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Posted on 01/09/2023

Top 6 Gym Equipment That Is Safe to Use

Top 6 Gym Equipment That Is Safe to Use

When it comes to starting a fitness program, there are a variety of different pieces of gym equipment that can be used. Some people prefer to exercise, while others prefer group workouts. However, some pieces of equipment are not recommended for beginner exercisers. Here, we will discuss the top 6 gym equipment safe for beginners.


Weightlifting Straps/Barbells

Advanced exercisers should only use weightlifting straps and barbells because they can increase the risk of injury. They can also cause tears in the muscles and ligaments if not used correctly.

Insanity Workouts DVDs

Insanity workout DVDs are not recommended for beginner exercisers because they are very intense and require a lot of strength and proprioception skills. If you are new to working out, we recommend starting with more accessible videos before moving on to more challenging ones.

Strength Training Machines 

Machines like weight machines, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, and stair climbers, among others, should only be used by advanced exercisers because they rely on heavy weights that can cause injuries if not used correctly or excessively taxed. A decent guideline is to limit your use of machines to 30 minutes per day maximum and to avoid using them on consecutive days. 

Resistance band

Resistance bands are ideal for those looking to tone their body and improve cardiovascular health. They work the entire body, from the upper body down to the lower body and can be performed at a gym or home.

Swiss ball

Swiss balls are a great way to work on your core strength and stability. You can use them both as a weighted exercise ball or as a stability tool while you're working out.

Resistance tubing 

This equipment is perfect for working on Cardio endurance or muscle conditioning! Resistance tubing is versatile, giving you many options for exercising in various ways that will challenge you physically and mentally!

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