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Posted on 07/19/2022

Thinking Of Going Somewhere Solitude? Take Campervan Picton Along!

This article was genuinely published here and copied with permission.

It’s a beautiful time to go out there, drive into the forests or the countryside, camp with family, friends, and loved ones, or solo if you are all boohoo about it. But you would need essentials too, to make that camping trip a fabulous one- a memorable and a comfortable one. So what do you do? Here’s where the wonders of Campervan Hire Picton come into play. You hire our services and make your camping soiree a better one. Don’t believe us? Let us tell you why you should hire a campervan for the outing. Please read on and be well-informed.

What do you get?

To begin with, when you hire our Campervan Hire Picton NZ vehicles, you get a very comfortable double bed and an optional single bed (in case there are three of you camping), which is above it all. But do let us know in advance that there would be three of you so that we could provide the needful. Now that makes your sleeping easy and comfortable within the campervan. You don’t have to carry your mattress and a rucksack anymore. You will also be provided with clean and nice pillows, duvets, and sheets. You see, just as you like it, it would be a home away from home.

We all love to cook, and so would you when you camp rustic and outdoors. Now, where would you go hunting for fuel and more? Let the Campervan Picton give you that. Yes, we provide you with an inbuilt gas cooker and a solar roof-mounted. Along with this, you would also have a large water reservoir, a drainage system, and a sink that is attached to a tap. So no worries there.

Thanks to the campervan being charged by a dual battery charger, you have power throughout. It has an electric 240V input, which can be used at powered campsites- use your laptop as much as you want- charge other devices and make memories all day and night.

The campervan also has its own set of cooking dishes, kitchen utensils, plates, pots, and pans- food will never be served otherwise. And we have overhead storage with an under-bed, where you can keep all the gear. To answer nature’s call, you don’t have to dirty nature- a portable toilet within the campervan is available. Privacy and safety assured. Apart from that, should you want to sit outside and enjoy your drinks and food or just laze around and read, the campervan has chairs and tables for outdoor needs.

Fancy your beers and drinks cold? The campervan has a 12v/240v fridge within, around the size of a cute minibar. Store all the drinks you want. We promise no warm drinks to disgust you on a hot camping tour. For your safety and navigating needs, we also have packed guides, maps, and booklets, which you can refer to. And there is an iPod input factory stereo as well.

In case you fancy walking at night, we provide you with a tent- you are covered there. The camper also comes with unlimited kilometers, roadside assistance if you need it, and transfer fees.

Enjoy your camping! If you are excited about what you just read and want to know more about the Campervan Rental Picton deal, visit our website for more information camperco.co.nz , and our contact number is 0800-698-267.

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