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Posted on 11/29/2022

Victorian style house: how to decipher this style?

Victorian style house: how to decipher this style?

The Victorian-style house represents English decor at its peak. This style incorporates gothic and romantic influences with some oriental touches for a very elaborate finish. If you like a rich and chic Brigerton atmosphere, this article is for you!

The history of Victorian decor

Do you like the well-worked and original style of the Victorian style house? Were you left speechless by the scenery of the Brigerton series? Victorian decoration is made for you! The Victorian style comes from the second half of the 19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria in England.

Elegant and authentic elements take place in this very marked atmosphere. Nowadays, Victorian decoration is back in trend but in an updated, more contemporary way in order to avoid the museum effect.

Discover in this article the codes of Victorian decoration with vintage shabby-chic touches and tips for adopting it in your home with a fresh boost!

Dark colors and rich materials for the Victorian style house

A dark color palette

The Victorian style house is very marked by dark colors. Already outside the walls are often quite dark, because at the time the materials used were dark wood and brick.

We also find the dark colors in the contrasts. Often on woodwork, furniture, walls, sometimes textiles as well. It goes from gray, to dark brown, then in warm burgundy and ocher tones. The atmosphere is then warm and enveloping, in a very English club atmosphere.

In order to adopt a more current Victorian look, you can nuance these colors. Exit the total brown look which can sometimes look a bit old-fashioned. Keep warm colors for details and accentuate the contrasts between anthracite gray, and especially white and cream. Add touches of gold for a chic charm look.

Varied and assertive materials


In terms of materials, choose noble materials, such as mahogany or oak. Marble is also very present in Victorian decoration and brings a lot of elegance and a classic charm look. Granite is also an often more affordable stone of choice. Glass is also represented on a coffee table, a dresser... Pretty materials that are always in tune with the times !

For textiles, the Victorian style house is a fan of heavy, rich and thick textiles such as velvet or embroidered hangings. If you want to update this style, bet on velvet in more modern tones than red, such as green, pink or duck blue. Otherwise thick cotton will be enough for a nice fall on the curtains for example, without overloading the space.

Victorian style house floor decoration

A large selection of rugs

Oh the carpet! A must -have for decoration. It allows you to create atmospheres, to structure a room, to delimit spaces and to bring warmth and style. In short, he is good. And particularly for the Victorian style. Because in a Victorian style house the patterns are often in order.

However, it is much easier to commit to buying a patterned carpet rather than opting for a complete living room in an original embroidery. There is therefore less risk of getting bored, a rug is easily changed to change the decor.

Bet on a pretty, somewhat old-fashioned rug with floral motifs and oriental trends. Because yes in the Victorian style we find in all this English atmosphere oriental inspirations. A Persian rug will therefore be perfectly suited for your living rooms, an office, a living room and even a bedroom in softer tones. Opt for a short pile rug, more chic and suitable for this revisited Victorian style.

The worked floor in the Victorian style house

Beautiful waxed parquet

Under the carpets the floor is also very important: it marks the style of the house. Wood is a rich material typical of this era. A waxed parquet or even better, varnished, will be ideal to emphasize a Victorian decoration.

Moreover, even an old parquet floor that is a little worn can turn out to be full of charm after being waxed. This gives new life to the wood, like a work of art created by time. In addition, the fact of waxing the parquet allows to bring luminosity thanks to the reflection.

The decoration of the walls of the Victorian style house

The importance of richly ornamented paintings and frames

In a Victorian style house, the walls are often decorated. Paintings are works of art that elevate decoration to a more specific level, and bring a story to the room. At the time, romantic oils on canvas, or antique nudes were extremely popular in bourgeois circles. There are also many narrative scenes in art, such as war paintings or mythological representations.

Nowadays, these paintings are no longer really fashionable, and the originals are in museums. These paintings with generally quite deep and detailed colors are highlighted with gilded frames with worked ornaments. So keep the style of the golden frames to vary to liven up your walls, with more refined and contemporary paintings or photos. You can even use posters diverting old representations with a pop touch.

Walls with pretty moldings

Another way to bring charm and dress up the walls: mouldings. Moldings are a must in French decoration but they are also found in England. The chic side that moldings bring is very important for all slightly old and romantic styles.

If your home does not have initial moldings, you can opt for wooden rods to stick to the wall, or a polystyrene rosette to be fixed to the ceiling above a pretty chandelier.

Do not hesitate to create rectangular patterns for example on the doors, or bet on bases. You can also highlight the moldings with paint or wallpaper on the base as well.

Light: a crucial element of Victorian decor

The essential pendant chandeliers

The light brings depth to the decoration and illuminates your interior. It is therefore very important to take care of its luminous points because the final atmosphere depends on it (Without wanting to be too dramatic). Bet on a pretty pendant chandelier, to place in the center of your living room, above your dining table or in your entrance. Even in the bedroom it brings a significant romantic side.

Numerous sconces and lamps

Same maxim for the sconces: work on your points of light! And besides, it is very important to vary your points of light, because a ceiling light alone can make the room a little cold and flat. Multiply the sconces, table and floor lamps to create different light spots. This brings warmth and structure to the room. Be sure to choose slightly worked models, in brass or wood for an aesthetic effect in the same spirit.

Essential candles

Of course, we do not forget the candles. They provide an authentic, warm and friendly atmosphere that is more subtle than electricity. In addition, in the 19th century, the candle was still very frequently used in homes.

So bet on pretty golden candlesticks, they can be antique, antique or even why not more contemporary to break the codes a bit. Accumulate them on a fireplace, a centerpiece or a pretty console. Place pretty white or black candles there according to your tastes and your decor.

A romantic touch in the Victorian style house: flowers

Delicately flowered crockery

In the Victorian style the table has a central presence, it brings together family and friends. It is therefore important to recreate this atmosphere of yesteryear even on the table. A pretty tableware is therefore in order. Opt for delicate plates, with floral details for a romantic touch. A pretty white earthenware, with a golden border, preferably all the service must be matched.

For cutlery, you can hunt or find silverware-style items on the market. The most important thing is that we see details worked on the silver sleeves, or if you wish, gold.

Textiles with floral motifs

Flowers are also found embroidered or patterned on textiles. Often a little stylized, they are not small country flowers with a cottage look. The flowers are often oriental-inspired flowers, lilies, roses, jasmine. With scrolls and decorations between them, to dress the canvas.

We find varied colors, but often a little faded, we avoid the flashy. On the other hand, golden threads are perfect for a Victorian style.

A bouquet of fresh flowers

Finally, and because flowers are a staple of Victorian decor, add pretty fresh bouquets. Bet on varied but quite romantic flowers, depending on the season. Roses, peonies, carnations...

Opt for pretty vases, some with handles for an antique touch, others with gold decorations. For a more refined look, bet on simple but rounded glass vases to ensure the charming effect.

Arrange these different bouquets in the center of the tables, or on a console, these are fairly central elements in the decor. Here you are with an elegant and refined atmosphere, a Victorian style house but a little redesigned for more modernity !

If you like chic and worked styles find the French decor, and our advice for adopting it.

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