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Posted on 09/15/2022

Unlimited transfer

Because of today's strength, it is very easy to control the eighteen spirit wings, so Chunyangzi simply has been using the power of the eighteen spirit wings on the road. After a while, Chunyoko appeared in the place where Chunyoko fought with Vulcan in the past. Not long ago, he successfully merged and reappeared in the ancient world from his own universe, not in the periphery of the cold country, but in the eastern continent, which is a very strange thing. According to the memory of the route, pure Yoko in midair, with his current strength, can completely control the temperature of his whole body, so as to avoid waking up the creatures frozen in the cold land, although he is not afraid of those creatures, but meaningless killing, such things pure Yoko does not like. Some people will ask: How can you upgrade without killing monsters? The answer is: Just kidding! How can immortal existence be upgraded by killing monsters. It's not that Onmyoji hasn't tried before. He has not only killed monsters, but also lords and dominators. But his experience value did not show any signs of improvement, so Yin Yang Zi knew that this level, this level of transcendence, can not be upgraded by killing monsters alone. Strange, the body of Vulcan is missing! Chunyangzi came to the place where he fought with Vulcan in the past, where the traces of the battle had been frozen again, but he could still distinguish the clues. Strangely, the body of the dead Vulcan and the realm of Vulcan disappeared. This tells one thing: either Vulcan came back and took away his body and the broken axe, or there were other beings, such as the big centipede monster at that time, who took what belonged to Vulcan by force. However, Chunyangzi estimates that the first possibility is relatively large, after all, the creatures in the cold country are ice, ice creatures will not take Vulcan's things to trouble. Chunyangzi came to stand in front of the Vulcan realm that had collapsed, and began to carefully identify the traces below. What made him feel strange was that the cold country had not completely melted these traces. Even though the traces he had fought with Vulcan had been frozen, there were still some clues here. Is it because of the realm of Vulcan? Junyoko could not help speculating. The main reason why Chunyangzi came here was to force the evil phoenix to yield, but he didn't mind being curious when he happened to encounter such a thing. Anyway, aluminium coated steel tube ,side impact door beams, it's not a troublesome thing, just go back the time here for a while and check it out. As for the evil phoenix, he had to rely on the lower temperature in the palace of Nala Terrell to subdue the evil phoenix. Yin Yang Zi has not considered forcibly fusing with the evil phoenix, but because the Lord of Destruction once said that the existence of the Supreme can completely seal a memory, forced fusion may lead to sequelae. If the memory of the seal is destroyed after the forced fusion, the loss outweighs the gain. Although the probability is very small, but it concerns his soul, Yin Yang Zi still has to be careful, otherwise how can he spend so much effort, Baba ran to the cold country. When Chunyangzi just used his power to reverse time, he saw the process of time in less than a second. This is not the relationship between the ingenious use of Chunyangzi's power. In fact, it is because it has just happened. A strange smile appeared on Junyoko's face: "Ha!"! This guy just came in! No wonder the traces here are so clear! He also entered the palace of Nala Terrell? Probably took a fancy to that centipede monster! Ha ha, interesting, then I will go to meet the Vulcan again! Junyoko's figure flashed and appeared outside the palace of Nala Terrell. On the outside, the palace of Nala Terrell looks like an ordinary temple, but the material has been replaced by cold ice. The only difference is that the palace of Nala Terrell is very high! It's not like an obelisk palace in the West that rises like it's going to pierce the sky. In fact, the main body of the palace is not high. What's really high is the three huge ice and snow sculptures above the palace of Nala Terrell. It does not know which era of legendary figures, in short, three people are naked, carrying a triangular table together, the body is also carved with strange patterns, do not know what the moral. But because the time is too long, so even if pure Yoko wants to check this period of history, it is not a moment and a half will be able to do. He has something important to do now, and he will not do too much research and understanding of this kind of secret which will take a lot of time. It's just that I didn't pay attention to these statues last time because I came in a hurry. In fact, as soon as I came in, there was a series of battles. After the battle, there was no time to observe it carefully. I was pulled away by the Lord of Destruction in a hurry, so there was no time to observe it carefully. The gate of the palace had been repaired, and Junyoko came to the front of the gate, which was carved with two animal heads. Statue, just because Vulcan came here again, a big hole with a diameter of more than 3 meters was dissolved in the closed door, which allowed Junyoko to walk in directly. From the outside, the palace of Nala Terrell looked dark and cold. But when I walked in, I found that this was not the case: the hall was filled with fog, all around was foggy,aluminium coated tubes, and the cold wind was blowing, and some broken ice and snowflakes were flying everywhere, which made it look a little ethereal. cbiesautomotive.com

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