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Posted on 09/20/2022

Xuan Zhong Mei

"Lady?" He gave a charming cry. Without even thinking about it, she answered, "If you have something to say, say it." He lowered his head and picked his nails shyly. "I have something to say." You see, I'm going to Jinghai tomorrow, and I promised to make a female doll for Jin Lei. I want to ask for your advice on whether we should get married after the wedding or after the wedding. She withered eyebrows, "go to the sea of mirrors, do you want the bridal chamber?"? Can't you just help you make clay figurines? The Lord choked for a moment, struggled for a long time and said, "But I'm afraid there's a deviation in my understanding, so I pinch out a personal demon for Jin Lei." Of course, Wu Fang knew that she would eventually be involved in this issue, and she also began to seriously care about it. According to common sense, it should be the first marriage and then the bridal chamber. But time is a little tight, there will always be omissions in a hurry, and she also needs to think about it. She thought about it, "I really can't." I can draw it for you. I am a doctor. Doctors handle all kinds of bodies. They can choose the best one and provide reference for the Lord. The Lord found it hard to believe and drew it for him? It doesn't seem to be the same as his idea. But if you push too hard, you will look rather ugly, so he settled for the next best thing and said gently, "Lady, this is a very good proposal.". I'll take the ruler with me as usual. If you need it, you can measure it on your wife. After all,smart board for conference room, that's what I did when I pinched the male doll, and the combination of pictures and reality can ensure that there is no mistake. After hearing this, Wu Fang raised his eyebrows and nodded clearly, "That is to say, every doll is the rubbing board of the Lord, and every part of the body has been precisely measured, with a reduction rate of 100%, right?" The owner is a little proud,smart board whiteboard, "I am a very meticulous person, in order to be realistic, the data is proofread again and again, and the production is confirmed to be correct." She gave a long cry. "So that's it.". At the beginning, Lu Ji brought a doll to my hospital to seek medical treatment. I saw that he had no soul, so I gave him a general examination. Said a slight smile, exquisite pear vortex in the corner of the lips, so cute and cute, and the usual dignity is very different. The Lord was overwhelmed by her beauty and was about to say a compliment when he realized something was wrong. Full body check? Why check in my body, but he has a kind of feeling of being seen? What exactly is she trying to say? Do you want to say that his figure is not worth watching? Or has the original lost its appeal and freshness to her? He panicked. "Well." That one In fact, it can not be said that it is not out of shape at all, and it is somewhat different. After all, King Ben is the Lord of the Earth. How can he make the doll look exactly like me. I usually skimp on some, for example, their appearance is inferior to mine, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and some parts of their body are certainly inferior to mine. She still smiled. "Really?" There was a layer of sweat on the Lord's back, and he nodded firmly, "naturally.". Besides, what you see is a dying couple. They have no spiritual support. They are a pool of dead flesh. How can they compare with the living me? Said the voice low down, muttered, "I said that girls should not be a general practitioner, men touch the body, will affect the life of husband and wife in the future." Although he was talking to himself, she heard him and gave him a cool look. "You just said you supported my career!"! And I think you should be grateful. If it wasn't for saving people, how could it be your way? This makes the Lord have nothing to say, spread out his hands, everything is doomed, "in addition to me, no one else is worthy of you." Compliment others do not forget to elevate themselves, who said that the Lord is a fool! Wu Fang felt that he could not talk to him in the end. He stood up and walked out, looking around for his disciples. "Where is Qu Ruren?"? It's time to go back. A string of footsteps came out behind her, and the Lord said that she might have followed Li Kuan Cha to Tungsten and Gold. He crossed his fingers and asked, "Don't you think the bird and the tea match well?"? Let's fix them up after we get married. I'm hoping they'll give birth to a monster like Fat Legacy. The Lord wanted to experiment, but Wu Fang was not interested in the new variety. He also knew that Qu Ru looked down on Li Kuan anyway. "Don't bother," he said. "Qu Ru and Li Kuan Tea never deal with each other. Besides, Qu Ru's ambition is the doll of the whole city. She can't give up the beautiful man of the whole city for a lizard. The Lord was taken aback, "the bird is small, the ambition is not small." Just then, someone ran over at the end of the stone steps and fixed his eyes on the big housekeeper. The Lord suddenly felt a pain in his heart and found that his housekeeper was a little vicissitudes of life. I don't know if it's because of the long-term financial pressure, Mingming is as well-built as other dolls, with handsome facial features and well-proportioned body, but inexplicably older than others. Worried, he came with his robe. "Lord, Yu Shi's concubine and Zhongrong negotiated the amount of compensation. His subordinates felt that the amount was too large and dared not make their own decisions, so they went back and forth to the Lord." The Lord hated people thinking about his money and frowned when he heard that the amount was too large. "How much do they want?" The housekeeper stretched out a hand hesitantly, turned it over, turned it over again, and turned it again. The Lord looked at the palm that kept turning over, and his anger came out from the top of his head. "All right, can you say it directly?" With a bitter look on his face, the housekeeper said, "The money you've sent is just enough.." The Lord finally exploded, and he stood on his back, dressed in ragged black robes, and his silence was still frightening. Humming and laughing for a long time, "it seems that you have the intention to blackmail me.". In that case, let the messenger go back and leave them all. I have been a bachelor for thousands of years, but I still worry that I can't digest two women? Ask them again, roll or not, or send them to the square to reward the armed forces. King Ben has a bad reputation outside, and I am a fake? The blackmail has come to me and blinded their dog's eyes! The Lord finally got tough this time. He used to be too soft. At first it sounded like a bad reputation, but in fact he had a gentle personality. As a result, he did not really dominate the land,smart interactive whiteboard, and even the decrees he issued were often ignored by demons. The big housekeeper straightened up and led the order to do it. He raised his arms and shouted all the way, and soon gathered more than a dozen black dolls. Are you kidding? You are running wild in other people's territory. Do you know that you have never been so rich? It doesn't matter if you are used to being poor. Once the warehouse is full, it will be empty before it is hot. Who can stand this gap. hsdsmartboard.com

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