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Posted on 09/20/2022

Thorns of chrysanthemums

If the position is different, Xiaodai, no, any man will never run, even if he wants to run slowly, but will wait until people stand up completely, after he sees clearly, he will run away. Halfway between Pingyang County and Xiangyang City. In front of a forest of trees. Li yuanwai looked at the masked man in black in front of him and stared at him without saying a word, feeling a little stunned. Mr. Li, if you want to enjoy the rest of your life, you'd better leave Pingyang County. "Yo!"! This eldest brother, in broad daylight you cover a face, block brother my way, Meng Gooding said this, I can really be shocked! Of course I want to enjoy the rest of my life. I'm still very young, but what you said makes me confused. Can you tell me why? Li yuanwai and Xiaodai said in the same tone. Don't give me lip service. You'd better believe my advice. "Is it?"? If you don't give me the reason, I'm afraid it's hard for me to obey. "Don't think that you are the only heir of the King of Begging. I say that because you are still young." The masked man's voice stiffened. Are you my friend? "No." The man in black was stunned for a moment before he said. So you're my enemy? "If you don't listen to me, then I am your enemy." I must know you. I have this feeling. Why don't you take off your mask? What are you afraid of? Li yuanwai asked. Joke,inflatable bounce house with slide, how can I be afraid of you, I have my own reason to cover my face, cut the crap, do you leave Pingyang County in the end? Suddenly I have an impulse. Would you like to hear it? That is, I would like to see your true face, I bet you do not deny that I must have seen you. "I've seen you." The three words were still rolling around in his mouth. Li had already attacked 17 legs. His right hand was even more airtight with a dog-beating stick. Five fingers of his left hand were open to attack the masked man. Li will never forget these two words, especially when he knows he has to fight with the other side. So he attacked first. Did not expect the other side to speak on the way,inflatable amusement park, will suddenly attack, hurriedly masked man in a hurry, to deal with this round of attack, but the skirt, robe oil and other places have cracked three places, this is the masterpiece of the dog stick. Withdrawing the sword behind him, the masked man was furious and said, "Li yuanwai, you are so mean. Did you become famous by stealing?" "Masked brother, how can you blame me?"? You can only blame yourself for not finding out about my habits. When did Li fight with others? Have you ever heard that I let others fight first? Three moves and five types were completed at one go, and Li did not relax a little. As he spoke, he attacked the past. The masked man was indeed a first-class master. At the beginning, because he was unprepared, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable outdoor park, he lost his head. After a few moves, he gradually pulled back the disadvantage. His left hand sword and right hand fist both took a strange path. For a while, they were evenly matched with Li yuanwai, and the two sides fought inextricably. The more Li played, the more surprised he was. He found that his opponent not only had strong internal force and strange sword moves, but also made sudden moves with his right hand from time to time. Sometimes it was impossible to defend as if it came from Jiuyou. Search and remember, I have never heard of a Wulin character who can use his left sword and attack the enemy with his right fist at the same time. Fortunately, their "crazy 18 steps" can barely protect themselves, and often in an emergency, they also save the day. The plaintiff became the defendant, and with the passage of time, Li has gradually felt that the pressure on his opponent has become heavier and heavier. Seize the opportunity at the beginning, now has already become passive, to the dexterity and natural and unrestrained famous "beat the dog seventy-two stick method" is more difficult to seal that strange swordsmanship, the more frightened the heart is also more unable to display. It was not until today that he found out that the dog-beating stick was so heavy. The masked man, on the other hand, had not only won back the initiative, but also had the strength to fight and talk. Li, you and I have no old grudges and no new grudges. I really don't want to kill you. As long as you can leave Pingyang County, what can't you do? "You want me to leave Pingyang." County. And what is the intention? Li yuanwai parried and gasped for breath. "You don't have to ask about these things. I'm advising you that'right and wrong are all due to the strong head ', and the consequences of this head will often get into trouble." I understand you. Meaning, but the Yan family. What does it have to do with you? And you're not a dog. Take the mouse, mind your own business?! The offensive has been stepped up, and the masked man seems to have been unable to fight for a long time. This is your own death, and you can't blame others. At the same time, in the eyes of the opportunity to kill has been revealed, a pay to put the member outside Li in the situation of death. The master of the fight, is not a bit clever, is completely hard-hitting, whose skill is deep, whose martial arts is strong, who is the winner. Just when Li yuanwai was powerless and did not know how to deal with the continuous sword light of the masked man. The two men in the struggle withdrew at the same time and looked back at the woman in white who had spoken. Xu Jiarong, the woman who intercepted "Kuaishou Xiaodai" in Sichuan-Shaanxi Road appeared again, still so cool and gorgeous. The masked man trembled. Li yuanwai was stunned. The reason why the masked man trembled was that the figure and manner of the woman in white were very similar to those of a person he often heard. Li yuanwai was stunned because of the woman's beauty. He is a man, a 19-year-old "big man", big men like to see beautiful women, not to mention this beautiful woman seems to "come with good intentions", but also just in time. The success of "Ghost Catcher" went to "Huiyan Villa" again. He was now sitting in Master Yan's study again, and Father Qian was still accompanying him. He doesn't know if he can wait for Yan Dashao today? Because the money old father said that the eldest young master had gone out for a whole day and had not come back. What's so beautiful about a madman? Why does "Ghost Catcher" come to "Back to Yan Villa" again and again? It seems that he has to wait for the crazy Master Yan? This is a needle, an embroidery needle. Now the needle was pinned obliquely to the frame of the window-the window of Yanyan Dashao's study. And "Ghost Catcher" is staring at the silver needle, as if it is not a needle,inflatable air dancer, but an amazing book. A needle, an ordinary embroidery needle, what's so strange about it. joyshineinflatables.com

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