Although the Lop warriors were filled with resentment, they were frightened by his momentum and did not dare to move forward! When Zhuo Yihang saw that the situation was critical, he suddenly shook his sword, only to hear the sound of breaking gold and jade. The swords of several Lop warriors had been cut off. He screamed and was forced to retreat. Zhuo Yihang took advantage of the situation and rushed straight to Tang Nu. The warriors near Tang Nu stepped forward to meet the enemy, and Zhuo Yihang, like a flying arrow, fluttered around and went out from the enemy's side. Shi Hao's companion thought he was on the same road. "No need to come over," he exclaimed. "I'm not hurt. You clear the way for me. Let's rush out." In silence, Zhuo Yihang flicked his fingers and shot out the plum blossom needle that was clasped in the dark. Before the man had finished shouting, there was a sudden pain in his wrist, and the waist knife fell to the ground. Tang Nu raised his power, shouted loudly, turned over, and pointed between the host and guest, and rode on the man upside down. The rider who was traveling with Shi Hao, named Kotu, was an emissary sent by Manchuria to the Kader people. His martial arts were really not weak. Although he was suddenly knocked down, he still resisted tenaciously. Tang Nu was hit by Shi Hao's hidden weapon,Small Dc Gear Motor, the poisonous thistle. By this time, he had already had an attack. He exerted too much force and suddenly felt dizzy. Kotu's left arm resisted Tang Nu's downward attack. The five fingers of his right hand were like hooks, forking Tang Nu's throat. Zhuo Yihang sent out a flying needle and swept it forward. It came at the right time. He pointed to Kotu and killed him. Kotu's whole body was soft, and his fingers were still flexed like hooks, but he could not move! Zhuo Yihang's flying needle points, however, were very fast. The warriors of the Rob clan did not know that Kotuzhi had been knocked down, but Zhuo Yihang had contributed to it. They still swarmed in with swords and spears. Donnu struggled to sit up on the ground and hissed, "This is the benefactor!" The Lop warriors were astonished. Someone shouted, "He fought with us and let the Manchurian spies go. How can he be a benefactor?" Tang Nu couldn't figure out why Zhuo Yihang had come. "You saved me," he said. "I'll never embarrass you. But I'd like to ask: Why did you save me and release the Manchurian spies?" Zhuo Yihang was so sad that he suddenly took out a suet white jade bottle from his treasure bag, picked out some of the powder inside, and put it on a leaf as big as his palm. "What are you doing?" The Lop warrior shouted. Zhuo Yihang said, "Your prince has been poisoned by poisonous thistles. Take this bag of medicine and take it outside and apply it inside. After twelve hours, he will recover as before." The Lop warriors didn't believe Zhuo Yihang and didn't dare to take him. "Bring it to me, small geared motors ,Planetary Gear Motor," said Donnu! If he wants to harm me, why now? Tang Nu spoke so frankly that he revealed the doubts of his subordinates. Zhuo Yihang saw that he believed in himself and was very grateful. Tang Nu took the antidote and said with a sigh, "It's a pity that it will take twelve hours to go after the Manchurian spy." Then he asked Zhuo Yi, "You saved my life, but you let my enemy go. What is the reason?" As soon as Zhuo Yihang looked at the shadow of the sun, he said in a loud voice, "I'll bring the spy back for you!"! Leave some of you to wait here, and I will come with you in the evening. As soon as this remark was made, the Lop warriors all showed an air of disbelief. They saw that Shi Hao's feet were very thin. After so much time, they had walked at least more than ten miles of mountain roads. How could they catch up? Zhuo Yihang had no time to say more, so he ran away. Tang Nu shouted, "You've taken the spy. You don't have to come back. Give it to Barone. Barone is at the outermost pass." As soon as Zhuo Yihang's heart moved, he thought, "So they made an appointment to ambush in a dangerous place outside and inside the mountain to catch the spy.". I was just about to see Barong, and I took Shi Hao as a gift to kill two birds with one stone. Immediately perform excellent flying skills, such as flying to catch up. Although Muztag Mountain is a branch of the Tianshan Mountains, it stretches for more than a hundred miles, and the mountain road dug by the mountain people in the past Dynasties is tortuous, more than a hundred miles. Zhuo Yihang has made great progress in martial arts in recent years, and he is used to mountain roads. He thinks that although Shi Hao's flying skill is good, he is not as good as himself. He estimates that he will be able to catch up with him before he leaves Muztag Mountain. After chasing for about an hour, Shi Hao's back was already faintly visible. Zhuo Yihang shouted, "Shi Hao, I'm coming. Wait a minute. Let's be companions." Shi Hao ignored it and still ran forward. "Look at him," said Zhuo Yihang. "He's guilty. Tang Nu said he was a Manchurian spy and wouldn't blame him. If you don't wait for me, can't I catch up with you? When the pace is tight, the chase is faster. After two more passes, the distance between them became closer and closer. Shi Hao suddenly roared in the rain and stopped. "Why are you chasing me, Zhuo Yihang?" He said with a smile. Zhuo Yihang expected that Shi Hao was already a bird in a cage and a fish in a net. He simply opened the skylight to speak frankly and stopped being polite to him. He said with a sneer, "You should know why I'm chasing you." With a cheeky smile, Shi Hao shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, "I'm not a worm in your stomach. How can I know?" "Who is your companion?" Said Zhuo Yi. "Master Zhuo," said Shi Hao with a smile, "why should you mind your own business?" Zhuo Yihang said with a straight face, "I just want to pay attention this time.". Do you think your companion is an emissary from Manchuria? "So what if it is?" Shi Hao sneered. Zhuo Yihang was furious and said, "Do you still want me to do it?"? Come back with me! Shi Hao laughed and said, "Master Zhuo, you don't want to be a good master, but you go to this poor frontier and meddle in other people's affairs.". Ha ha, it's a pity that you're late. It's not your turn to meddle in this matter. Before Shi Hao could stop talking, he heard someone shouting, "Brother Shi, who is this boy?"? What does he want to meddle in? Then a Buddhist monk shouted and cursed, and two men came out of the mountain depression at the same time. One was dressed as a Kazakh warrior, and the other was Toutuo in a red monk's robe. Shi Hao said, "This boy has a lot of background. He is the head of the Wudang Sect." Tuo rolled his eyes and stared at Zhuo Yihang. Suddenly he said in stiff Chinese,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, "Ha ha, who are you, the head of the Wudang Sect?"? I've heard for a long time that the martial arts of Wudang Sect are the best in the Central Plains. I'd like to compete with you. 。 ichgearmotor.com

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